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  1. Gaslight

    John Lewis 'Retires' Price Match

    Although, my annoyance with JL's Customer Service is at an all time high, their choice to retire their 'Never Knowingly Undersold' price matching I have done alright out of that a few times, especially with TV's.. They are infinitely easier to deal with than Currys Price Match...
  2. M

    Richer sounds price match

    Hi, Anyone know if richer sounds will price match amazon. Many thanks in advance
  3. H

    Richer Sounds price match

    In their terms and conditions, amongst other things, RS state that the other (lower price) offer must have a ' comparable guarantee'. As far as I know only JL offer 5 years and nobody 6 years. Am I reading this wrong?
  4. Joe Pineapples

    Question Richer Sounds price match

    Does anyone know if RS do the same thing as John Lewis in that once agreed, the price match is useable/valid for a certain amount of time (JL is 28 days).
  5. Pezz18

    Currys Price Match & e-codes

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if currys agree to a price match, will they allow me to pay via e-codes? I am able to purchase ecodes via work - and I get 7% refunded back as cash whenever I buy them. I've seen a product cheaper elsewhere - so hoping Curry's will agree to match it and...
  6. sraper

    Query with John Lewis "Never Knowingly Undersold"

    I dont often request a price match from John Lewis - maybe only once a year. However a week ago a I bought a laptop from John Lewis and Currys have just brought the price down by around £240. As I bought in store I had fun over the phone getting through but eventually someone phoned me back...
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