1. Dolus

    Low Profile subwoofer cable (user buying experience)

    On Monday evening I moved my Subwoofer and forgot the cardinal rule to disconnect all cables first and broke the cable. It was repairable except my eyes are not what they used to be and the cable is very thin so decided to just replace it, but this cable does not appear to be available at the...
  2. T

    Trouble moving profile from old XBOX one to another newer XBOX one S.

    Hi. My son always gives me his last console when he upgrades. I had his original large black XBOX One and it is on its last legs, He has bought a Series X and given me his white slim XBOX One S. Heres the problem. My profile on the old XBOX One was a 2ndary one not connected to Gold, LIve...
  3. Ugg10

    Sound profile paper

    This was posted on the DIY loudspeaker Facebook group, interesting reading, especially for those with Dirac/Room Perfect owners. pleas disregard - looks like a the paper can’t be linked unless you are part of the group. This is the paper - AES E-Library » Listener Preferences for In-Room...
  4. Spiderpig

    Doguary: Join the Revolution!

    As suggested by @davidjohnson in the Irrational Pleasure thread, we should all change our avatar pictures to dogs, at least for the month of Doguary. Irrational Pleasure thread part 2 | Page 756 | AVForums Sign up here. Change your profile picture, bring joy to yourself and others through the...
  5. M

    How to install Operator CAM Profile on Samsung Q90R TV

    Does anybody know how to install an Operator CAM Profile on a Samsung Q90R TV? I'm using the built-in TV tuner of my 55" Samsung Q90R TV for regular terrestrial TV. But I'm also using the satellite tuner, in order to receive French TV from an operator called Fransat. I use a CAM CI+ module...
  6. MI55ION

    Shallow Driver BOSS Build

    I need some low profile drivers due to limited clearance in BOSS build, just wondering based on the specs, if anyone can tell if this is suitable and how much power can they handle in such a setup? Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-12 Specs: Size: 12" Nominal Impedance: Dual 4-Ohm Power Handling...
  7. Smiffy 2

    Question Really thin profile white speaker wire

    Looking for recommendations for the above. Not overly long runs, (about 5m), going to a pair of small Atmos speakers rated at 8 ohms. Need to hide wiring up in the recess of a door frame and don't want to use trunking. Any recommendations please??? Thanks
  8. DLxP

    Answered Low profile, white, on-wall speakers

    I'm in the early stages of planning a discrete system in my living room. The plan is to go for on-wall speakers (can't do in-wall), and they have to be white. I'd also rather spend less than around £800 per individual speaker. I'm restricted under my TV to a max width of 25cm (or height, ie the...
  9. raduv1

    Is your Avatar/online profile disconnected from your real life opinion ?

    I do not use FB , Twitter , Instagram etc just don't float my boat . I have seen a rise in peeps being called out on old posts ( James Gunn being the latest ) that a recent profile can not mask . Been using forums for years and for most part I see many a member will not come outright on what...
  10. A

    Question Low profile centre speaker recommendations

    Is there any centre speaker that's flat enough to be placed in front a TV? I've got an LG 65C7 (, and I want to get a nice closed off cabinet and ideally put the centre speaker on top...
  11. AlanX

    Question Looking for a small profile UHD player with DV

    Having now been convinced by Steve that my next TV should have DV (looks like it's got to be the LG C8!), I'm now looking for a UHD player that can also handle DV. My big problem is that I don't have a space for it that is 430mm wide. I could accommodate the smaller housings (eg Panasonic...
  12. Atomicus

    Speakercraft AIM Profile One in-walls... thoughts?

    I am considering x5 of the AIM LCR5 Profile One speakers and x2 ceiling AIM5 One's for Atmos ceiling duties in a 5.1.2 set-up. I am able to get all 7 speakers for a little under £1600 with discount. I am wondering if anyone has experience with or knowledge of these speakers as I can't seem to...
  13. Toasty

    Answered Remove PS4 profile

    Probably a simple answer, but how do you remove an unwanted Profile login from the PS4 start screen?
  14. N

    Question Panasonic EX750B Colour Profile Auto Swapping

    Since owning this TV there has been a few arguments in the house about the colour. I have manged to get it so we are all happyish The one issue i have is in all apps from normal Digital TV, youtube, nextflix and all the hdr varients the picture mode switches automatically to how i last left...
  15. peejay1977

    Question 4K HDR10 quality when compressed - colour profile

    Hi all, First off, I just want to assure people the 4K HDR10 rips I am referring to in this post are ones I have the original discs for and will be keeping safe under the bed with the rest of my collection. I currently use Plex to stream to a Samsung UE43K7500 Smart TV which works perfectly...
  16. Y

    Question Need a low profile keyhole mount for speakers

    Hey, I'm new to the forum, and the home theater world in general, and I'm needing some advise. I just picked up a whole theater system (TV, receiver, 5.1 Polk surround sound) and I can't find a good mount for my bookshelf speakers. Here is what I have: Polk S15 The back is plastic. While it...
  17. Osaf

    Heos app does not connect to a specific profile of Deezer family account

    I have a Deezer family account with 5 profiles. The Heos application does not allow you to choose one of five profiles from the family Deezer account. It allows only one profile. Who knows how to solve this issue?
  18. BenRC

    Can I create a profile for my kids which has access to my games?

    Made a profile for my daughter but everything has a lock symbol and says I have to buy it. Is there a way around This?
  19. Don Rogers Tash

    Question My Profile.

    My Switch tells me I'm offline. I did an internet test and it was successful but in my profile it says I'm offline. What do I do?
  20. deefadog

    Question Switching a redeemed game code to another profile on same machine

    Hi all, On my daughters Xbox One I set up my profile and her profile, but i redeemed the Minecraft code against my profile instead of hers, so whenever she want to play it i have to put in my username and password and also it will be under my profile when she plays it. Is there a way to switch...
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