1. bilbosmeggins

    Soundbars, projectors and Atmos

    Hi all. I’m confused again. Nothing new there then. I’ve just bought a Samsung Q950A soundbar, hoping for some Atmos goodness. I’ve hooked it up to my Optoma UHZ65UST (P1) projector, and am using a Sony UBD800M2, and an Nvidia Shield Pro as source material. Now, I just assumed that by going...
  2. Margate73

    How do I find out the value of Laser Discs (to sell them)?

    My father passed away earlier this year, and I have the task of disposing/selling his rather extensive collection of Audio/Video/Home Cinema collection. I never understood why he kept everything - and i mean everything - pretty much every piece of home electronics from the 70s all the way...
  3. Stridsvognen

    The right way to setup and run HDR on projectors.?

    Harold88 has promised to clarify how HDR is properly set up on a projector, illustrating with objective data. Topic has been moved from this thread.
  4. A

    Need help with epson 5050ub vs 4050 & screens

    I am a complete av noob with just the determination for learning and getting my DIY home theater set up. I can't splurge on this, so piecemealing it in a desperate attempt to lower the total cost. Recently got the below speakers and AV receiver, Klipsch reference premier bundle: Klipsch...
  5. C

    Are there acoustically transparent retractable ceiling mount screens designed for UST projectors?

    As per the title. I am putting together my current home cinema setup and I have prepared it in such a way that I could potentially have a UST projector added later where the screen rolls down to cover the TV and speakers. I am not planning to do this just yet but I am curious what's available...
  6. S

    Projectors reaching my criteria please

    Hi all, Recently had the toumei v5 of which met all my needs, however it had soon become faulty also the a/v lagged and not lip synced. Must be able to have 5/6 metre throw. I have a 120" ceiling mounted remote controlled screen and need the picture size fully adjustable. Looking for something...
  7. K

    Lost in the world of projectors

    Need help choosing a projector, I currently have a very budget Topvision 6000L which cost £75 which is ok and quite good could be brighter though but as i use it with a laptop connected vlc player has a very handy effects and filters setting where you can adjust the brightness etc. Ok so i want...
  8. M

    New to projectors

    Need some help, I'm in the very early stages of planning my cinema/listening room. If I'm honest I was just going to put a large 72" + TV in the room, but the more I read up the more it makes sense to go with a projector. So I'm looking for recommendations on a projector & motorised screen with...
  9. N

    Optoma Cinemax P2 vs other DLP long throw projectors

    Hi, I am a Panasonic Pt7000 owner who would like to upgrade. After trying a used Sony vpl300 and an Optoma Cinemax P2 I was very impressed with the Optoma. I tried the two projectors with the Ps4, as video games interest me a lot, perhaps even more than movies. I loved the sharpness, the depth...
  10. S

    Will epson be releasing new projectors soon?

    Hi People I've been looking at getting a TW7100, reason being seem a good choice for my needs (4k, bright, lens shift) but I fear that as soon as I buy one there will be a new model as this model seems quite old now?? Does any one know if new models are due for release soon? i do like the...
  11. Randall McGehee

    How to dedicate the remote to each of my 8 projectors

    I am a high school video production teacher who has hung 8 Aaxa M6 projectors in a tight cluster from the ceiling of our high school auditorium, aimed upwards at the white ceiling, to be used for student video projection mapping projects. The problem I am having is communicating with individual...
  12. archie2000

    Is Rainbow effect still as prevalent on DLP Projectors?

    When I was looking for my first projector around 5 years ago, I viewed a DLP full HD projector and noticed the rainbow effect in a few scenes of the demo film. Due to this, I only really had the option to buy an Epson 3LCD projector, which was the EH-TW6100. This has been a brilliant projector...
  13. T

    Mini projectors

    I know they're not exactly pro level, but I've won £250 amazon vouchers (planning to spend a chunk of it on something else). I was looking at getting one with what I had left. Has anybody had any experiences with them? Only looking to use it for light and occasional use. Also, any beginners...
  14. D

    Question Newbie here. Are UST projectors good enough now to replace a tv for casual everyday use? How about with ambient sunlight?

    Hi all. I recently moved to a loft that has these great high vaulted ceilings and thought this would be perfect for a projector. I'm especially intrigued by the two new UST laser projectors that Samsung came out with this year, they seem to have a really nice UI. A potential annoyance comes into...
  15. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Lightning Deals: Amazon - Full HD Projectors

    Amazon Lightning Deals: Full HD Projectors 1/ VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector: - Save £55.50 (28%) was £200 now £144.50 2/ WiMiUS K3 7200 Lumen Projector - Save £44 (20%) Was £220 now £176
  16. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Amazon Lightning Deals - Portable Mini Projectors

    Amazon Lightning Deals: Portable Mini Projectors 1/ TOPTRO Mini Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector - Save £35 (35%) Was £100 now £65.01 2/ PTVDISPLAY Wi-fi Mini Projector - Save £48 (24%) Was £201 now £152.7
  17. D

    Question Cheap projectors with huge specs - confused..

    How do you compare some chinese WimIus thing with 7000 lumens, native 1920x1080, integrated bluetooth for £169 versus mainstream brands quoting half the spec for 3x as much at least. I’m so out the game, I just don’t know what’s what. These cheap things have crazy good reviews are they any...
  18. Tyler Durden

    Question Has anyone here tried the sub £100 LED projectors that are now available?

    Are any of them worth considering?
  19. P

    Question Acoustic Screen and UST Projectors

    Can you use an acoustic screen with an UST projector? If so can anyone recommend any? Brian
  20. TheRoverdog

    Question Quiet 4K Projector opinions - This will prove a popular thread for members to reference..

    OK chaps and ladies - Looking to hop back into the Projector Market - Read up on BenQ, Epson, JVC, Sony Etc... My main issue, I have Fixation OCD - And Fan Noise would be a slight issue if more 'Jet Engine' than 'Hum' ... So I guess really my main question is.. From your own experience, and...
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