1. P

    None of the pre outs on my avr are working?

    Recently My Kef Kube 2 stopped working with my Pioneer sc-lx83. After completing my troubleshooting and deciding the sub-out was the issue I tried plugging into a different preout but none of them seemed to work. After this i factory reset the receiver and went through every setting making sure...
  2. RetroGlide08

    Pre installed screen protector on the OLED Switch

    Have seen over on Reddit that some owners have reported a screen protector like film on the screen similar to that that was fitted on the first Galaxy Fold Phine and many have said not to remove it. I haven’t got the OLED yet so can anyone confirm this?
  3. N

    Pre Amp Needed?

    Hi, Any advice would be good. I was looking into impedance compatibility and i was thinking if my current system could benefit from this Topping Pre 90. Or should i just leave it as it is? Current system Bluesound Node 21 Coax Out into a Denafrips Ares II and XLR out from the Ares II into XLR...
  4. N

    Pre Amp Needed?

    Hi, Any advice would be good. I was looking into impedance compatibility and i was thinking if my current system could benefit from this Topping Pre 90. Or should i just leave it as it is? Current system Bluesound Node 21 Coax Out into a Denafrips Ares II and XLR out from the Ares II into XLR...
  5. hrpufnstuf

    Wanted Marantz SC-80 Pre Amp

    Hello! I'm looking to purchase a Marantz SC-80 Pre Amp to go along with my SM-80. I'm having a very hard time locating one and would love some help finding one for sale! Thank you.
  6. mr magnolia

    long interconnection pre amp to power amp

    I am pondering adding power amp (audiolab 8300xp) to my audiolab 6000A, but for the next little while - say about 3 yrs maybe :) - I would need to house the power amp a distance away from the other units. Distance would be approx 4m from amp to power amp. I already have in use unnecessarily...
  7. R76ome

    Can I connect a Logitech z607 sub woofer to a Yamaha RX-V383 sub pre out?

    Hi, Can I connect the z607 sub to the pre out of the RX-v383? Also would I be able to use the speakers from the z607? Would I leave these on the z607 or connect them to the RX-V383? TIA
  8. kwangomango

    Any AVRs or processors offer 7.1 downmix to stereo pre out?

    I'm very happy watching movies with my stereo Buchardt A500 speakers but my source soundtracks are all multichannel HD audio (the movies are ripped and stored on a Synology NAS). Using the 2.0 downmix, Kodi seems to discard the LFE channel entirely meaning i'm missing some weight - the...
  9. M

    Decent AVR with proper pre outs without breaking the bank.

    Hi Guys, As above I’m looking for a good AVR with proper pre outs to run the L & R channels on HI FI amp? 100 watts PC minimum. I am still on 5.1 sound so don’t need multiple channels as will only be using centre and rears. I’m kind of thinking Marantz or Denon? What does everybody else think...
  10. E

    Echo Link as a pre amp?

    Hi Was wondering if the Amazon Echo link (non amp one) can act as a suitable decent pre amp for a 'dumb' power amp. Will it satisfactorily control volume, and tone controls? ( believe you can change eq in the smartphone app). I just want a pre amp / basic streamer and it is compatible with my...
  11. Oldbillgoggles

    Question Recommend a Phono Pre Amp Please.

    I have an old Linn Axis turntable with with the Basic LVX plus arm and a K9 cartridge - and recently purchased a Rotel RSX 1067. The Rotel does not have any phono turntable input. Can anyone reccomend a good, pre used pre amp that would do a good job? I don't want to spend a lot. Cheers, Tim
  12. R

    Question Arcam Power Amp / ADA Pre Amp

    Hi Welcome some advice please. I am selling an Arcam rmj p7 multichannel power amp c9 years old as I am dismantling a home cinema. I also have an ADA Suite 7.1 HD Surround Sound Pre Amp. I am interested in value as I would like to sell on the classifieds on here. I understand the latter is...
  13. M

    Sony AV Receiver With Main Pre Outs

    hi guys, although there is nothing basically wrong with it, I a have finally decided to retire my ageing Sony STRDB940 AV receiver. it has given sterling service for close on 20 years. So the question is, what is a comparable Sony item with pre outs to run my left and right speakers through my...
  14. Parry

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 pre order

    Having spent 20 mins in the samsung store playing the Z fold 2 im in . I've pre ordered with EE in mystic black , roll on 18th . Playing with the Z fold was like playing with the first apple iPhone, it felt so futuristic and amazing,its definitely the most innovative product since the first...
  15. D

    Pre- Amp Streamers

    Hi Looking for some advice , system at the moment : Naim Uniti 2 as pre amp , a pair of Audiolab 8000 monoblocks driving PMC Twenty 24 's . I think the weak link is the Uniti 2 which is a 2011 model . I'm looking at Naim Nac-172 or maybe Cambridge Audio 851N . I could sell / trade the Uniti 2...
  16. L

    Question Tube Pre amp or Power amp - Stereo music

    So first of all, i'm looking for entry level equipment - I adore listening and have pulled together a very clean sounding system with highs that shake the room and clean round bass. Currently using SB AE5 OR MAudio 192 4 at PC into a Sony STRDA2400ES and Wharfedale Zaldek S1000 AND Diamond 220...
  17. K

    Question Turn table with integrated pre and power amp

    Hi, sorry for a newbee question, my wife gave me a turntable last Christmas, (Dean by gadhouse) with a built in pre amp and a power amp, no phono out. I have an existing hybrid integrated amp, can I just connect the 2 together(speaker out of vinyl to line in of the hybrid amp) ? I can't buy a...
  18. Bergggg

    1983 pioneer pre amp question

    I'm looking to buy a seperates system but I am not sure if I'll be able to use the amplifier as a pre amp or not using the 'adapter out' rca connections, any ideas? Amplifier is a pioneer SA-740 Thanks.
  19. C

    Sep 19: Want A Brexit Deal? -Tell Your MP

    I’ve watched the Brexit debate seriously for about a year, mainly through BBC2 News and I’m concerned not only about Brexit but also about our Parliamentary democracy which seems to be degenerating around Brexit. I raised my concerns by sending Emails to the BBC with my considered views. Not one...
  20. Nick5

    Question Phono pre amp question

    Hi everyone, new to this, so apologies if I do anything wrong or am asking a silly question. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I have a basic Audio Technica LP60 plugged into a Yamaha rx v383 amp, there is no phono input on the amp, however, the turntable has a built in one, although not great, sound was a...
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