project debut carbon

  1. W

    Project Debut Carbon EVO Amp and Speakers

    So after some advice from those in the know please! It's time to upgrade my old aiwa turntable and I have my eyes on the new Project DC Evo, my question is what Amp and Speaker set up would you recommend, looking at a total budget including turntable of around £1200. TIA
  2. R

    System weak point

    I’m not happy with the sound I get from my set up, I seem to get better sound from CD. I have a Project Debut Carbon Esprit, Project MM phono box, NAD 320BEE amp and Dali Spector 2 speakers. I get great performance from this with the NAD C 521BEE CD player but through the turntable not so, any...
  3. M

    NAD C 558 vs Project Debut Carbon Evo

    Dear all, I would like to read your opinions about these two TT and what which one be your choice. Regards
  4. E

    Active speakers + turntable = super quiet

    I'm a bit of a n00b when it comes to audio setup so please bear with me. I've got a pair of Pioneer S-DJ50x active speakers and I'm connecting them via an RCA cable to a Project Debut II turntable. Only problem is the volume output is very low. I have to turn the speakers up to full to get...
  5. P

    Question Stack turntable on amp?

    Hi all, I'm a complete newbie in terms of posting, but I've been reading on these forums on and off for years. Always great for ideas and advice! With that said, here's my pickle: Roughly a year ago I tiptoed into the world of high end audio and bought myself a Pro-ject Debut Carbon, a...
  6. Matthew90

    Question Advice on Purchase

    Hi, I'm pretty new to hi-fi systems but after a lot of research and looking around I found a decent set up which also works for my budget. Project Debut Carbon TT - Marantz PM6005 Amp - Dali ZENSOR 3 Speakers Being new, I wanted to ask before I purchase... With this set up would I need a...
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