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  1. W

    Prime Video app keep turning Trumotion off on B7

    Just noticed an odd issue on our 55" B7 when watching Prime Video, I have Trumotion on for some things we watch, but every time I exit the app and come back to it Trumotion has been turned off again, which is getting annoying as I have switch it back every time! No other settings are changed by...
  2. john milton

    Dolby Atmos on Prime Video

    Cannot get sound on my Pioneer VSX-S510 receiver when watching Wheel of time on my Prime Video tv app that shows as being in Dolby Atmos. When watching the same program through the Sky Q box I get DD sound. When watching a Dolby Atmos movie on Disney plus app I get sound. Any thoughts as why...
  3. C

    Where do I find my Amazon Prime Video credentials.

    Where do I find my Amazon Prime Video credentials.
  4. C

    Adding a Prime Video account?

    Samsung UE50TU7100KXXU SMART TV I haver Amazon Prime and have set up one account on my TV but how can I add my Wife's account? I've searched the e-manual and can find nothing about Prime Video.
  5. L

    Sony X95H Prime Video issue

    I'm having an issue with my Sony X95H android Prime Video app. I get a German and Japanese warning message on start up, and the app is so slow at loading. Got to the stage I just don't use Prime anymore or I have to cast it to the TV on my phone or use my fire stick. Tried clearing the data and...
  6. ramer

    55" TV - Blu-Ray 4K Disks, Netflix, Prime Video, no gaming £1,500-ish Budget

    I'm looking to upgrade from a 12 year-old 42" Panasonic plasma, to a 55" 4K screen. My main viewing will be Blu-Ray 4K (plus I have several hundred Blu-Ray disks that I don't plan on binning just yet so upscaling is a consideration), Netflix and Prime video (both 4K where available) and...
  7. D

    Prime Video HD better than 4K?

    I was watching Chaos Walking on prime video last night in 4K UHD HDR and afterwards I watched some select scenes on both versions, 4K UHD and HD and to my surprise, the picture was exactly the same (in certain shots the HD was actually clearer). The colours were darker in 4K (tv picture settings...
  8. Mayandi2

    Prime Video & You Tube not working with Sony Smart TV

    About 18 months ago I installed 3 home cinemas in our East Sussex penthouse and they were based around an LG OLED 65", Sony Bravia 49" and Panasonic 40" TVs, all 4K. They whole thing was working perfectly but in September 2020 we went for the planned 6-month winter sojourn in India. We were...
  9. Sandman

    Prime Video showing UK library when in USA.

    Bit of a strange one. I am currently in the US and would like to watch some tv using Amazon Prime. I have an iPad and an Xbox with me with the prime apps on them but when I open the apps I am presented with the UK library of shows and when I click to watch them the majority of them are not...
  10. A

    Roku TV - R55A7200GTUK - Prime video - variable brightness

    Hi There If anyone has one of these 2020 Hisense Roku TVs from Argos, could you test the prime video app? I have a repeatable issue where I press the options button on the remote and the brightness varies. Press it - brightens, press again, darkens, you get the idea. Doesn't happen as far as...
  11. J

    Question about Amazon Prime Video app on NOW TV 'black' box - not displaying 1080p

    Hi all, Installed the Amazon Prime Video app onto my NOW TV 'Black Box', and it seems like its only displaying 480p. Because compared to the same video selection screen for Amazon Prime Video on my 1st gen Amazon Fire Stick, it looks much grainer. I've double checked that the master out for...
  12. Noble372

    HDR10+ not working prime video gz2000

    When I play 10 plus content on prime video it just says displaying in hdr10 but when I play a 4K blu ray which is 10+ on my 820 the tv says it is displaying in 10+?? Thank you.
  13. J

    Samsung Q90T Owners - Do You Have This Problem with the Prime Video App?

    I'm having some problems with IMDb TV, and am trying to figure out if it's my TV that's the cause. In case you didn't know (I didn't), IMDb has a selection of free content accessible through the Prime Video app (Amazon owns IMDb). I'm having two problems, one common to everything I've watched...
  14. BPDan

    Flashy Apps

    Hey guys me again. Firstly really appreciate and I’m slowly adjusting to the picture quality of an OLED (it’s awesome) but I am having some what of a weird issue and can’t work out which is at fault. I’ve emailed both LG and Sky so I’m waiting to hear back from them. So what the issue? When I...
  15. C

    Prime Video Audio Out of Sync

    Hi folks. I just got my new TV, model number 58PUS7555/12, in the Boxing day sales and I love it. My only gripe is, and I have tried everything that I can think of, Prime Video is out of sync. Every other app is fine. I have played around with advanced sound settings but it doesn't change...
  16. D

    amazon prime video 5.4.3 for android tv, available for install
  17. Whitley Lad

    NEWS: Sky Q launches Amazon Prime Video app,CEO%20UK%20%26%20Europe%2C%20Sky
  18. D

    Amazon prime video 5.4.0 for android tv, new app available for install

    " New version apk version for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, compatible with the Android TV OS. The new version of this APP is the 5.4.0 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in many of the TV-Boxes and Smart TVs that have this Google operating...

    Question Sound from Netflix & Prime Video

    Hi l use a 4K Firestick for watching Netflix & Prime Video & Optical into my Arcam Stereo Amp. My TV is set to Spdif - PCM & HDMI is set to PCM I am curious how when going into the sound settings on the Firestick and set it to Best Quality, l get a Dolby Digital Plus Feed from Prime Video and a...
  20. M

    Amazon prime video

    Hi all I can log into prime video app and scroll through all the tabs and programs / films. Once I select what I want to watch the app shuts down after 3-4 seconds. I have a uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted the tv and router. App is up to date and so is the tv firmware. Prime...
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