1. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bafta 2020 TV Awards to proceed behind closed doors

    Host Richard Ayoade will present the delayed Bafta TV awards ceremony behind closed doors and with virtual acceptance speeches. Read the news.
  2. TurboAdam

    Advice On How To Proceed?

    Looking for a little advice for my brother in law regarding a high end Panasonic 65" tv he bought last year from a well known retailer, hoping some of you good folk can help. The tv when it came had some banding issues - not the worse that we've seen, but definitely not great. He was told at...
  3. P

    Question Proceed PAV issues (no sound)

    Hi i recently acquired a Proceed PAV preamp that intended to use as a high end 2 channel balanced preamp for records and cds. However it does not output any sound. Regardless of inputs, regardless of outputs. When i put sound into any of the inputs i notice that the meters for incoming...
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