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  1. B

    Help! Tv solution to 16th Century cottage?

    Hello, I’ve bought a small cottage and my 75” tv just cannot be wall mounted. It’s just too big to go where I need it, but I’m reluctant to lose the size. I know nothing about projectors etc but am wondering if an electric screen behind the eave over the fire and a projector on the wall would...
  2. N

    How easy is it to replace the actual screen in electric projection screen

    Hello, I've been unlucky with my screen purchase and I can see one way out... I purchased an electric screen from Visunext. They delivered, I installed. I noticed there was a mark on the actual material and they sent a replacement. The replacement has arrived with a casing damaged in transit...
  3. jimbo3147

    Portable projection Screen Suggestion

    Having just bought an inexpensive Projector for my grandson I was considering if he would need an inexpensive portable screen or whether he could just project onto a wall. As I know nothing about projectors I would appreciate any input from the knowledgeable people on this forum.
  4. Phanthomz

    Help finding brand of my Projection screen

    If anyone can help it will be here! I got this motorized 100" projection screen and cannot for the life of me find the brand anywhere on it, I even took the ends off to see if I could find anything. I attached a pic of the only label on it and the controller, it did not come with a remote...
  5. N

    Projection screen choice

    Hello, I hope this post is in the right place! I've recently purchased a JVC HD 350 projector and I'm very pleased with it. I don't have the resources to create a dedicated cinema room but I have achieved favourable viewing results using a white sheet backed with a blackout curtain giving...
  6. S

    Screen advice for living room setup

    I'm looking for advice before purchasing a screen. It will be mounted above a 65inch TV in my living room(White ceiling, white wall on screen side with grey wall opposite, wooden floor however large 3m×2m rug below TV) Projector: Benq W1080st(room only 3m wide so short throw is a requirement)...
  7. D


    Our film club has a Sapphire 158 electric projection screen. It’s been excellent until last evening I mistakenly allowed it to roll down too far. Now it will not respond to remote control. Is there a way to reset it to bring it back up, or can it be retracted manually, please?
  8. A

    Motorized Projection Screen is not stopping when it is rolled up and is making noises. It does manually stop with the remote, but not automatically.

    Hello Everyone, I have recently come across this issue where when i press the UP button on my PJ Screen remote it rolls the screen all the way up but does not stop hence making noises. It does stop manually with the remote but not automatically. The issur is only when the screen goes up and ot...
  9. A

    Painting a wall for projector image

    Hi, I have looked on a few threads on this subject but they are either old threads (so I'm making the assumption that something discussed in there may have been superseded by now), or the treads don't seem to give me the answers I want. If anyone could point me to the right thread or just help...
  10. S

    Help, projector screen wiring

    Ok, today I went to use my projector and when I pressed the down button on the remote for the electric screen it started to drop but instead of stopping where it should it just kept going, no matter how hard I tried to stop it using the remote it wouldn't respond. I had to unplug the receiver...
  11. dazed&confused

    Total newbie projection screen question

    Hi I've always been into my hifi, and also I have a decent 5.1 AV setup which I use with my Panasonic plasma TV, but I know nothing whatsoever about projectors. I'm just about to rearrange the lounge/diner furniture and build some wall units, etc., and I'm toying with the idea of making space...
  12. M

    Question Sapphire tensioned or standard non tensioned

    I am in the market for a brand-new projector screen so I have whittled it down to the Sapphire brand. I don’t see any reason that their projector screens are not any better that the more expensive Vutec after the projector screen just hangs on the wall and apart for the motor winding the screen...
  13. Tech News

    VIDEO: Hide your projection screen under Art with Vutech

    Vutech show off their deco design screens and artwork with the H-series line of scope screens with side masking. To comment on this video, please reply to this thread. More videos
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