Get Dolby Vision on Projectors

    Here is a device that makes non Dolby Vision projectors or tvs enabled to have Dolby Vision
  2. cineman

    Any companies still selling and delivering/posting bulbs during lockdown?

    Hi. I have an old 'Themescene' projector and I am having problems getting a new bulb for it. A company that I have bought from before (ProjectorLampSource) still have a UK number and are still quoting a UK price for it online, yet when ringing that number, the lady at the other end said "We only...
  3. puntloos

    Really strange price-vs-quality curve on 4K projectors

    Most "4K" projectors are actually fake 4K. The current common real-4K ones are only the JVC N5,NX7,NX9 and Sony 870,760 and 265 (or close.. their numbering is weird). But there are a bunch of alternatives that "simulate 4K" in a way that I find at least interesting, and also a bunch of...
  4. M

    Aaxa P7 v Chinese eBay projectors

    Hi Guys I am looking to spend $400-$500 on a preferably portable projector or mini projector. I would be using this to view mostly sport and the occasional movie at 80-100 inches without the need to buy a tv this big of course. My main concern is being able to get a full HD image. Anything less...
  5. B

    Question Reproducible issue on other projectors ??

    All, I've been fault finding on a JVC-LX UHB1 projector. The issue has been seeing the Projector suddenly dim then lighten the picture. I have now identified a part of a film where this is reproducible. STAR TREK - BEYOND 1h 1m into the film, Kirk kneels down to examine an old motorbike. As he...
  6. jeddati

    Question Why has the cost of native 4k projectors not come down ?

    Why has the cost of native 4k projectors not come down? is it because Sony has a monopoly of sorts. And why are other manufactures struggling to develop native 4K projectors to the consumer market ? Why is it taking so long? 4K Blu-rays have been out since 2016. I remember getting my first...
  7. J

    Streaming from OBS (or similar) to projectors

    I'd like to use my OBS software to stream to YT as well as take the stream to projectors/TV's in a venue. I'm wondering if a dongle like Chromecast, which has an ethernet input, would work. Any guidance really appreciated.
  8. L

    Answered Projector setup on a budget - Possible?

    I've been dying to dip my feet into the Home Cinema arena for a few years now and was wondering if any of you guys think it's possible to create a half decent setup for around the £500 mark? Maybe I'm in La La land with a budget that low. The whole field is so overwhelming to a newbie like...
  9. D

    Question Projector Help Appreciated - What would you buy?

    Hi everyone, first let me say, this forum has a lot of great information and I appreciate it. I was hoping to get some advice from the gurus on here. I am moving into a house with a 120" gray screen with a ceiling mount 11 feet away for a projector. The walls in the room are tan with a...
  10. Greg Cray

    Any black belt projector experts could me choose the right projector

    Hello, I am looking into buying a projector and the more I read the more confused I get. I am reasonably tech. savvy, but have never used one outside of an office presentation context. I am planning to hold a Glastonbury Rock Festival in my garden. I have a perfect location for a projection...
  11. M

    Question Optoma hd 141x purple(red+blue) led won't turn on even when bulb replaced

    The led indicator for the power button is both red and blue at the same time making it seem purple. the projector won't turn on at all even though i replaced the lamp. i tried turning it on the with remote and the buttons on the projector and no response. tried unplugging and leaving it for a...
  12. S

    Question Calibrating a projector

    Hi guys. So I purchased the viewsonic px 747 from amazon for an amazing price recently and find the projector is great but I wanted to know is there any calibration software of discs that I can use to get the best picture out of it? It's very hard to find something online in terms of calibration...
  13. Csukar

    HD141x died, want to upgrade.

    Hello all, as the title says my HD141x finally died and I want to upgrade, at the moment I am looking at this one, https://www.amazon.co.uk/ViewSonic-PX747-4K-Projector-Speakers-Compatible/dp/B079MQD2TL/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1552434921&sr=1-7&keywords=4k%2Bprojectors&th=1, would...
  14. L

    Multi screen signal loss at projectors

    Loss signal issue Thank you for the add, I am new to this site and projectors, splitters,transmitters. I have a mac sending a signal out using propresenter to a matrox tripleheadtogo. That signal is sent to 3 projectors for environmental projection. The 2 side projectors are sent to a hdmi over...
  15. A

    projector image splitting pink/green & flipping upside down?

    The projector image splits into pink & green, & the pink flips upside down. It happens when turning on, and gradually gets better and stops after it’s been on for 5-10min. Video: IMG_3440.MOV Does anyone know what’s happening & how I can prevent it? tia! Setup: sony sxrd es anthem mrx 710...
  16. joejoe123

    BenQ W1200 gaming issues

    I use my BenQ W1200 projector with my Xbox One S for gaming such as call of duty etc... After playing for a while though on it every 15 seconds or so the video can become jerky, e.f. if a character is running, it looks like for a few milliseconds he stops then it carries on - this is obviously...
  17. Cluelessbuttrying

    Trying to set up golf simulator via iPad/sky/tv and projector!

    we’ve got an app (a golf simulator game called skytrak) that plays through the iPad, which needs to go to the projector ideally through the tv. We also have a sky box which also needs to be able to play through the tv and projector (obvs not at the same time) think we’ve got all the right cables...
  18. D

    Question Power cuts and projectors

    We have a few power cuts in my area when bad weather comes along. The power cuts are are only for a few seconds at a time and sometimes they can happen in quick succession. On occasion it will go off for 10 minutes or more. How will this affect a projector that is at normal operating...
  19. slannmage

    Do all DLP Projectors suffer from the Rainbow Effect?

    I bought an Optoma HD142X or something? It was highly recommended on Amazon, but I could see it flashing colours.... I have a 3LCD Projector but the Blacks are so grey like a 10 year old LCD. Is there any good Projector out there that isn't too expensive? I'm thinking of just getting a 65 inch...
  20. S

    Multiple Projectors

    We have a large meeting room that can be divided. We want two projectors in the space. Is it possible to have the projectors operate independently when the divider is closed and display the same thing when the divider is open?
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