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  1. I

    Question Denon 1910 Sub PRE OUT not working (even with test tone)

    I thought my subwoofer died since it no longer played bass. So I bought a new subwoofer (BK P12). The same thing happened no bass. Everything is correct I think, Subwoofer is set to 'yes', speakers set to 'small', bass settings set to LFE+main, crossover set to 80hz etc. My sub settings are max...
  2. S

    Question Sony DN1080 Pre Out? Av Reveiver Stereo Setup

    Hi After going through a couple of reviews, i decided to purchase a DN1080 as a pre-amp for my stereo setup. It will be connected to my Roksan M2 Integrated and Power amp. However, looking at the pictures and spec, i can only see a Sub out and no Pre-out. I've seen both labels used on the same...
  3. nordvest

    Question Denon 3311 pre out-> Marantz PM11S3 Power Direct, low volume

    Hi, We have a Denon AVR 3311 that we before this have had connected to a Denon PMA1500AE to drive the front speakers in surround. This has worked well with good volume output. Today we got a Marantz PM11S3 which we connected to the Denon 3311 and use in Power Amp Direct Mode when we watch...
  4. hishamk

    Does Yamaha's LFE OUT = Pre Out Front Subwoofer?

    I have a Polk SWA 500 sub amplifier connected to two Polk CSW 100 subs. Initially, I connected the PRE OUT FRONT SUBWOOFER on the Yamaha Aventage A3050 to the LFE IN (Unfiltered) input on the SWA 500. I turned the LFE setting to max (120) and volume to mid on the SWA 500 (as per instructions in...
  5. MusicResponse

    Answered What happens when you connect two amplifiers in sequence (line out -> line in)

    This might seem as an obvious question, but I can't find a clear answer anywhere: what exactly happens when you connect two (or more) amplifiers in sequence? For illustrative purposes, let's say I'm using the following setup, using non-professional amps: a) a cd-player connected to the 'cd line...
  6. mambo1888

    Using Pre Out for Zones 2 and 3, advice needed

    Alrighty folks, looking for a bit of advice here. I currently have a Yamaha RX-A3050 Amp in my Home Cinema room and its running a 5.4.1 Atmos setup. I want to run a 2.1 setup to the Gym (Zone 2) and 2 speakers in the Kitchen (Zone 3) from the Yamaha Amp. What is the best way of doing this, I...
  7. H

    Question AV receivers with pre out to connect stereo amplifier

    Hi all, I have a Marantz pm6006 amplifier witb Dali Zensor 3 speakers and a Monolith Plus sub. Im looking to get an av receiver with pre out so I can connect my stereo amplifier to it (allowing the Marantz to power the front left and right speakers and the av receiver for surround. So far I'm...
  8. C

    Question Suggestion for an A/V receiver with pre outs?

    Hello, I have a dying Yamaha RX-v1900, which I bought hoping naively that it would also be a good Hifi amplifier. Which is not, of course. But I can use it with a stereo amplifier by bypassing it for the front channels using its pre outs. This works well. Now that I need to replace it I won't...
  9. badnam1923

    No Preouts on Denon, any other solution for amplifier

    I have a pretty basic Denon AVRS710 Channel Receiver in my second room, and a spare tube amp. I would like to connect my Monitor Audio Gold 100(s) to the tube amp but my receiver doesn't have pre-outs. Is my only solution to get a new receiver with pre-outs?
  10. floyd droid62

    Answered budget avr with pre out

    hi all, i made a mistake & bought a stereo amp CXA60 as i thought i could run bookcase full range i cant,very small room ,so do i sell cxa60 at a loss or use it like a power amp & buy a avr with pre out,given the fact i cant play full range would the cxa60 be a waste. i have no speakers at the...
  11. I

    Question AV Receiver stereo 2 ch pre out

    I'd like to use (sometimes) an external stereo vintage power amplifier as final amplifier of a kind of AV receiver like Onkyo TX NR-545 o 646 or 609 or similar. (only for stero 2 channels music). But reading the manuals i can see that the PRE output (zone 2 or VCD/DVR) sounds only from analogic...
  12. suixt

    Question Integrating AVR with HiFi

    I have a Marantz 6010 AVR and I'd like to connect that to my Hi-Fi system that features HT Bypass. At the moment I have 2 LS50 and a sub connected to the audio amp and I' m ultimately looking for a 7.1.2 setup on the AVR, which means I need to get 7 speakers more - 2 of them being Atmos enabled...
  13. N

    Devon AVR-X2200 Pre Out setup

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me. I have just replaced my old Sony AV Receiver with the new Denon 2200 mainly so that i could utilise the pre outs to connect to an ARCAM FMJ A18 in processor mode to power the fronts. The problem i am having is i can only get audio from the fronts...
  14. U

    anthem mrx 720 vs avr+amp

    hello i have 5.1 system of b&w cm8 as fronts,cmc and m1 as rear with sbs pb 1000 with a denon x4000.. i was happy but few days ago i tried rotel rb1582 with the receiver pre-out.. it improved the sound clarity a bit and gave me tighter bass but only in high the low volume it was...
  15. greenflash

    Upgrading RXV671 to RXV677 to pre out Fronts to a Stereo Amp

    Hi everyone this is my first post, I have a problem which is mostly related to a matter of space (and then some convenience too). I have a 5.1 setup in my living room (Yamaha rxv671), but in the same rack, also an old stereo amp, a Pioneer SA-706. So my idea is to use the nice front speakers...
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