1. bgh187

    For Sale Panasonic PT-DZ870 8,500lm 1080p single chip DLP projector

    For sale is a used Panasonic DZ870 projector. The PJ is fully functional and operational with motorised short throw lens and remote control included in the sale. The PJ was manufactured in 2015, with current operating hours of 11027hrs Condition is very good, as it was ceiling mounted from...
  2. V

    For Sale Epson EB-L610U WUXGA 6000lm Laser Beam Projector

    New with original, opened box. Unused, other than a test drive. Feel free to comment or send me a message with any further questions. Offering international shipping. Specs below EPSON EB-L610U Features 6,000-lumen brightness: Crisp images and bright colors, even in well-lit rooms...
  3. T

    For Sale Brand new and boxed Ricoh projector pj wx4152ni

    Brand new and boxed Ricoh projector pj wx4152ni
  4. Rocketrazor

    Benq V6050 Equivalent

    After some help finding an alternative to the Benq V6050. Was just about to pull the trigger and order one for £2k from Richersounds last week (was waiting for my 0% credit card to come through!) when they pulled the offer and stock :facepalm:. Been looking for a week and can't find anything...
  5. Bagapeas

    For Sale JVC DLA-X5900 Projector + Replacement Lamp PK-L2615UG

    I'm selling my JVC DLA-X5900 projector along with a spare lamp. This was purchased from Seriously Cinema as part of my cinema build in August 2018. The reason for selling is an upgrade to a JVC N7. The 5900 is a great projector, which I'd intended to keep but couldn't resist the opportunistic...
  6. L

    Fengmi T1 tri color, Dolby Vision UST

    Just thought I’d post about this PJ over here since it’s all the rage on AVS. I was one of the first to receive one and it absolutely puts every other UST I’ve seen or used to shame. Estimated 3000:1 native contrast, 2800 lumens (and I think it’s probably close to 2500 calibrated), DolbyVision...
  7. designforge

    Connections from AV Amp to TV and Projector

    Hi, I've recently purchased an Anthem 540 AVR to drive my Samsung QLED TV and Optoma P1 Projector and just wanted to make sure I've got it set up correctly as I can't seem to output to the projector without the TV being on. The Amp has two HDMI outs, OUT 1 is currently connected to the TV's One...
  8. A

    Projector recommendations under £1500

    I am looking to buy a projector, my budget is £1500. This will be my first projector. From looking at the forum it seems like the budget is a bit low so wanted to get some recommendations. Currently I am considering the Nebula - Cosmos Laser 4K Thanks
  9. E

    For Sale Epson TW650 Projector with a new bulb

    Hi everyone, I'm upgrading my projector so selling my TW650, purchased in late 2018. I recently put in a new bulb but this projector does get a bit louder when I put it upside down in ceiling mode (from my research this is common with this model) and I manage to find a sony for a good price so...
  10. Ewoody

    For Sale ReAct 3.0 Fixed Frame 95 inch Projector Screen

    Up for sale is my 95 inch Euroscreen 16.9 Frame Vision Light Fixed Screen. ReAct 3.0 Ambient light Rejecting Silver Grey fabric. Black Vel-Tex around bezel. RRP. £1,175.
  11. J

    Strange Projector Behavior Problem - Help?

    My old SharpVision XV-Z20000 doesn't like a 1080P signal that all my other projectors, Runco, Marantz, and JVC, have no problem with. The signal is going from my Directv to a Denon AVR and then to a EZCOO 1x4 splitter. The splitter is designed to take a 4K signal and down-rez it to 1080P. As I...
  12. D

    Plex Media app on Xiaomi WEMAX ONE PRO ALPD 3.0

    How to successfully install a runable version of Plex Media App (client) on the WEMAX ONE? When I install (no error messages) plex through Aptoid-TV (similar to google play store), than it crashes without any error message after some seconds, when i try to start the plex app. I also tried to...
  13. Y

    Projector screen with mark-purchase advice

    Hello I have a Sony HW40ES PJ with a 4.26m throw onto a 100' 16:9 electric PJ screen. The screen was a cheap one from Germany which has been good but I want to improve it. The room is light cream with no opportunity to darken (WAF!). I have seen a 2nd hand 16:9 ALR contrast tab-tensioned...
  14. peterbund

    TV or projector?

    Hi guys. What would you buy in my case? I want to watch movies in my bedroom, which is 330 cm x 330 cm (10.8 feet x 10.8 feet). At the moment I have 55" 1080p TV which is just to bad to really enjoy in the movies. Last year I had a projector Epson 4100 but I sold it because it does not have a...
  15. chordguy

    For Sale Sony VW-VPL760ES projector

    I've had my Sony VW760 projector for around 15 months. The warranty still has another 9 months left. The laser has around 870 hours on it, with the estimate of laser life around 20,000. I usually run mine at around 40 - 45% laser output so it hasn't been driven hard at all. The projector has...
  16. Steve Stifler

    For Sale Beamax 200 Framepro 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen

    Time to stop hoarding and free up some space. This was stored after buying a new projector with a different lens throw, about 6 years ago. This Beamax fixed screen is in a black painted finish and the frame is in excellent condition. Model is 181x109 cm external dimensions. Despite the box...
  17. S

    Which UST makes sense

    I am building a home theatre in my living room. Here are the no compromise items: Screen: ALR Vividstorm 120" Drop Down Speakers: Sonos Arc, Base, 2 SL one. Now for the projector: The room requires it to be mounted on the ceiling. I've obsessively measured and the room layout makes it...
  18. mb3195

    For Sale Sony VW-760ES Laser Projector

    After recently picking up a JVC NX9, I've made the tough choice to move my Sony 760es on. Excellent condition with only around 1200 hours on the laser, this unit really does kick out a stunning image. Purchased in March 2020, it sill has 14 months remaining on a 3 year warranty (which can be...
  19. Secondhand

    Show me your ideas/design for housing projector in ceiling soffit/bulkhead.

    Hi. I’m not far from creating the ceiling soffit/bulkhead which will house speakers, down spot lights and projector. I’d like some ideas how people have incorporated their projector either inside the soffit or are people hanging it below? I’m looking to add a LED strip lighting - creating a so...
  20. andy_lee007uk

    Wanted Epson projector

    Hi, I've currently got my trusty Epson EH-TW5210 projector, but it's starting to show its age a little now and has a couple of dust blobs... I've been looking through eBay for a replacement, but would prefer to buy from a member on here if possible. I'm open to pretty much anything that is...
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