1. Braun Audio

    Bargain Free Braun watch with every purchase of Braun Audio speaker and stand!

    Time for music. Good design is timeless, and good sound makes you forget about time. To help you keep an eye on what's important, we are giving you a timelessly beautiful Braun watch with the purchase of an LE speaker and floor stand. Click here for more details. LE01 "Nothing fazes the...
  2. S

    Warning - Out of the World Promotion declined!!!

    Apologies if this is not the correct place to post this but wanted let people know. I went to buy a TV via Samsung’s student discount portal and noticed they had an offer for 50% cashback if you got a soundbar, so as it was such a good offer decided to buy one. The TV had 25% off and the...
  3. J

    Bargain Xbox Game Pass Promotion Until 8th June

    You can purchase a 1 month game pass from Microsoft for £1 and from Amazon a 6 month pass for £23.99 until 8th June I believe (E3 Special) I applied the 1 month trial, turned off auto-renew. Applied the 6 month code, it then said if I turned auto-renew back on they would give me a free month so...
  4. S

    Promoted Technology Trade-In Trade-Up Promotion - Save up to £600!

    Upgrade to the latest products with our technology trade-up promotion and save up to £600! How it works: Simply take the CD player, amplifier, speakers, AV receiver or wireless speaker you want to trade-in to your nearest Sevenoaks store and purchase a qualifying product from NAD, Bluesound or...
  5. Saldawop

    £10 top up (promotion) not showing up

    Received an email a few days ago stating that I would receive a £10 top up between 6-7th April, and that it would show up in my notifications.It hasn't. Is there a email address I can send an enquiry to?
  6. Garrett

    Question Amazon £1 Promotion

    Just wondering hoe this works when you buy a DVD or Blu Ray of them and they say you can have a £1.
  7. British02081979

    Will BT Sport promotion channel ever go from Freeview?

    This channel is a waste of space of Freeview.Most of the time it broadcasts a continuous loop.Time it should go.Id rather learn how to make jewellery. Jewellery Maker timeshares with that rubbish we get it till 12pm Jewellery Maker.
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