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  1. J

    Amazon Prime Video - buffer problem

    Hello, I got Amazon Prime Video on a Smart Sony TV and a PS4 with the Amazon Prime Video Application. When I try to watch anything, the picture is so bad quality, i got buffer problem. On the stream, i haven't HD logo when i start video, then 5 minutes of stream, sometime, i got HD logo, then...
  2. JonnyTester

    Question No 4K material on Amazon Prime Video

    Quick runthrough of my 4K equipment - Nvidia Shield TV console, Xbox One S console, Hisense 4K Smart tv. As far as I'm aware, all of these are capable of atreaming Amazon Prime video in 4K. Now for the problem. I had a trial of Prime with so I could have some stuff delivered to my...
  3. Mister_Tad

    Question Netflix/Prime AndroidTV - manually lower quality?

    Is there a way, on Android TV, or an Nvidia Shield TV specifically, to force a lower resolution/quality for Netflix or Prime streaming? I live in an area with ropey ADSL, so my internet is made up of devices in the slow-lane (the ADSL, for things where speed isn't as important) and the fast...
  4. Zigourney

    Question LG oled tv built in Amazon Video app VS. Amazon Fire stick?

    Hi All LG OLED TV owners, I wanted to know which is better for features and functionality, the LG tv's built in Amazon prime video app or a dedicated Amazon Fire stick/Fire TV? I can think of one advantage of using the separate amazon fire stick or the faster fire tv, is that you have a...
  5. JonnyTester

    Question Changing Amazon Prime Video location?

    I recently had a Prime trial on, to have some Christmas presents sent to my sister's address in Brooklyn. At the time I set up Amazon Prime Video my Nvidia Shield to take advantage of the trial. I now have Prime, but when I try to set my Shield up again to use it, it...
  6. Durzel

    Answered 4K on Amazon Prime Video - am I missing something obvious?

    Hi, I've got an Amazon Prime trial running at the moment. I can use Amazon Prime Video, stream TV shows and movies without issue. I recently bought a 4K TV and naturally expected Amazon Prime Video to start offering me 4K titles to watch. It does, but the only category I can see is one that...
  7. H

    NEWS: Amazon adds UK Live TV Channels to Prime Video

    Amazon Channels has launched in the UK and Germany with the promise of paying only for the live TV and on demand you want to watch. For now, choice is limited and a little bit expensive but pick and mix might just be the future of television. Read the news.
  8. Aryn86

    Question Samsung KS8000 suffering from audio sync issues on Amazon Prime Video...

    Had my KS8000 for 6 or so months now, been very happy with but only now have I got my netflix and amazon video sorted and for the most part Netflix runs very smoothly both in video and audio but I'm noticing annoying amounts of delay in motion when compared to the audio (ie the audio is quicker...
  9. H

    NEWS: Amazon Prime Video goes global

    Amazon Prime Video is now available in more than 200 countries and territories, which is a fair chunk more than Netflix. Can Clarkson & co help make Amazon bigger than its biggest competitor? Read the news.
  10. H

    NEWS: The Grand Tour sets Amazon Prime Video Record

    Clarkson, May and Hammond have proved a very predictable it on Amazon video with the largest ever viewing figures for a premiere on the service. It also seems the show will be the spearhead of a global expansion of the service. Read the news.
  11. K

    Now tv vs Amazon prime video vs Netflix which is best?

    As of November 2016 what is the best streaming video service for amount of content and quality of content , thanks
  12. A

    Question Amazon Prime video new releases

    Hey all, would anyone happen to know what time of day Amazon make a new release digital feature such as Civil War available to download?. If i buy Civil War at midnight can I start downloading straight away or do i have to wait until a set time during the day? Thanks
  13. S

    Question Hisense M7000 owners: PVR and Smart functions?

    Hi, Very close to pulling the trigger and getting a 55m7000 ULED, but I just want to confirm a few details from someone that owns the telly: 1. It lists 'PVR' functionality - for freeview HD. Does this cover Pause, Rewind, chase play, recording from the EPG and Series links? 2. WHat catch up...
  14. JonnyTester

    Amazon Prime Video - No multichannel audio?

    I got a month's trial of Prime Video and have it installed on my Tab S (UK version) and Shield TV (US version via vpn as its not officially available on Shield). But there doesn't appear to be multichannel sound available. In fact, there aren't any audio or video settings at all. I watched a...
  15. Tempest

    Amazon Prime Video on Android Phone?

    Apologies as I know this sounds a very dumb question, but I'm new to Android so please forgive me. I have an Amazon Prime account which I can watch Prime Video with, on my TV, PC, and windows phone via the web browser. On my Android phone, as I know there are millions of apps on Android, I...
  16. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Prime 30 day free trial

    With the Amazon Black Friday week of sales in full swing why not take advantage of the Prime 30 day free trial. This will allow you early access of 30 minutes before they are offered out to non-prime members. Also included when you sign up for the free trial Unlimited One-Day Delivery on...
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