1. Garrett

    Printer Make Best For Not Using Regularly.

    Is there a ink jet printer that does not have problems with ink drying in the nozzles and ending up throwing the printer away? I had a few Epson's and used it for what I wanted a fair few times and then left a longish time on to find even after changing cartridge's it looks like the ink dried in...
  2. Garrett

    Laser Printer printing Photos Not Right

    I have a Samsung CLP-360 series laser printer and when I got it it use to produce some astounding picture so much so I has some photos printed and framed on a high end ink jet and thought of re doing them on the laser. Anyway not printed any for a long time only used for letters, but I cam to...
  3. bigdavecox90

    Cardstock Printer

    Good morning all, Looking for advice on budget printers for printing cardstock. Have a home printer currently, it's simply not capable of printing anything thicker than paper really. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  4. st4fore

    For Sale Brother HL-L2340DW A4 Mono Laser Printer

    Purchased a new printer so no longer need this one. Doesn't come with any printer cartridges or box but has worked perfectly for all the time I have had it and hasn't really been used much. Looking for £50 including delivery.
  5. L

    How to get my printer online

    A few weeks ago I had a problem with my printer which I thought I had solved but it has happened again when I go into printers and scanners it shows as being offline anI can only use it by using a USB lead.The printer is a Brother DCP-J315W.What I have done so far is as follows.Clicked on menu...
  6. T

    Printer ink question

    I use my Canon MG6850 printer mainly to copy documents and so obviously select "Black" when copying. This results in the large black cartridge having to be replaced quite often. The colour cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) include a small black cartridge and, since I buy them as a bundle, I...
  7. Kailash

    Label Printer

    hi looking a label printer want half decent labels that stick well and won't drop off DYMO seem to be the big player anyone have one that they are happy with? :smashin:
  8. robloxian

    HP Printer Recommendations

    Hi, anyone know a decent all in one HP please with a scanner and copier? I've had my current one for a while now and it now prints pink instead of blue. Tried everything. I think the nozzles just get clogged if you don't use it for a while, which is ridiculous really as I only use it a few...
  9. L

    Printer problem - any suggestions?

    I have a HP 2400 printer connected to my PC. I have been trying to print a letter from MS Word (and I also tried pasting into Notepad) and every time I try the printer scrolls out one blank sheet of paper then stops. If I print a picture it works fine. If I print a document in MS Word which...
  10. W

    SOLVED - Convert USB Printer to Network Printer

    I currenly have a USB printer attached to my PC and have made it available across the Network but I'm not overly happy about the permissions I have to give on my PC and if it's switched off no one else can't print.. There are quite a few options of USB to RJ45 converter that I could then plug...
  11. chaz

    HP Envy 540 Printer Problem

    I own the HP Envy 5540 Printer and I have been trying to print photos on it i have tried to print 10mm X 15mm ( 4" X 6" inchs) I know there are two trays one for up to A4 but the smaller one is the for the 10mm X 15mm is what I want but it will not print that size it seems.So I went on Goggle...
  12. M

    Canon Maxify GX6050 and 7050

    Has anyone heard when these are being released? They were announced on 17th March 2021. I’m in the market and wondering whether it’s worth holding out for one... there doesn’t seem to be any announcement that includes an actual release date.
  13. terencejames

    Anyone with a 3D Printer?

    Does anyone have 3D printer that would be willing to print something for me? I would obviously pay for materials / postage / time. The item is here. Thanks for looking.
  14. saguk1234

    Question Which printer with wifi 5 5ghz or wifi 6?

    I am trying to move away from using 2.4ghz wifi. Does anyone know of a printer that uses 5ghz or wifi 6?
  15. L

    Cannot print from my printer

    My wife has just asked me to print a document for her as she is waiting a replacement ink cartridge for her printer.She emailed the document to me and I clicked on print as normal but nothing happened I tried again same result when I checked the print queue it was empty nothing in the queue.This...
  16. CamFire

    Printer Trouble with M1 MacMini Running Big Sur v11.0.1

    Is anyone encountering the same issue? Print jobs just job missing-in-action, even after numerous attempts at reseting the printing system, re-adding and re-installing the printer drivers, etc. Here's what is noted from System Information, Software, Logs, Printer error log: Recent Contents...
  17. K

    Laptop printer help please.

    Hi, I have a Dell Laptop and an Epson ET-2600 printer, all worked ok till recently when the printer shows offline and no matter what I do I can't change this and the only way I can print is by using my O2 mobile connection. I have uninstalled all Epson buts and bobs, restarted the laptop and...
  18. B

    Laser printer - duplex scanning??

    Hi all Are they any laser printers that have duplex scanning for less than £200 I am looking for duplex printing AND scanning feature. Any help would be appreciated
  19. Oneeasygeezer

    Network can't find my printer

    I'm not sure whether it was the result of of the Win 10 OS update or not but my Epson ET - 4750 printer has disappeared from my network it was originally connected via USB and there were no issues with printing from the PC, however when I came to scan some documents to the PC the software Read...
  20. colinstone

    Cost of Printer Inks

    I've managed to inherit a crop of ink jet printers over the last few years and I already have an HP Photosmart 309g, but in France. So far I have acquired an Epson Photosmart R200, Pixma MG2950 - unused and HP Envy 4527. The Epson R200 replacement ink seems pretty good - 2 sets of cartridges...
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