1. S

    3D print remote back panel

    I've got a 65dx902b, which comes with the N2QAYA000097 remote control. The back panel (the piece that clips in to hold batteries in place) has gone missing, so I was wondering if anyone had the same remote and could create a schematic for the back panel. It's this remote Thanks
  2. JollyJamma

    3D print VR gloves with haptic feedback

    Hi all Do you have some time on your hands, a 3D printer and patience? you might just want to create your own VR gloves with haptic feedback. You'll need to get certain items like b10k ohm Potentiometer (5x per hand), 9g servo motors for haptics(5x per hand), ESP32 Dev Board or Arduino (1x...
  3. reevesy

    help with chromebook finger print scanner please

    hi all, just recently got an hp pentium gold 13" chromebook...very happy with it...quality machine its my first chromebook and i did'nt realise you need either a password or pin to login ..anyway the hp has a finger print scanner...and i've sucessfully registered my fingerprint on it...within...
  4. acgingersnaps

    A license to print money

    I know this is a premium brand, but this nearly felled me from my chair. The profit margins on these must be incredible. Over £3k for a sturdy slab and some feet!
  5. wiz

    HP print and scan Google Less Secure Apps Access

    Hi wonder if anyone has seen this I have an old HP 8600pro printer scanner. Every so often it will stop scanning to email / computer folder. The fix is to go into my google setting and turn off 'Less Secure Apps Access' setting. Is there a way to make my HP more secure so I do not have to...
  6. L

    How to Print from ipad

    My wife has a Apple ipad model number MD785ZP/A and for some reason she seems to be unable to print to her Printer as it keeps saying no printer found.She uses it with a USB lead connected to the laptop.Her printer is a HP Deskjet 2540 Series.Her O/S is Windows 10.Would be a problem if the...
  7. melmorc

    iPad not able to print

    Ok, need some guidance please (and as straight forward as possible!) and would be most grateful if anyone could advise me please! In my house I have my usual BT broadband and both iPhone and iPad connect fine via wifi. I've got my iPad set up so I can make and receive calls with it (via the...
  8. A

    print to pdf

    I recently posted about printing to pdf from my windows pc in a specific program and had a good response, eventually choosing cutepdf. Does anyone know of a way of printing to pdf on an ipad. My cricket league record the match scorebook online and I wanted to then print that to pdf from my...
  9. skhan786

    Ipad app to create and print documents

    Anyone know any ?
  10. vmt

    Female in need of help! How do I print from my Ipad2 to HP Deskjet printer

    Hi all, New to this, need a little help, just got Ipad2 and want to print from it. I've down loaded a free app to test if it works with my HP Deskjet 3050 printer before paying for the full app. The app finds my printer and says will print in a moment but doesn't. Any help or...

    No Broadband - Can i print between ipad & HP airprinter via wireless access point?

    A friend of mine is ditching their BT phone and broadband and is replacing it with a 3G iPad 2 on Vodafone. They are also buying a HP AirPrint printer. Will the iPad be able to connect to the printer using an old wireless router (not connected to phone line) or a wireless access point? Cheers
  12. C

    Air print printers with WPA2

    Hi guys, really want to be able to use air print on my iPad, problem is that I use WPA2 wireless encryption and it's a mission finding out what encryption each printer can cope with!! I want to go as cheap as possible, does anyone have any good experiences with compatible air print printers on a...
  13. C

    Air Print

    Is there a good list of compatible "Air print" printers? Just need a colour inkjet for docs etc no photos :)
  14. Craigy

    How to print screen?

    Hello, found a great Batman pic I would like for my wallpaper from the GamesTM magazine, read on the web you hold the home button then tap the power button and it sends the image to my photos app, when I do this I hold down the home button then as soon as I click power button it switches it off...
  15. Frank Smith

    Air Print - How does it work?

    Love the iPad, hate the things which are absent which prevent it from being a replacement for a laptop. Air print, correct me if I am wrong, is coming to the next update, Sunday if reports are to believed. Just curious as to how it will work and how wide the compatability is. Any one with any...
  16. R

    How to print 4.2gm

    Hi I am running 4.2 however i have a pdf which i opened in ibooks. How do i print this ? Also i made some notes in notes, also how do i print this ? Any ideas ? Thanks
  17. F

    Direct print from pages

    hello, Iave the pages app and other vaious app (page central for ipad,ePrint,print'n'share) to wireleessly print document from pages or dropbox. i ave try copy and paste and from dropbox you can go to printcentral but the quality is rubish. they change the font size and put big border to.#...
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