Printer may refer to:
Printer, Kentucky
Printer (publishing), a person or a company
Printer (computing), a hardware device
Optical printer for motion picture films
The Moscow subway station Pechatniki, whose name means "Printers"

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  1. G

    FRITZ!Box 7530 router not allocating IP address to my printer?

    I'm just setting up my new Zen fibre broadband service via my supplied Fritzbox wireless router. All my devices are connecting fine via their automatically assigned IP addresses. However, my Brother DCP-J1200WE printer is not being allocated an address? I've dialled into the router, and it's...
  2. andrewt9763

    For Sale Toshiba Studio 408s Mono Printer and cartridge

    Toshiba Studio 408s -Mono Printer Copier Scanner (3100 Pages left £100 Toner cartridge for Toshiba Studio 408s T-408E-R Unopened £90 HP Laserjet pro 400 m401dne Mono Printer £50 Any questions fire away
  3. tigermad

    For Sale Dbot Core-XY 3D Printer

    It has a duet 3 WiFi controller. A Hemera revo hot end. Bed size is 300x300x300. Collection only from Milton Keynes/Northants border.
  4. frimjack

    For Sale Open new used: Epson EcoTank ET-8550 A3 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Photo Ink Tank Printer

    Just received a brand new warranty replacement from Amazon where it currently retails for ~£700. Great printer. Fantastic quality prints. Looking for £500 as I need to go up a size to A2. Have not tested the replacement the inks are still wrapped but will be happy to test it out before...
  5. stevie0

    Question Cable management

    Hi all, I am here to ask a question regards running 3 monitors, PC and a printer from one C14 plug. I am trying to tidy up the mess behind my desk and came across a splitter that seems to allow 5x C13 kettle leads to be powered. It seems a bit too good to be true. Is this possible and I’ve...
  6. Surebrec

    Canon MAXIFY GX3050: Problems using copy function.

    I have been trying to set up my Dad's printer for him, but one part is giving me issues, and that is copying documents. Please excuse the crappy picture, it's about as clear as I could make it. The problem I am having, is that I can't change the "Source: Rear tray settings. As you might be...
  7. G

    HP deskjet 2630 printing problems

    Hi all, I seem to have developed an unusual problem when trying to print with my HP deskjet 2630. I have recently changed the ink cartridges but havent been able to print anything since with the new or old cartridges other than an alignment page. Ive tried printing different documents through...
  8. topgazza

    Which Colour Laser All In One for Home

    It's the one thing after 40 years in IT that still throws me. I don't use a printer much anymore and find my otherwise Canon 3560 does clog up, of course, if not used much. So my thoughts turn to laser. To be fair I used to do a lot of photography but not any more so I guess a b&w would also do...
  9. kah22

    A cheap and cheap printer

    I’m after a cheap and cheerful printer for occasional use with my iPad. I don’t need or want a multi colour printer as I don’t need to print anything in colour The printer I have is at least eight years old and I can’t remember the last time I used it! Thanks for help offered
  10. H

    Inkjet Cartridges, laser or inkjet

    I've have a Brother HL2135 mono laser printer for about 10/12 years. I think it is starting to die on me, cannot hold it's wifi setting. nowadays. As printer gets used in another room a new one would need placed there. It's not the wifi signal as it is quite strong in the room. As I don't print...
  11. chaz

    HP Envy 5540 Wireless Problem ?

    Hi hope somebody can help me here I own HP 5540 Printer and the latest Virgin Hub 5 Well I connected all my wireless items no problem expect my printer it wont print I checked the connection everything seems ok looked at the wireless on the hub it shows the network ok on the little screen & my...
  12. N

    Ciss for epson ??

    Hi all. My old epson swfx600 recently gave up the ghost and is now in printer heaven. I purchased an epson xp4200. Compact and quiet but I am looking for a ciss system to put in it... Can't seem to locate one. Anyone help? Thanks for reading ☺
  13. DemonDragonJ

    Which Printer Should I Get?

    I currently have an HP deskjet 3755 printer that can only print; it does not have scan or copy features, so I eventually am planning to purchase a new printer that has those features, and I am considering one of two models: the HP officejet pro 9015e or the HP officejet pro 9025e, both of which...
  14. A

    Epson Eco tank Printer

    Hi I'm interested in buying an Epson Eco Tank printer, my budget is £200 to £300. I have checked on the Epson web page and they have 11 printers. It is extremely difficult to know which one to purchase. Has anyone any experience of the following models, ET 2810 , 2811, 2814, 2815, 2821, 2750...
  15. C

    New printer - not the usual question

    Morning all Printer just died and am going through the usual hassle of trying to decide on something new. Needs to be printer/scanner with little printing. Aware of inkjet/laser choices/debate. Where I struggle is with understanding HP as an option. I’ve read about HP+ and HP ink subscription...
  16. Stevie G

    Does anyone know how to print a document to 2 A4 pages (ie A3 equivalent on A4 printer)?

    Hi people I want to print a world cup wallchart in A3 size by way of 2 A4 prints, but I just can't work out how to do it! I'm looking at this as an example; I just want to be able to print it so that half is on one page, the...
  17. Liamalone

    Usb hub and printer sharing query

    Folks, quick and probably simple question for ye :) Currently have a laptop with a 4 slot usb hub attached. In said hub there are two printers attached along with a mouse and one slot spare, all is good. I now have another laptop beside the main one and this needs access to the printers as...
  18. M

    Epson printer issue with Android phones

    Hi all Up until today the printer had worked with my Samsung phone. Last time was maybe last week. Today i wanted to print some cinema tickets I'd received the email for but it keeps saying 'the printer isn't available right now' Printer is Epson xp 760 Connected via ethernet and on same...
  19. MrFraggle

    Cannot wirelessly connect printer.

    Had fibre installed and all went well connecting all my devices wirelessly except a Canon LBP611cn which has me baffled as the manual gives instructions which just do not exist on my printer. Page 31 of the manual tells me to go Menu/Preference/Network then select Wired/Wireless Lan but this is...
  20. marcaaron22

    Samsung CLX-3175FW Laser Printer

    Hi all, I have had the Samsung CLX-3175FW laser printer for a number of years, but since having Virgin media, I’ve never been able to connect to the Virgin hub, the problem is, when putting in the hub’s password on the printer, I cannot for the life of me change from uppercase to lowercase, it’s...
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