1. B

    Privacy conscious TV - what are the options?

    I'm planning to get a new TV because we've decided we want a bigger screen (current 32") and better resolution etc, such as 4k and maybe UHD. But... we don't want to be served ads by our television on top of the ads that already come from the tv companies, we don't want a camera or microphone...
  2. P

    [TX43HX580BZ] New TV Update & Privacy Settings - Impacting what I can do !!

    Hi I’ve just installed the latest software update on my TX43HX580BZ and since then it stopping me accessing certain features due to my “privacy settings” . The biggest issue is that I’m now unable to access the network settings at all, not without it prompting me to say that “This Operation is...
  3. psychopomp1

    iOS 15 - how to get rid of Privacy Report in Safari?

    Anyone know how to get rid of this annoying message in Safari? Can't find any option to disable this.... Cheers
  4. O

    Question Use hik-connect without account/internet?

    Hi, I'm looking at te hik-connect app, it seems that you are obliged to register an account with hikvision? Is there any info on what information and access is actually given? Are they able to look at your camera feeds (since you register the camera's with them)? Can you use hik-connect...
  5. C

    LG SH4D Bluetooth Privacy Problem

    Hi all. I bought an LG SH4D soundbar a couple of years ago as it was supposedly an improvement on my older model soundbar. It has bluetooth which wasn't needed but ended up being the bane of my (and my wife's) life. What we didn't know on purchasing that everyone in range of it could hijack...
  6. J

    Question Alexa Privacy LG 43UM7500PLA (2019)

    Silly question probably nowadays, but possibly someone can put my mind at rest. I have just purchased a LG 43UM7500PLA (2019) tv and now I have found out Alexa and Google Assistant has been built into this tv. (so no external Alexa to pull out) I want to control my tv by remote control and...
  7. S

    Forum privacy window how to get rid

    Hi since the new website the forum privacy box window keeps popping up. I have tried to get rid of it but to no avail. How do you do it as it’s doin my head in. On an iPad Air 1 FYI. Thanks
  8. Promoted Content Poster

    Easily bypass geo-restrictions and stream your favorite TV shows and movies with a premium VPN

    Why geo-restrictions matter when it comes to streaming? All streaming fans know that there are certain restrictions when it comes to streaming particular libraries and content. Especially those, who are not based in the US. As we know, the majority of the best TV shows and movies usually come...
  9. S

    Question Privacy Policy Agreement not working

    Hi my parents have a LG Smart Tv and tonight just came up with an agree or later to a privacy policy when they go in to Netflix or Plex. I am not near them so they are saying they are clicking agree and then a circle with an arrow comes up and goes red then reverts back. I have told them to...
  10. F

    About privacy

    Hi I have a question about privacy. I live with a rommate which has a xbox one, w use the same network and he knows my login and password too live account. Can he spy on me, using my kinect kinect? I'm a bit paranoid but thanks for answers.
  11. 93gavinmoran93

    android privacy

    hi I've an Samsung s6 active Android phone and basically I have pissed some people off and want to know if people have any suggestions on privacy for me and my phone? they usually find out my password and change it and stuff, mess around with my account? Location: uk london...
  12. K

    Question My Secret Folder app - anxious about pictures getting leaked

    Hi all Anyone familiar with the Iphone app My Secret Folder? I want an app for my private photos on my Iphone and then I found this app, My Secret Folder. But do the developers have access to your photos once they are stored in the app? And what are the chances that they would do it if they...
  13. G

    How Do You Guys Feel About New Privacy Bills?

    H.J. Res 86 and S.J. Res 34, the two new bills in talks these days. The America President might soon sign the bill and then it'll be official,researchers and advertisers will be allowed to bid for user data and acquire it from isps. The interpretations have been numerous thus far but this is one...
  14. Gringer

    Wearable tech security and privacy concerns

    Wearable tech has increased in popularity. Came across this link which has ringed the alarm bells. I currently own Samsung gear as well as moto 360. These might as well compromise based on this article. The dark side of wearables: How they're secretly jeopardizing your security and privacy -...
  15. British02081979

    Why does every PSN user have their privacy settings on?

    There's so great PSN users out there but my PS4 cannot add them because of their privacy settings.Why do all PSN users have their privacy settings on?They never use to.
  16. S

    Changes to PSN Terms of Service, and Privacy settings

    Just tried to login, and PSN kept saying no... after a bit of mucking about (Network test etc), when i tried to log into the PSN Store it gave me a "changes to terms of service" page. It's massive: no i didn't read it, just clicked accept :smashin: Then it took me to a changes in privacy...
  17. spratt

    How to set privacy in Instagram?

    I dont want all to see my pictures in Instagram. How can I set privacy so that only particular people can see it?
  18. M

    Facebook just got my mobile number!

    Not sure how they did it but seems to be today when I reinstalled the app and haven't granted it permission to look at my contacts this comes up I have done everything I could to stop them getting it. I had thought about the possibility from my friends list but they don't have my mobile...
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