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  1. junkie69

    Denon X2700H - Can Wireless Headphones be used with Zone 2 Pre out RCA connectors?

    Hi Folks, Long time reader - first time poster. Appologies for the long post in advance. I have my eye on the Denon AVR-x2700H. However, I note that the headphones can't be left plugged in if I want to listen through speakers also. Manual states that: My current setup (old amp) has physical...
  2. P

    None of the pre outs on my avr are working?

    Recently My Kef Kube 2 stopped working with my Pioneer sc-lx83. After completing my troubleshooting and deciding the sub-out was the issue I tried plugging into a different preout but none of them seemed to work. After this i factory reset the receiver and went through every setting making sure...
  3. Alang75

    Soundbar with Sub Pre out

    Moved house recently and my wife wants me to see if I can downsize the Av setup in the new front room. Current setup is Denon 4500H powering Kef IQ7 SE’s at the front, IQ60 centre IQ3’s at the back and IQ1’s as front heights. Sub is an SVS PB13 Ultra. I’m looking for a decent soundbar that I can...
  4. R

    Subwoofer pre out and subwoofer out AVR

    Hi team, my question is I've purchased a 2nd subwoofer. Do I connect the better sub to the 'pre out' on the AVR and the LFE input on the subwoofer. And with the 2nd subwoofer I'll connect to the sub out on the AVR. My question is what connections do I use on the subwoofer, LFE in, L or R, or L...
  5. R76ome

    Can I connect a Logitech z607 sub woofer to a Yamaha RX-V383 sub pre out?

    Hi, Can I connect the z607 sub to the pre out of the RX-v383? Also would I be able to use the speakers from the z607? Would I leave these on the z607 or connect them to the RX-V383? TIA
  6. kwangomango

    Any AVRs or processors offer 7.1 downmix to stereo pre out?

    I'm very happy watching movies with my stereo Buchardt A500 speakers but my source soundtracks are all multichannel HD audio (the movies are ripped and stored on a Synology NAS). Using the 2.0 downmix, Kodi seems to discard the LFE channel entirely meaning i'm missing some weight - the...
  7. SlimyRiddler

    I have a stupid question, if an AMP has a L/R Pre Out can I connect Subwoofers to this?

    Hi, I am trying to find a STEREO AMP but I have 2x SB1000 Pro Subwoofers and need something with a Sub Out, is this the same thing? With a Sub Out I just use an RCA Splitter and run one cable to each Sub. MANY amps I am looking at do not have 'Sub Out' but they have L/R 'Pre Out' I think what...
  8. D

    Pre out timing issue AV amp to Arcam SA30

    I'm trying to use the stereo pre out from my Marantz AV Amp (Nr1710) fed into my stereo Arcam SA30 to power the front L and R channels (into good floorstanders). I'm delighted with the Arcam SA30 for streaming hi-res stereo. I listen to classical and want surround sound for films and SACD...
  9. K

    Pre out integrated amp question

    I am adding an integrated amp ( Music Fidelity M5si) to my Denon AVR 4400. My question relates to my subwoofer ( BKXXL400) and if i need to change the connections? Currently of course it connects to the Denon, but if i was running the system with say music through a streamer/Dac connected...
  10. pjcosta67

    How to connect sub pre amp to receiver with single pre out?

    I purchased subs that require pre amps. I had to solder speaker wire to the subs and have a red and black. my pre amp has red and black inputs., rca style., so my first step is to solder rca plugs onto the two speakers wires to connect to my pre amp ins., correct? Oddly., my pre amp outs are...
  11. F

    RX-V6A YPAO does not sense Right Front speaker

    Hello, I just rewarded my self for surviving 2020 with the rx-v6a. Everything but calibration tools seems to work. I have sound on all speakers, but YPAO will claim that there are no front speakers connected, as soon as its measuring the right front. I can hear the first two test sound things...
  12. tesla8080

    Yamaha RX-A3050 Pre Out question

    I want to run a separate amp for ATMOS speakers - does any of the preouts send out the ATMOS information. I seem to be not getting much on test tone from the front presence preouts when trying to output to height speakers. Thanks
  13. A

    Combining 2 channel audio and home theatre

    Hi, i'm trying to find out ways to maximise audio quality from my system. So basically i'm running a 5.1 system connected to my Denon AVR. Even though i'm pretty satisfied with the overall movie experience, i'm still trying to find out if there's anything i could do to bring out the most out of...
  14. E

    Can i connect a subwoofer pre out to a power amp

    Hi everyone, Newbie here and i brought an integrated amp recently and i am thinking and curious what i can mix with it=) The integrated amp i own is the denon PMA 60 I have 2 qns actually: 1. There is a single subwoofer pre out ( black). Since this unit does not seems to have anyother line out...
  15. D

    Marantz 7013 connecting to amp with no pre out

    Hi guys is it possible to connect my Yamaha as501 to my marantz 7013 to run the top height speakers from the pre out to the aux on the Yamaha so I can run 7.1.4 any replys appreciated . I have this Yamaha redundant and wondered if I could use it ? Can't spend much cash if not is there a cheap...
  16. djbone

    Question Affordable (2nd hand) Receiver with HDMI and Pre-Outs?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a recommendation (and/or general advice) for the above. My situation is that I have a great vintage NAD 3130 which I love, in the bedroom for music duties, but also for the odd late night movie. I need to be able to remotely control the volume and switch inputs if...
  17. Mizzymooma

    Denon x3500. If I pre out to external amp for LR channels, can I reassign the L+R speaker terminals on the AVR to increase number of speakers?

    Thanks, just trying to understand the process of increasing to 5.1.4?
  18. senzaparole

    DENON X3500H and outputs ZONE 2, PRE OUT

    Hello, I own the Denon in question. I would like to connect a headphone amplifier to my AVR. I tried to connect the DENON "zone 2" output with an analog RCA cable (white and red RCA) but in no way was I able to send the audio to the headphone amplifier. Where am I wrong? I could also use the...
  19. hosvir

    Soundbar with SUB PRE OUT

    Hi, I’m looking for a 5.1 ( or 7.1 ) soundbar with sub pre out to use my wired Audio Pro subwoofer. I see only yamaha YSP you know more brand that has this option is avalilable ? Thanks
  20. Orobas

    Upgrade or not.. Roksan Kandy

    I currently have a Roksan Kandy KA1-MKIII amp with a set of Dynaudio DM2/6's and a very decent REL Strata III sub hooked up to it. The Kandy is more than enough power and quality for me as it currently stands. I'm first floor, in a 13ft x 15ft room. Walls on 2 sides are just stud plasterboard...
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