A prop is an object which supports another, and may refer to
A construction prop, or jack post
Pit prop, in mining, used to support the roof of a tunnel
Mouth prop, used in dentistry
Prop (rugby league), rugby league position
Prop (rugby union), rugby union position
Prop-word, a linguistic term
As an abbreviation, prop may mean
Props, slang term for proper respect. Also embodied in the fist bump hand gesture.
Theatrical property, an object used during a theatrical performance
"Props" (Glee), an episode of Glee

Propeller, fan used for vehicle propulsion
Proposition, an initiative or referendum put to a vote on a ballot
Proposition bet, in gambling
PROP (category theory), in mathematics
ProP (transporter), an osmosensory transporter
Prop-, a prefix in chemistry
Propylthiouracil (PROP), a thioamide drug

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