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  1. Gunnerzz

    Question Buying advice. First projector. Preowend 'enthusiast' or new.

    Holy crap this is harder than buying a car! I'm sure this comes up all the time... My set up so far is as follows: Onkyo NR555 Chromecast W/GTV Sapphire 92" white screen (To be purchased) Room: Throw distance 3-4.5m White everything... Can be light controlled but somewhat reduced daylight...
  2. W

    Wanted Ultra Short Projector

    Interested in purchasing ultra short throw projector. Must be in good condition with little use.
  3. RobTi

    Question Creating a box for projector

    Hi so I have a short throw, just under 2.8m so was thinking about taking a few bricks out my rear living room wall ( goes into hall that is getting the ceiling lowered ) and creating a box/ alcove on the wall so I could get a bit more throw (up to 3.1m) good idea or bad ?
  4. Gunnerzz

    Wanted Projector - £650

    Hi all, Looking to buy my first projector next month. My budget is £650 could be pushed if the right thing comes along. Initially looking to buy the Optoma HD29he at £650 which is 1080P but accepts 4k signals. Ideally, I'd like to be hitting the faux 4k products but think I'm being a bit...
  5. Sy1441

    For Sale Epson TW6000 Projector

    Just changed to a 9400 to go with my new Xbox Series X so selling this cracking Full HD projector. Bought it on here a number of years back however it sat unused as I ran out of money for the planned garage conversion. I've been using it for the last 7 months in my home office mostly playing...
  6. Tyler Durden

    Bargain Genuine Epson Projector Lamp ELPLP89 £95

    Cheapest genuine lamp I can find and seems to be in stock while many, including Epson, are out of stock. https://www.puretheatre.com/epson-projector-lamp-elplp89/
  7. RobTi

    Question Help me decide on a projector

    Hi so finally got rid of my Sanyo plvz1 and looking for a new one I was looking at getting a tw9300 with a budget of originally around £1500 but there don’t appear to be any that I’m interested in,so then started to look at the tw9400 and the benq 2700 but don’t know if the difference is worth...
  8. A

    Wanted Cheap 1080p, 2500+ lumens projector. Lancashire/Cumbria/Manchester, or delivered.

    I'm not sure if I'm still too early for these to be "cheap" yet, but my "HD Ready", 720p, 1200 lumen Sony HS60 just isn't quite cutting it anymore and I'm hoping people moving to 4K has meant there are sensibly priced 1080p projectors around. It also needs to be bright, I'm fed up of my...
  9. M

    HDMI modulator to AV amp andprojector ?

    Hi I am put sky through an HDMI modulator into a distribution amp then to all rooms, this is fine and TV's show HD pictures, But how do I then get it back to HDMI to go into Amp and projector in cinema room ? Do I need to go into a freeview box first then out ? Old set up was sky analog...
  10. Sy1441

    Projector upgrade

    Currently have an Epson EH-TW600 which I find really good to be honest. Bought it around 5 years ago on here and it lay unused for 4 years until fairly recently. All my other stuff is 4k and just picked up an Xbox Series X which will be the main use of the projector. Would love a native 4k one...
  11. Tyler Durden

    Will an Epson projector power on without a bulb?

    Trying to fix an Epson EH-TW7300 which doesn't currently have a bulb and wondering if it will show any signs of life without a bulb. Thanks
  12. G

    New to projectors - Using a projector upside down?

    Hi All, Just recently purchased my first projector (Benq TH585) and i had planned to have it sitting on a draw which slides out of a cupboard at the rear of my room about 2 meters high, What i hadn't taken into account was that ceiling orientation of the projector meant it's upside down and...
  13. B

    Wanted Used JVC or Epson Projector - Ireland

    Hi all, Pretty new to the forums. I am converting an attic and I am looking to source a used a JVC or Epson projector My preference would be a JVC x30, x35, x55, x500 upwards but the Epson 9300 / 9400 have got good reviews (9400 is probably way outside my budget) My budget is somewhere...
  14. S

    Looking for a projector with 3D

    Hi, The 3D function on my LG OLED has become faulty now and LG say even if they do repair it, the 3D function will be lost as they do not manufacture them anymore. I would still like to be able to watch my 3D movie collection and was thinking of getting a projector. I really do not know too...
  15. S

    4K projector

    Hello all I am looking to upgrade my Benq W 1070 Projector as I want atmos sound while streaming prime /Netflix but apparently this isn’t possible. I have denon x2200w and Dali zensor speakers.Although I am very happy with my projector and as such doesn’t need 4K but I do not think there is...
  16. B

    How do i set this up? ELAC Debut B5.2 speaker with Sony STR-DH590 AV Receiver and a projector

    So i have the BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector and i want to set it up with the ELAC Debut B5.2 speaker and add a Sony STR-DH590 AV Receiver for better sound. What cables do i need from the projector to the receiver and from the speaker to the receiver?. This will give me alot better...
  17. B

    Do i need a AV Receiver to my BenQ HT2050A projector and soundbar setup?

    So i want a nice soundbar to my BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector and i picked Samsung Soundbar HW-Q900T/XE. But now i wonder how to install it in the best way possible, i dont think this projector has any bluetooth, so i need cables, HDMI i guess, but do i also need a AV receiver like...
  18. Scott Wright

    Bargain Bigasuo Bluetooth Projector Reduced from £85.99 to £42.99. Expires 14th January

    Half price! Bigasuo 5500 lux 720P native projector with DVD player Function 50% off Code : BG48OAZ5 Reg.Price : £85.99 Final Price : £42.99 Code testing and working 9th January, please reply to let me know if expired before the 14th!
  19. Y

    Question Projector with high Throw-Ratio (Long room, Small screen)

    Hi, I want to buy a projector for watching TV series and movies. It will not be using it very often (once every few days). I have many constraints in the living room where I intend to install it. Specifically there is no place to constantly hang a TV screen, that's why I want a projector. I...
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