1. russraff

    For Sale Pro-Ject Pre Box s2 Digital headphone amp and MQA DAC

    I am selling this headphone/DAC that I was using on my PC as I have upgraded. As you can see this DAC is MQA capable (using the windows driver from the Pro-Ject website) via the tidal app, and will work with quobuz, as expected. Its a neat little box that takes up no more space than a roll of...
  2. A

    For Sale SOLD - Pro-ject Stereo Box S Phono (black) - integrated amplifier

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Pro-ject Stereo Box S Phono - integrated 2 channel stereo amplifier - black - current new price £199. For sale at £110 Bought in March 2018, has had very light use and is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. From a smoke free, pet free and child free home. Price...
  3. Ed Selley

    Pro-Ject Classic Evo Turntable Review & Comments

    The Classic Evo channels both styling and design approaches from a bygone age - does it make for a great modern turntable? Read the review. Write your own review for Pro-Ject The Classic Evo
  4. Ed Selley

    Pro-Ject T1 Turntable Review & Comments

    Pro-Ject tweaks their entry level formula in the pursuit of higher performance and better looks. Can the T1 deliver on the brief? Read the review. Write your own review for Pro-Ject T1
  5. I

    For Sale Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon turntable

    As per title. Bought new from Audible Fidelity Sept. 2017 in excellent condition (9/10). Complete accessories with box. Will include the perspex cover which normally cost £90. Cartridge is NOT included. Looking for £600. You can arrange your own courier for postage at your own risk. Two separate...
  6. R

    Can't get a Pro-ject S2 streamer box to work, any help?

    I just bought a pro-ject audio S2 streamer box from ebay (supposedly new) but I can't get it to work. Whenever I try to connect to it on my wifi network it shows up as being password protected, it should be an unsecured network, so that I can access from my device/computer and...
  7. P

    What speakers to partner Pro-ject Maia S2 Amp ?

    Hi all, Looking for some speakers recommendations up to £300 to partner a Pro-ject Maia S2 amp - quite a low powered unit, 25W into 8 ohms or 38W into 4 ohms. I'll be using this system in an office with the speakers quite close to a rear wall...
  8. lear01

    Pro-ject Stereo S Box Phono

    Hi. I'm looking for a small hi fi system for a 5x5m living room and space is at a premium. Amp needs to have a phono stage and at least one other input for a laptop. Don't need booming sound but would like decent quality. Budget is £400 incl amp and speakers. The only amp I've found that meets...
  9. Menoetius

    Upgrade from Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC

    I have just sold my Pre Box S2 Digital and am looking for an upgrade. I've changed a couple pieces of kit recently, acquiring a Musical Fidelity A3.2cr power amplifier and a pair of PMC OB1 speakers. The Pro-Ject was purchased for MQA via Tidal but it dropped out a lot. Very frustrating. So...
  10. J

    Pro-Ject Debut - keep or upgrade?

    Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice on my turntable. I've got an old (but good condition) Pro-Ject Debut Turntable with a separate Pro-Ject Phono E preamp. It sounds ok but not earth shattering (to be fair, I don't have the experience to know what would be 'earth shattering'!). I'm torn...
  11. P

    Pro-Ject Primary E Tracking Force

    I’ve just purchased a Pro-Ject Primary E turntable and am concerned whether the tracking force is set up correctly. The Primary E is supposed to be correctly set-up for the supplied cartridge (Ortofon OM 1S) out of the box. The recommended tracking force according to the manual is 17.5mN. Out...
  12. Mac User

    Question Pro-Ject turntable

    Hi, I have a Pro-Ject turntable (with phono out) that I am looking to connect to my AV Denon amp As there is no inbuilt digital converter I know it will not work by just plugging it into the Amp. Any idea if I could purchase something that I could connect the turntable too that would allow me...
  13. G

    Help needed Pro-Ject RPM 1

    Hi there I was wondering if someone could help me out. My grandfather has passed away and left me his Pro-Ject RPM 1 He purchased replacement feet for it as one is cracked. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the old ones off the plinth 🤷🏻‍♂️ HELP please
  14. J

    Pro-Ject Debut S/E3 - still a good deck?

    Hi All I'm looking to buy my first turntable set up, and my budget is fairly small. I'm happy to spend around £400 on the package, but i've seen a Pro-Ject Debut S/E3 on sale for around £75 and at that price it seems like a bit of a bargain. It's an older table (around 2011 i think) but it...
  15. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pro-Ject launches The Classic Evo turntable in UK

    Pro-Ject’s current ambition to simplify its range continues with the merging of The Classic and The Classic SB SuperPack to create the newly launched The Classic Evo. Read the news.
  16. C

    Question Nagaoka MP-300 vs CD - loss in treble and clarity?

    Hi all, I've been comparing Linkin Park - Meteora and Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II (1992 issue) CD to Vinyl. I've moved from an Ortofon 2M Silver to a Nagaoka MP-300 but find the clarity and treble resolution a little lacking. The cartridge has less than 5 hours of running time. It's...
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pro-Ject X1 and X2 turntables hit the UK

    Pro-Ject’s X Series turntables, the X1 and X2, hit the UK and simplify the range with many features shared by both models. Read the news.
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pro-Ject launches T1 turntables

    Pro-Ject launches affordable T1 turntables in three flavours mixing up speed control, MM phono stages and Bluetooth options. Read the news.
  19. Perthpete

    Question WHY No MQA in {ipad=>stream box=>pre box} setup?

    WHY No MQA in {ipad=>stream box=>pre box} setup? I also recently ‘discovered’ MQA. My set up was iPad with Tidal, streaming through Airplay to my Denon (X6200W). I looked around quite a bit, and learned: - Airplay on IPad does not go much further than 44.1 kHz - while the Denon amp is able to...
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pro-Ject introduce Ringo Starr Turntable

    Pro-Ject’s Artist Series of special edition turntable sees a Ringo Starr ‘Peace and Love’ edition announced. Read the news.
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