1. nheather

    Anyone have a Brother 3150 colour laser printer

    Hi, does anyone have a Brother HL-3150CDW colour laser printer. If so wondering if you experience the same issue as me. My printer works great, I switched to compatible toners as soon as the OEM ones shipped with the printer ran out. These have been fine but from time to time I get spotting...
  2. w1ldheart

    Printer needed for under £100

    Hi all my HP Photosmart printer has finally died after many years service so im in the market for a new printer.It will mainly be used for text documents but sometimes my partner needs to print off pictures for her cardmaking onto thin card.It wont be used a lot maybe print off 20-30 pages a...
  3. Dony

    Printer Question

    I'm trying to print out a PDF file (bank statement) but when I send it to print all I get is the Bank logo, address and a few format lines. The actual credit and debit details are not printing. This has happened when I've tried to print direct from my phone via bluetooth, and also when I save...
  4. G

    For Sale BNIB Canon Maxify PGI-2500XL Black printer ink cartridges

    Selling two unopened Canon Maxify PGI-2500XL Black printer ink cartridges. Left over from my MB5050 printer which I just sold. The cartridges are a few months old, stood in the drawer the whole time. Supported models: iB4050/iB4150/MB5050/MB5150/MB5155/MB5350/MB5450/MB5455 Price: £20 each.
  5. T

    Catalina and Canon printer drivers

    I made the (probably foolish) decision to move my MacBook Pro to Catalina, as this was a requirement for the latest version of Office for Mac. I expected some minor bumps along the road, including compatibility with 3rd party apps, but expected the 3rd parties to do their bit and upgrade their...
  6. marvi0

    I need an affordable printer

    I am looking for an affordable printer. I only print on average maybe say 100 sheets a year, so my usage is very low. Can anyone recommend an affordable printer, with low ink costs please. Thanks.
  7. Fat_Tony

    Help with a printer please

    Hi folks, I'm trying to help someone out with an old printer they said wasn't working. It's a HP Officejet 4620 I connected it to my fairly decent recent laptop, downloaded the software app and it worked fine. When I returned it to the owner who has an older laptop but still running Windows...
  8. L

    Problem installing printer

    My wife wants me to install her printer on her laptop and normally that is not a problem but I get the following message.Driver is unavailable.The printer is a HP Deskjet 2540 series printer and her OS is Windows 10.I am now trying to download a driver from the HP Website but seems to be taking...
  9. Stanman

    Question Printer recommendation

    My MP600R has a error code 5100, done research but none of the solutions work. After a personal experience recommendation for £100 to £150 printer and scanner, do occasionally photos. Thanks
  10. S

    Brother colour laser printer - which toner?

    I have a Brother "MFC-L8690 CDW" colour duplex laser printer. Which is the best value way of using toner cartridges? 1) Buy Brother's toner cartridges only. 2) Refil cartridges myself with toner. 3) Buy cheaper, compatible toner cartridges and dispose of after toner finished. It would be...
  11. L

    Printer not Printing

    I have a Brother printer which seems to have stopped printing and wondered if someone could give me some advice.The model number is DCP-J315W.I tried to do a factory reset by pressing the menu button then network then network reset.You are then supposed to press the + sign to choose yes but...
  12. C

    Epson printer BX300F to fix or to replace?

    Hi. I have a chunky old Epson Office BX300F printer. It works ok with B/W but the red ink has been blocked for a couple of years. I have run clean programs several times but to no effect. It does the trick for b/w printing and photocopying. I have seen other Epsons such as SX235W. The new ones...
  13. M

    Printer can't connect to MESH wi-fi

    Hi, I've just installed a Tenda Nova MESH network and disabled my virgin wireless broadcasts. Everything connects fine except my HP Photosmart Printer which for some reason has picked up two networks presumeably because there's two Tenda Nova units and won't connect to either. I've updated my...
  14. Dr Force

    Best solo printer?

    Hi we would like to purchase a good quality printer up to A4 size with a budget of £300. It needs to be wireless/Bluetoot, we do not want or need a scanner or copier, just something to print good quality photograph. Any pointers, appreciated.
  15. vaderag

    Question All in One printer that has Two Sided ADF scanning?

    Search engines for printers seem incredibly limited when it comes to specifics I'm looking for a smallish printer that does 2 sided scanning via automatic document feeder. Other features are required (two sided printing for example) but the above is proving difficult to get to show up in...
  16. D

    New Printer needed, advise please

    Bit of a story but here goes. I have a Samsung Mono Laser printer which has served me well but for some reason it will not even turn on and i have tried and better tried and for the money it cost me as i got a cash back deal it isn't worth repairing and given the current climate i am looking for...
  17. C

    Printer not ready

    I have a HP Envy 4527. The wifi signal is excellent amd the HP print is on in settings on my phone. Now, for the first time since I got the printer, when I try to print by going to the document on my phone amd pressing print, it says on my phone 'The printer isn't available right now'. So I...
  18. Lee Moles

    Question HP printer recommendations

    Evening All Buying a new Apple imac at the end of the month and looking to buy a new printer to go with it. I've always used HP and never had an issue with them on Macs. Currently have a Envy 4500 on Instant Ink. There seems to be a load of deals about that include up to 2 years free Ink. I...
  19. M

    Home printer recommendations

    Hi all After some advice on the above, I don't do much probably 20 sheets a week. Currently have a hp deskjet 6980. Its a bit tired now, Looking around the £300 mark and a bonus would be a scan and copy facility. Wireless and network features too. Also a decent price on ink replacements.(just...
  20. westmoors

    Epson XP 345 printer / scanner features query

    I have tried to find out if this model has the built in feature of telling you it has reached the end of its service life and you must take it to an Epson service provider. Its not happened yet but I am sure the time is near. What this usually does is count so many operations and then shut the...
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