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  1. Doctor Smith

    Where to buy fixed frame 0.9 gain projector screen?

    Where is the best place to buy a fixed frame 0.9 projector screen for a light controlled room with an Epson tw9400? Budget about 500 Picture is great on my 1.0 diy screen but I would like deeper blacks as I watch quite a few horror films which are mostly set at night. I have experimented...
  2. Darkstar_surfer

    New Projector Screen

    Last night my electric projector screen died. Will have a look at it to see if it can be fixed but in the mean time am looking to see what I can replace it with. It was a cheap, sub £100, 84" screen I bought from the bay some 14 years ago. It will be paired with a JVC HD350. 84" exactly fits in...
  3. K

    Wanted Projector Screen IR control box

    Wanted An Infrared control box + remote Similar to the photo, just need IR instead of RF Many Thanks
  4. H

    Bulk buying projector screen

    I was looking at various ALR screen type on aliexpress and alibaba (hope i can mention these names on here) and the electric floor raising caught my eye but also notice that it is veey expensive. I also notice that if buying a few prices get cheaper and while this sounds like a crazy thinking i...
  5. Donnacha

    Wanted Electric Projector Screen in the 92" - 95" size range

    Hi - need to replace my existing screen as the motor has died and can no longer retract the screen. Before I look at new screens, is anyone looking to offload a 16x9 screen in the size range of 92-95 inch diagonal? Let me know. Based in York. Cheers
  6. Steve Stifler

    For Sale Beamax 200 Framepro 16:9 Fixed Frame for (Projector Screen)

    This was stored after buying a new projector with a different lens throw, about 6 years ago. This Beamax fixed screen is in a black painted finish and the frame is in excellent condition. Photos in an old thread here...
  7. J

    For Sale Sapphire 92" manual, auto-retract projector screen

    Hi all, Am selling this 92 inch Sapphire screen. It's a manual, pull down screen with the slow, auto retract feature. It also has the mounting brackets. It's been in use for about 11 months and is in excellent condition. NB: the pictures show it up, but it it is currently off the wall as I...
  8. Eggman

    Advice on a projector screen

    Hi, Im looking to purchase an in-ceiling mounted projector screen with a 110" screen size for a JVC X5900 (which is about 4m away). The room is not a bat cave (has windows and is untreated) but Ill be mostly watching films after it gets dark (kids may watch their films during light hours). The...
  9. D8ve4

    Projector Screen size

    Afternoon all, I hope this question is best placed in the building section. Projector noob query…I’ve no experience whatsoever setting them up at this point in time. I’m planning on installing a projector and am riding the fence on 2 different screen sizes. The question is how close to the...
  10. Garioch

    DIY Screen: Is a black velvet bezel necessary if entire wall is black velvet?

    Hi. I'm in the process of building my own DIY screen. There are plenty of excellent guides and they all recommend a black bezel around the edge (usually achieved by using a frame or velvet tape). My question is if the wall that the screen is mounted on is completely black (i.e., using devore...
  11. Ewoody

    For Sale ReAct 3.0 Fixed Frame 95 inch Projector Screen

    Up for sale is my 95 inch Euroscreen 16.9 Frame Vision Light Fixed Screen. ReAct 3.0 Ambient light Rejecting Silver Grey fabric. Black Vel-Tex around bezel. RRP. £1,175.
  12. Y

    Projector screen with mark-purchase advice

    Hello I have a Sony HW40ES PJ with a 4.26m throw onto a 100' 16:9 electric PJ screen. The screen was a cheap one from Germany which has been good but I want to improve it. The room is light cream with no opportunity to darken (WAF!). I have seen a 2nd hand 16:9 ALR contrast tab-tensioned...
  13. Danny atcha

    120 inch/100 inch, 16:9, pull down projector screen. With a top black drop of 50cm

    Hello. I am looking for a 120 inch/100 inch, 16:9, pull down projector screen. With a top black drop of 50cm. I have found a av link one in cpc, but I am unsure of the top black drop. Many thanks
  14. fallinlight

    Help: L brackets and screen frame holes mis-alignment

    Hello AVF, I started assembling my new screen (purchased on here) yesterday but it's turned into a nightmare. I'm hoping folks can impart their advice, please. Screen is a Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 16:9 90" wide/ 103.3" diagonal. I thought it would be as easy if not easier to assembled...
  15. J

    Can I cut my projector screen cord?

    Most likely a daft question but was hoping for some clarification. My projector screen has arrived and I've noticed 2 things: 1. It has a European plug (I'm in the UK), this isn't a huge issue but does involve using an adapter/converter. 2. It is wired into the screen so I will need to cut a...
  16. A

    Old Rear projector screen Sony, any value?

    I have an old Sony 41" rear projector TV, great condition and works fine (when connected to a digital box) It's just sat in a spare room and gathering dust. Is there any value in it or is it just ready for the recycling centre?
  17. B

    Nobo flexion portable foldable projector screen

    Hey guys got a projector screen for a hand held device about 10 yrs ago or more called a nobo flexion. I was a optima pk 101 dlp projector about size of your hand. I have never used the screen and took it out of its bag and has no instructions on how to set it up or most importantly pack away...
  18. RathOX

    Projector Screen ideas

    Hey guys. In doing a 2.35:1 screen its going on the bedroom wall around 91 inches but was wondering whats the best DIY screen. (7100/7400/9400) Ive seen people mixing paint but that seems a lot of hassle getting the right mix and also its a 10ft x 8ft wall so the entire wall needs doing...
  19. fallinlight

    How to make magnetic masking panels for projector screen

    How to make magnetic masking panels for projector screen Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you have made magnetic masking panels for a pre-built fixed frame projector screen, or your own DIY screen. If I can find an assured way of doing this, I would save a lot of money and be likely able to...
  20. A

    Need help with epson 5050ub vs 4050 & screens

    I am a complete av noob with just the determination for learning and getting my DIY home theater set up. I can't splurge on this, so piecemealing it in a desperate attempt to lower the total cost. Recently got the below speakers and AV receiver, Klipsch reference premier bundle: Klipsch...
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