1. S

    Help, projector screen wiring

    Ok, today I went to use my projector and when I pressed the down button on the remote for the electric screen it started to drop but instead of stopping where it should it just kept going, no matter how hard I tried to stop it using the remote it wouldn't respond. I had to unplug the receiver...
  2. dazed&confused

    Total newbie projection screen question

    Hi I've always been into my hifi, and also I have a decent 5.1 AV setup which I use with my Panasonic plasma TV, but I know nothing whatsoever about projectors. I'm just about to rearrange the lounge/diner furniture and build some wall units, etc., and I'm toying with the idea of making space...
  3. A

    About 1000$ 1080p to bedroom ceiling projection (used device)

    Hi, For my first projector I plan using the flat (90°) ceiling above my bed as screen. I'm only watching without lights around to mess up. And the distance from my headboard to the ceiling is 1,5m so I don't expect very large image. I''m going to 3d print brackets to keep the projector upright...
  4. L

    Please help me upgrade inflatable screen

    Hello all, thank you in advance to any and all who take the time to help this nooblet. This post has gotten long, and I apologize. I received my Tusy 16' inflatable screen today from Amazon Warehouse for $120. It has dark smudges seemingly tattooed all over it - go figure. Even before it...
  5. F

    Question Soundbar close to ceiling

    I have a projector, and my image is very large. It leaves only 40 cm to the floor, and 40 cm to the ceiling. I am looking to buy an atmos soundbar, I am currently looking at the Samsung HW-N850. Ideally, I would prefer the sound bar to be fitted above the image, rather than below, because that...
  6. P

    Question How to project a movie correctly onto a curved wall?

    Hi everybody, I would greatly appreciate help for this. I've scoured the internet to no avail for a solution. I would like to purchase a home projector for my living room to watch movies for movie nights at about 150" but my wall is slightly curved. I tested a projection on it and the image...
  7. jayt

    Question 8mm Supersound 8 Projector 880 belt

    Hello, I have the 'Supersound 8' 880 projector which is my dads from the early 80's. The short lenght belt that connects the cogs on the side is broken and I'm trying to source this in the U.K so I can view and flim our old family videos. I have attached a few pictures if any one can help! I...
  8. M

    Question Projection screen middle of room

    I can integrate an electric projection screen only in the middle of the room in the ceiling. I’m worried it will start moving a lot since it’s not hanging close to a wall. Any experience or solutions?
  9. redlancer87

    Question ideas for higher-end large format 4:3 rear projection

    I've started looking around for a new projector for our office that gets used for a lot of presentations and multimedia. Our current projector is getting a bit long in the tooth (10 years old) and we're wanting to get something better. Couple of caveats, though. Set-up is rear projection...
  10. wicker_man

    Projection Screen Advice (Grey vs White)

    Hi, I am looking to wall mount my projector and buy a new motorised projection screen (100" 16:9) and just looking for a bit of advice - mainly on whether it is worth going for a grey screen. I have a BenQ W1070 (temporarily set up on a high stand behind the sofa) projecting onto a 100" 16:9...
  11. J

    Question Basic Outdoor Projection Questions

    I’m looking at the fisability of projecting some of the upcoming World Cup games in the garden. Having never looked into projectors/screens etc. before I’d appreciate some (fairly entry level!) assistance so I have some level of confidence I’m heading in the right direction! Garden: it’s a...
  12. PhilPlasma

    Question Off the Shelf paint for wall projection in dark-green room

    Hi, In the Montreal greater area I'm moving into an apartment. I'm painting next week and the plan is a dark green (#006400) for the long wall on the left, a lighter green (#008000) for the far short wall, the close short wall and the ceiling, and on the opposing long wall a still lighter...
  13. FishFish

    DIY dark (black or grey) paint mix for projection screen

    It might have been covered in the AVForums before, but in a quick search I didn't find something that could help me. I recently saw on youtube the black diamond projection screen. I liked it nontheless, untill I found out the price. 5000 dollars give or take 1000... I also heard in another video...
  14. M

    Projection in external area

    Hello I have a projector in the external area of the swimming pool, the projection screen is white and I have a projector of 5000 lumens, plus the projection during the day is very bad. I know projection in clarity is bad, even with a projector of 5000 lumens Is there anything you can do to...
  15. Floridasurveyor

    Projection TV via Bluetooth? - Newbie Poster

    Hello forum member...need an assist: MY PROBLEM: I have Verizon wireless unlimited internet....but they choke me down (hotspot) from 4G to 3G after 15Gb. Where I live (out in the woods) the 3G signal does not work well for streaming Netflix or Hulu, etc....way too much annoying...
  16. CinemaM

    Question Projection on to painted wall

    We are setting up a community cinema. We will have available a large area of newly plastered and painted wall (as seen on our site CINEMA MIDDLETON - the stage opening filled in) Screen size desired 16ft x 9 or 10 ft Which would be best; 1 projection straight on to wall (special treatment...
  17. devise94

    Question Projection border tape on motorised screen?

    Hi guys, in a little pickle here I was hoping someone could help with. Has anyone tried to put projection border tape on a motorised screen? Unfortunately my screen is 2 inches too big for my projector (the optoma zoom is deceiving in the calculation). What I'm left with is a 134" image on a...
  18. KhalJimbo

    Question How far is the gap between the projection screen and a wall

    Hi All, I'm planning on getting my PJ and screen soon which will be wall mounted and hidden by a pemlet that I'll build. The screen needs to drop down in front of a TV so the screen will need to have a 19cm gap between the wall and the screen to clear the TV correctly. Question is, what is...
  19. P

    Question Newbie Trying to Get 1st Projection Purchase Right

    Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend! I'm in the market for a projector -- my living room is large and the distance from my seating area to the tv is about 25 feet. I currently have a 65" flat screen television that looks a bit like a postage stamp from across the room. I've always shied...
  20. J

    Question First Projection Screen advice

    im looking to buy my first projection screen ive found a Grandview 106" Crystal electric screen for £300 delivered , is this a good screen and is it good value for money? sorry its all new to me so need advice
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