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  1. Devonshire

    For Sale Sapphire portable pull up 80 inch projector screen SFL162WSF

    Sapphire portable pull up projector screen SFL162WSF in great condition. 80 inches on the diagonal. Used only a handful of times. This is the model with the scissor arm movement rather than the pole, which means is it much quicker and easier to put up and the screen is much better supported...
  2. sorgesana12

    Info Projector Screen

    Hi guys i bought a Luxburg Screen for 100$ and it smells of very strong of toxic materials etc. so i washed with a dump clothes and left outside for almost 15 days but the smeel is still strong so I will definitely send it back, it's a pitty because it's the only Cons. So i bought another...
  3. dazap

    Wanted Fixed frame projector screen 100 inch plus

    Looking for a fixed screen ideal 110 or just over Would like it to be in the region of no more than £ 80 Thanks
  4. Shinji Mikami

    Question How to improve my projector Screen?. Pictures inside.

    Hi, how are you. : ) I got a Epson EH-TW9400 into a Semi-Dedicated Room. I can completely darken the room with no light from outside. That's the good news. I got some treatment on walls, floor and ceiling but still there are some britghtness and reflections from speakers, walls, doors...
  5. N

    Projector screen wall paint...

    Hi, As part of refreshing my home cinema set up - I want to improve the picture visibility when there is more daylight in the room. I saw these guys had some amazing paint that achieves that - I wasn’t sure if it was just marketing hype or if genuinely the paint was this good, but do we have...
  6. J

    Ceiling Projector Screen

    Hi Guys, looking for some advice on projector screens for someone completely new to projectors. I've found this forum very useful in selecting a projector and am likely to go for the Optima UHD52ALV. Next step is to work out which screen to go for. We are building an extension to our house and...
  7. J

    Question Looking for projector screen suggestions for a VAVA Ultra Short throw that fell into my lap.

    I am going to preface this by saying I know very little about projectors. Recently an opportunity arose to buy a new VAVA Ultra Short throw projector for $1200 and I took it thinking I could just have it throw the image onto my wall. I knew using a projector screen would look better but I...
  8. H

    New Projector Screen - any recommendations / how much to spend?

    Hi I am looking to upgrade my fixed 14 year old laminate / velvet border screen (DIY job based on recommendations on here back in 2006...) Guess things have moved on a lot since then. Don't need any gain, or acoustic transparent material. Staying with fixed frame. 2.35:1 with approx. 135"...
  9. G

    Rear and Normal projector screen 1 projector

    Hi I am building a summerhouse and i want to install a projector screen on the wall for use when inside and a rfear projector screen in the doorway for use outside. 1 screen will be front projection the other will be rear. Is it possible to do this with 1 projector and also which projector...
  10. PixelofDoom

    Question Speaker recommendations for complicated room (in-ceiling projector screen in front of sliding glass door)

    Like the title says, I'm planning a home theatre setup for a rather complicated room (see attached image). The projector screen will drop down in front of a 180-cm-wide sliding glass door, leaving no room below or behind for speakers. L+R channels could be wall-mounted or floor standing if...
  11. ffssmarco58

    Question Projector screen Adjuster

    hi all i have lost my adjuster for my projector has anyone got one they no longer need thanks
  12. B

    Projector screen opposite TV (potential ceiling speakers)

    Hi, I recently had a log burner installed in my living room where my tv used to be placed. I had a projector screen drop down in front of this tv. i have now moved my tv to the wall opposite the log burner but was planning to leave the projector screen where it was. The screen will only be...
  13. tanffn

    Question Sound setup - Projector screen in the middle of the living room

    Hi! I'd love to hear your feedback and plausibility of the attached setup. The screen is 120" diagonal (16:9) placed ~12.5 feet (3.7m) away from the sofa (calculated using). It's a big room, I am not sure how to place the speakers and what audio solutions are available. Also are the distances...
  14. S

    Question Mount projector screen on side?

    Hi All, Random question, ordered a motorised projector screen which is great except the screen drop is from the back of the housing (casing) rather than towards the front. I was hoping to mount it above a set of inbuilt book cases at the void between the top of the book case and ceiling as it...
  15. C

    Question Biggest projector screen for space i have

    Hello, I’m hoping for some help i am looking to buy my first home theatre set up got a price from richer sounds for everything but one sticky point i have is the limited space i have in a little alcove i have the total width i have is 2130mm for the projector to fit in from wall to wall, i am...
  16. M

    Question React 3 projector screen VS original?

    I have the first released react screen v1 Is it worth upgrading to the latest V3? Thanks
  17. B

    Manual pull down projector screen with large top border

    Hi, I am looking to get a pull down projector screen (around 70-80 inches) to put up in my living room. The issue is that I am looking to put it in a bay window which is about 260cm high (I appreciate this will cause light issues, but I have blackout curtains and would rarely if ever watch it...
  18. DLxP

    Question Installing a projector screen on floating ceiling

    I'm trying to figure out how to install a projector screen on my ceiling having recently discovered it's a floating ceiling... The joists are these and run the same way as the screen. They're about 20-30cm above the ceiling though. The ceiling itself is double plasterboard, attached to the...
  19. W

    Epson projector screen problems

    Just bought epson ex3260 and everytime I try to adjust keystone the outer black boarder looks crooked. I can pick it just even straight on and it looks fine but when sit it on the table and it’s pointed up slightly it looks off. Attached some pictures of what I’m talking about. Can anybody tell...
  20. O

    Best projector screen for Optoma Cinemax P1

    I'm using a white screen at the moment and my ceiling is blasted with light. Picture looks great but I'm upgrading and want to know if a black diamond ALR type screen would be a good fit with this projector, or if I should go gray. I watch in totally dark conditions except for white walls and...
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