1. JakartaJive

    Problems with a Pro-Ject turntable

    I have a Pro-Ject turntable and speakers in my kitchen and up until today, everything worked fine. Suddenly, though, when I turn the deck on, the light no longer comes on and even though the deck goes round, I can't hear the sound. I also can't use the remote control thing to turn the deck 'on'...
  2. F

    Pro-ject Debute Carbon DC best platform to sell?

    Hi, Folks I have just upgraded my turntable and am looking to sell my Pro-ject Debut Carbon with upgraded acrylic platter. However, I'm looking for some help, what is the best place to sell it. Thanks for the help.
  3. S

    Looking for advice on speaker wire, please….

    Looking for advice on speaker wire, please…. I have just bought a pair of DALI Spektor 2 bookshelf speakers, and I’ll be pairing them with a Marantz PM4200 amplifier and a Pro-ject Debut Carbon record player. Not really sure what speaker wire would be best for these? (or how much it matters) –...
  4. H

    Upgrade Pro-Ject Debt III S Cartridge or buy Pro-ject Carbon EVO?

    I'm thinking of upgrading by Pro-Ject Debut III S with a Ortofon Red or Blue OR I just by the new Carbon EVO? A lad at the local Hi-Fi shop told me that I'd hit a ceiling fast with the Debut III S and I should buy the Carbon EVO which is easier to upgrade in the future. Although I really don't...
  5. M

    Recommend a budget turntable… Rega or Pro-Ject?

    I’ve decided I would like a budget turntable set up. I have an old Cambridge Audio P70 amp with a built in phono stage. I’ve been looking at secondhand turntable options but I’m beginning to think that some of the more simple budget turntables may be a better option. I was thinking of a budget...
  6. M

    Lopsided sub platter - Pro-Ject 1xpresssion iii

    Hi there, I'm new to hi-fi so apologies for any confusion when I get the terminology wrong! I picked up a cheap Pro-Ject 1Xpression iii this weekend but didn't check it properly. I've discovered some problems and I was wondering if anybody could offer any advice on if this is repairable and...
  7. therourke

    Pro-ject Debut Pro stylus skates/jumps at record edge

    I have a Pro-ject Debut Pro with the european Pick-It Pro stylus installed. It's fantastic, but I am having a few issues at the very start of records. The Pick-it Pro stylus is tracking weighted to 2 grams, as per the instructions, with the anti-skate weight set to the second notch. When I...
  8. D

    Which turntable?

    Having inherited a collection of vinyl from my dad I'm looking to add a turntable to one of my systems. I’m had considered a Roksan Attessa but having seen one in the flesh and spoken to a few dealers I’ve been put off due to issues with set up and the tight (yet loose) dust cover. It will be...
  9. H

    Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra or Cocktail Audio (Novafidelity) N25

    Hello, I would like to ask the users of any of these devices for help. I am about to buy one of the two streamers in the title. It will be connected to a Moon 240i's DAC via USB as per my plan. Both devices seem very capable with similar features, so it is up to the usability (the Pro-Ject is...
  10. Kapkirk

    Suitable Cartridge upgrade for Pro-ject Debut pro

    Really not happy with the sound I'm getting at mo, turntable is fitted with a Pick-it Pro cartridge which I believe is based on the Ortofon 2M series. On listening to my albums the sound is very thin and sibilant, not getting any of the warmth a TT is supposed to give. I'd describe the sound as...
  11. C

    Phono Pre-amps: Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS v Pro-Ject Tube Box S2

    Hi, Has anybody got any experience of these two phono amps? I'm tentatively planning on getting both, and doing a head to head comparison between them and the Fosi, which I bought recently. But I was just wondering if anybody has done a similar test? More out of interest than anything else. I...
  12. C

    Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra Roon Playback Options

    Hi I have contacted Pro-Ject but unfortunately no reply so I was thinking maybe someone else on the forum may have had this problem and found a fix for it. In playback options for Roon whenever I select DSD over PCM (DOP) it keeps defaulting back to DSD Direct please see photo I cannot get it to...
  13. O

    Best amp under £100?

    Firstly, thank you for your help in advance! I am trying to find the best budget amp, under £100, to power my Mission M30 bookshelf speakers. Inputs will be a Pro-Ject Elemental turntable and a line input from a Hifiberry Dac2 Pro. I am happy buying used from eBay, this was where I really need...
  14. B

    Marantz PM6010 OSE. Volume surge

    Hi, I have just purchased second hand hi-fi equipment from 3 difference sources. Pro-ject turntable Marantz PM6010 OSE Wharfedale Valdus 400 speakers (floor standing) When playing LPs the volume surges high then low, only 3 or 4 times across the full LP. I am a total novice so any advice would...
  15. mattyredsox

    Advice on a new system: bought Audiolab 6000A, Oberon 5, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Possibly adding...

    Hi All. Newbie here, but old human. Kind of what the title says: I need advice on a new system: I've just bought an Audiolab 6000A, Dali Oberon 5s, a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Thinking of adding to it from my old stuff. We've just moved to Geneva, Switzerland from Hiroshima, Japan. My...
  16. aq111

    Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. Disable Bluetooth?

    Hello, I've written to the manufacturer twice on this one but sadly no reply. Would anyone know if it's possible to completely disable the Bluetooth function on the Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra? And if so how? Thank you.
  17. Yorkshire AV

    Pro-Ject Audio Debut Pro vs X1 turntable

    A few days ago, a group of members from the Pro-Ject Owners turntable group (on FB) were invited down to the UK distributors head office to view the range of Pro-Ject turntables, perform a cartridge test of the 2M series, Quintet Series and Cadenza range as well as get our eyes (and hands!) on...
  18. W

    Pro-ject Phono box

    Hi all, I picked up this from a sale, but unsure if it requires a 16 or 18V adaptor, there are no marking whatsoever. Also what would be the minimum Amp rating? Thanks.
  19. chaz

    What Pro-Ject Turntable is this

    I own this Pro-Ject Turntable and need a new Drive belt for it but I do not know what Model it is I also want to upgrade the Platter as well to acrylic as well. The cartridge is a Ortfon Red the arm is carbon with Pro-ject written on the side of the arm. If anybody thinks it is the Pro-ject II...
  20. boss17

    Pro-ject 3 turntable question

    Hi all. I need help! I bought a used Debut 3 turntable and it had already been upgraded with the new pulley, belt and rubber mounts. The belt snapped recently after a few months so I bought another upgrade kit from Ebay as I wasn't sure which belt to buy (the original belt is flat and the...
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