1. jassi_hayre

    Wanted Phono stage / preamp

    Hi all Looking for a phono stage / preamp for up to £100. Not to concerned with cosmetic marks. Can collect from around Brum or Wolves. Thanks Jas
  2. jassi_hayre

    Phono preamp / stage recommendations

    Hey guys I'm looking for a Phono preamp to use with a Nad 320bee amp and Technics SL-D20 turntable. I forgot to check which type of cartridge it currently has but will be looking for a used phono stage ideally under £100 so looking for suggestions to look out for unless someone has something to...
  3. H

    Adding stereo preamp to HT system

    HI, during this lockdown period it has become clear to me that I Iisten to much more music than I watch films. My system for films, music and PS4 is: Arcam AV950, 2x audiolab 8200mbs(fr/fl), emotiva basx 500(c/rears), Quad z3 fronts, kef q9c, kef q35 rears. I buy cds and rip losslessly to a...
  4. N

    Help with Musical Fidelity A5 preamp

    Hi all, New to the forum here. Hoping for some advice on what would be a way to tone down the harsh and slightly shrill treble in my current system. I've got a Musical Fidelity A5cr Preamp, driving a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beolab 9 active speakers. Source wise i'm using a Yamaha WXAD10...
  5. simonelgar

    DAC / preamp with input sensing

    Hi, I've been trawling the internet trying to find a good product that fits the bill. My current setup is TV > headphone output > analogue mixing desk > powered studio speakers. I also have a decent bluetooth receiver plugged into the mixer. Solution works well in that my active speakers are at...
  6. J

    Question Did my subwoofer blow my preamp output?

    Hi folks, I have an old powered subwoofer connected via a long stereo RCA cable to a set of unbalanced RCA outputs on my preamp. It's a 2-channel preamp, not a home cinema device with LFE output. That is to say, it has standard preamp outputs, with both channels (left and right) connected to...
  7. A

    Question Upgraditis - New preamp for a Rotel RB-891 and Mordaunt Short 816's

    Hi Experts Newbie question here, I have an old (but perfectly working) set of components and whilst we are sat at home I have been thinking about updating. Principal reason was hearing Billi Jean on a relatives set up, it was amazing. I like the speakers and power amp so my current thinking was...
  8. P

    Newbie question: Marantz preamp volume issue

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum please take it easy on me. I'm an engineer dipping my toes into home audio, and recently setup a: Marantz ND8006 DAC/Streamer -> Marantz AV7005 Preamp -> Marantz AV7055 Amp -> SVS Prime Pinnacle Towers Hooked it up per the manuals, and everything works except...
  9. B

    Stereo preamp with AV processor - thoughts

    I listen to a lot of music (including analogue sources such a vinyl) as well as watching movies. Currently running a Marantz 8802a for both. Happy with music but feel like movies could be better. So far I have been waiting for the latest round of processors, but don’t need 16 channels, so just...
  10. R

    how to connect the phono preamp of pioneer sx 1250 to my present system: Anthem mrx 720 with Rotel RB 1582 MK2 ampand pictorial illustration

    Hello All I have a pioneer sx 1250 , had it for years however at present it shuts down one channel when it warms up . I've had this supposedly fixed but no . at the moment i can't afford to have it completely overhauld . The anthem MRX 720 a/v reciever doesn't have a phono pre amp ...
  11. G

    Preamp to pair with Emotiva Gen 3

    Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a preamp to pair with my Emotiva Gen 3, which I use to power my Martin Logan Ascent I speakers. Previously I powered my speakers from a Yamaha RX-V675 which I loved because it had a room calibration feature using a microphone placed at the listener's...
  12. R

    av amp as preamp

    Since I can't settle on a av pre amp, I'm thinking about using a av amp as a pre amp. Power amps are ATI 2000 series. 7 channels. If the Av amp offers all channels for extra speakers I could use those for wide/height etc. I like Yamaha for their reliability so which model should I go for? Or...
  13. T

    What preamp to pair with Elac Navis ARB-51

    I’m buying Elac Navis active speakers and my music sources are a turntable and a Bluesound Node2i. As I see it I have quite alot of options. I can buy a preamp with dac/RIAA like the Parasound Halo P6, an older second hand high-end preamp like the Linn Klimax Kontrol and both separate dac and...
  14. Oldsilver

    Question Using an inline preamp with an Integrated Amplifier.

    Hi, I have a Yamaha AS-201 Integrated amplifier, I'm relatively pleased with the performance overall, however, I feel that the Phono stage is a little on the weak side. My question is whether I would be able to use an external preamp with this amplifier, or will it cause problems with the...
  15. tim1982

    Question Is it worth me getting a phono preamp?

    I have recently bought a new turntable and im currently running it through my home cinema reciever but im wondering if im missing out and if a seperate phono preamp could benefit me, i've read some say a phono preamp under £100 is a waste of money and then ive read others saying the exact...
  16. P

    Preamp output vs TAPE Record output socket

    Hi guys, I have my Graham Slee Novo headphone amplifier connected to the TAPE Record output socket in my Musical Fidelity x-80 amp. I'm wondering what is the difference between this socket and the PRE-amplifier OUTput socket in X-80? Would it be possible to connect the headphone amp to the...
  17. C

    Anthem str pre amp

    I have no bass output signal through sub out RCA. I have proven sub does work. Any ideas? Thx.
  18. K

    Question Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt questions

    I'm thinking of getting one of these to connect my laptop to a powered speaker in my man cave/office. The powered speaker has both a 3.5mm stereo aux input and a pair of RCA inputs. The questions I have are: 1. Will it make any difference at all if I use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable vs using a 3.5mm...
  19. H

    Question how can i use an Arcam AV9 PreAmp and P7 Amp to provide Dolby Atmos sound with 11 speakers and a subwoofer?

    how can i use an Arcam AV9 PreAmp and P7 Amp to provide Dolby Atmos sound with 11 speakers and a subwoofer? is this possible? please provide thoughts and detailed description of options. thank you for your insights!
  20. curty409

    Pins missing from Preamp Module Section of Cambridge Audio A1

    Hi guys, newly joined on recommendation for some advice. I've recently bought a Cambridge Audio A1 and also bought a pre-amp module to install internally on the amp. After receiving the amp, I've noticed that the pins are missing from the section where the module is supposed to slot in. The...
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