1. BigCheese

    How likely is the KD65XH9005BU to come down in price on Black Friday

    I read that TV's often come down in price for Black Friday which I sort of knew anyway. Does this apply to popular sets above 65' though? How much in previous years would you be looking at for similar sets? Oh and £300 ish soundbars too if I may. I realise this isn't an exact science so I...
  2. 1

    IYO, what would be a reasonable 'buy it now' eBay price for this TV?

    The touch screen feature doesn't work, but it works fine as a TV/monitor with HDMI ports. Clevertouch S-Series Interactive Touchscreen 84" I'm not selling it, but I was wondering what would be a fair price if I decided to. I'm really not sure tbh.
  3. S

    Question Price expectations?

    Hey, I'm planning to purchase a good, 55" 4k hdr tv within the next several months, most likely during the black friday sales and after. I was wondering, what should my price expectations be? Can I expect something like the xg9505 to be reduced to around £750 brand new?
  4. kah22

    Question Got a big surprise re 65 inch TV’s

    I’m carrying out some renovations at the moment and my current TV will be to small for the new room. With that in mind I popped into my local TV shop to look at 55 inch TV’s and was surprised to hear that 65 inch screens can be cheaper than the 55 inch. The manager showed me an LG one, which he...
  5. J

    Torn Between Buying now or waiting for 2020 model price drop

    Undecided whether I should up grade my Panasonic EZ 952 to a GZ1500 or waiting and getting the Sony AH8.
  6. J

    Question Bought Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K may return, need advice for a better TV, similar price

    Hi all, Recently bought a Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K. First 4k TV so was definitely an improvement on what I had but I just expected a bit better from this TV. When I'm watching 4k titles, it only looks like it's around 4k, sometimes it looks HD. Tried a few Netflix titles and...
  7. T

    65 inch LG Oled more than double the price for 55 one?

    I'm about to replace my 2011 50 inch Panasonic VT30 and a LG OLED seems to be the best choice. My problem is the current pricing where I live. A 55 inch LG B9S goes for 899 €, which seems like a real bargain compared even to prices in other countries. What irritates me is that BOTH the 65 B9...
  8. D

    Panasonic TX-50CX802B sale price ?

    Hi Looking to get a bigger tv so looking to sell my TX-50CX802B in good condition was wondering if folk could help me with ideas on price to sell as I have no idea. It is a well reviewed 4k midrange 50 inch.
  9. A

    Huge price drops to be expected?

    With the current situation (...with people losing purchase power or simply delaying purchases out of simple precaution...) and production numbers that were geared towards major televised sports events that are now cancelled, I wonder if I will be seeing an huge price drop in TV sets on the...
  10. RobTi

    Question What price are cx802 selling for

    Hi so just ordered my GZ950 and a couple of people have asked about my 55” cx802 with RS warranty. So how much are they worth in mint condition? Thanks
  11. D

    Best Buy Q85R or LG B9 now same price

    What’s the Best Buy now they are the same price £999 for Just watching normal streaming devices
  12. W

    Best Laptop £200 to £250 Price Range

    Am looking for a the best Laptop in the £200 to £250 range although if there was a big jump in spec for £300 may consider it but don't really want to spend that much if possible. It's for fairly light use, Internet browsing and e-mails and Microsoft Office .... no gaming, video editing or...
  13. Costello

    Bargain Kef Floorstanders at rock bottom price
  14. boxrick

    Question C8 vs B9 OLED which is better for the same price?

    I am considering getting a new C8 or B8 LG OLED, they are the same price. What is the more sensible buy re picture quality and general usability?
  15. R

    Apple's silicone case

    Anyone like me thinking Apple's silicone case expensive? £45 for a silicone case. :eek: If you are having or used to have one, pls share your opinions how it is worth the expensive price tag.
  16. I

    Question Does anything beat the Sonos beam at the price?

    The sonos BF sale starts tomorrow and I'm in the market for a new sound bar. It's a secondary system as I have a dedicated HT room for big films. As a result I'm not really interested in atmos etc. So just in terms of sound quality for watching TV, streaming netflix movies and the odd blu ray...
  17. ErnstTheViking

    Bargain Up to 90% OFF Hostinger Services, create a website for good price

    Black Friday deals at Hostinger If you want a blog Go with Shared Hosting, you can save up to 90% on their plans (from £0.80/mo) If you wish to start e-commerce Cloud hosting will be the best choice as it is more powerful, you can save up to 79% (from £7.45/mo) If you want to build...
  18. DonGately

    Question RB-82 II thoughts

    Can anyone recommend a competing floorstander in the same price range as the RB-82 II, which are going for $600 for the pair on Amazon? I recently found some floor models of the MartinLogan Motion 40's for about $800 at my local best buy. Any thoughts on this? Are the Motion 40's worth the extra...
  19. T

    Question Price range used JVC X5000

    Hello everyone I want to sell my used JVC X5000 and I‘m wondering what value they have. It‘s still the first bulb with about 1500h, has the latest firmware and no technical or visible problems. I‘m from Switzerland and couldn‘t find locally any serious sources to get any fair price ranges for...
  20. SonOfSJ

    Price now announced for the LG OLED 88Z9PLA 88" Smart OLED television

    The only retailer that has it for sale is Peter Tyson, the cost is 30 grand. It is not currently, if it ever will be, for sale at John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Currys, or Sevenoaks. The context of the price of this 88" 8K television, which happens to be slightly more than expected, is that the...
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