1. C

    Centre Speaker from RCA Preout?

    I'm wondering if I can take the RCA preout on this amp and use an RCA 2 to 1 cable to feed the R/L signal into the single centre speaker input on the same amp? Id also be splitting the preout to send the signal to a subwoofer. Its all running out > in so presume it should be ok but as I'm...
  2. A

    eArc/Arc problems

    Hello guys, Here is my situation. So I basically have a Sony Bravia XR a83j and I'm using 2 AVR's with it, One as an amplifier and one to process Atmos and DTS X. The 2 Receivers that I have are Onkyo TX-NR906 (The Amp) and a Denon AVR-3400H, They are connected via pre-out which you obviously...
  3. peacefortheworld

    Using pre-out or not? - budget setup atmos

    Dear all, I would like to ask this question in general, is it worth getting aVR with pre-out to connect to the current music setup? And here is our specific case: After a few days of thinking, we decided to get a brand new AVR for peace of mind. We narrow to Denon 2700h or the bigger 3700H. As...
  4. HZS

    Onkyo TX-NR696E Zone PreOut

    I was wondering if it's possible to use zone pre-outs just like normal Front L/R pre-outs but on the same source where you can control the volume from the AVR?
  5. McTrucky

    B&W 850 sub connections AVR PreOut

    Hi, I have a Pioneer sclx77 which I have connected to a pair of Usher Be10 fronts, a B&W centre, a pair of Proac Tablettes as wide surround and a singe B&W 850 sub. With this 5.1 setup, I have configured the fronts as BiAmped from the Pioneer. The sub has left and right line ins , and as...
  6. MI55ION

    Soundbars with room eq or sub preout?

    As soundbars get more and more complicated with each manufacturer trying to outshine the other for bragging rights, dolby atmos 9.1 or whatever, have they neglected the .LFE channel? As av enthusiasts I'm sure most of you are aware of the importance of room eq especially when it comes to bass...
  7. krellonite

    Best AV Reciever with preouts for two channel stereo Under £1000

    I’m looking for a best Av Reciever with preouts for 2 channel stereo with the bypass under £1k. any ideas? my shortlist is: Denon 3600 denon 4500 marantz 6014
  8. A

    Question Preout for subwoofer?

    Hey! First time i'm trying to connecting a subwoofer to my integrated amp. I recently got a pair of Monitor Audio B4 dirt cheap, and they came with an Energy Encore 8 subwoofer (never heard of the brand before but figured i'd give it a go). So i'm trying to connect this through preout 2 on my...
  9. rkarten

    Focal 5.1 spot on amp

    Hello guys, I am looking to improve my home audio focal setup and hope that you can guide me in the right direction. Current setup: Focal chorus 816 W Front L/R (biamp) chorus CC 800 V chorus 807 V Rear L/R B&W PV1 subwoofer Denon AVR 2309 I must say that I am truly...
  10. Nuri

    Question Connecting Denon AVR 5200 preouts to integrated amplifier Rotel RA 1570

    Hi everyone, I have problem of connecting Denon AVR5200 front preouts with Rotel RA 1570. The sound coming from Chorus 826 V speakers is very weak. To listen to hifi stereo music I was advised to use Marantz HD-DAC1 with Rotel RA 1570. This has been a good combination. The front speakers are...
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