1. R

    Ambitious spec: pre-amp with in-built CD transport AND FM tuner

    Good morning all - I wonder if you could spare a moment to help me. I'm looking for a pre-amp with in built CD player and tuner. I am pairing this with a set of ATC SCM40a loudspeakers. The system belongs to an 85 yo who is not comfortable using an app. The ATC CDA2 is on the shortlist but of...
  2. Y

    Advice for an AV Processor / Pre-amp

    I'm in the process of putting in a 7.1.2 system, and need some advice on which AV processor to get. I'll explain a little about the system, as perhaps that will impact your advice on the AV processor. The speakers are all Paradigm. The front speakers are the Persona 9Hs, center is the Persona...
  3. O

    For Sale iFi Zen Phono pre-amp

    MM/ MC phono pre-amp Bought in March 2021 Excellent condition Boxed with accessories £110 inc p&p
  4. FootHealer

    Phono pre-amp advice

    Hi all, So, I have a Project Xpression turntable (no built in pre-amp) which I currently connect to the built-in MM phono-preamp of my Rotel A11 Tribute amp. It sounds good, but I am wondering if it would sound better with a separate external phono pre-amp. I have tried one before, a Project...
  5. zombionicdoom

    Valve phono pre-amp recommendations

    Hi, for a bit of fun recently I bought a cheap valve phono pre-amp off Amazon just out of curiosity to see how it compared to my Rega phono mm. As I suspected the valve amp sounded more open with warmer bass, a better top end but it was pretty wafty and all over the place in the mid-range...
  6. Timberr

    Pre-amp / Power amp: Does either affect rhythmic drive?

    I have a question regarding pre and power amps: In general terms, is rhythm / pace affected by the addition of a power or preamp to an integrated amp? In other words, is there likely to be an increase in timing / pace?
  7. jkomg

    Yamaha RX-V383 - no sound when hooking up Technics SL-1900 record player (with Pyle pre-amp)

    Hey y'all, I've been fighting this for weeks now and I can't find a solution. I have a Yamaha RX V383 (with bluetooth) receiver, and I just recently bought a Technics SL-1900 record player. The 383 doesn't have a pre-amp or phono input, so I also have a Pyle PP444 pre-amp that I bought with...
  8. waltonfc1

    Maranta av7705 Pre-amp randomly turns on

    Maranta av7705 Pre-amp randomly turns on
  9. W

    Modified Turntable Query

    Hi all, So, my £20 Ariston ATT-420 has finally come to the end of its days, over the last 5-10 years, I reckon I've had my moneys worth out of it. Anyway, the Mrs decided to drag me around an old toot shop, there's anything and everything in there... As such I ended up waking out with, you...
  10. O

    Pre-amp to connect Yamaha R-N602 to Sony PS-HX500 turntable

    I have: Yamaha R-N602 Sony PS-HX500 Cambridge Audio SX-50 I was hoping the Yamaha would get the best volume and punch from the Sony PS-HX500. I tried to connect both by using the phono stage from the Yamaha which was very quiet. I then turned the pre-amp off on the Sony PS-HX500 and connected...
  11. gava

    Good value pre-amp.

    Hello all, Looking for a recommendation for a good value i.e. low-cost pre-amp (could even be passive) with remote volume control. Plan is to experiment with a Behringer A800, but need a pre-amp to control the RCA input volume, as it's going to be on the other side of the room, I need a...
  12. M


    Instead of hooking up to a Sound Bar via an Optic cable I want to use the TV's optic out and connect this to my AV PreAMP which also is connected to my HTPC system the query is that I have read in other Forums that it doesn't always work..........anyone?
  13. Nathan Brazil

    Do I need a pre-amp?

    I recently got the Arylic S10 to connect my iPad via Bluetooth to my Denon AVRX 3000. So far so good. Arylic is a great little gizmo for the price, and does what I want it to without any real problems. There is, however, one thing I would like to improve. With the Arylic wired into the Denon...
  14. H

    Gabris Calypso XP pre-amp

    Hi, looking in to the possibility of inserting a valve preamp into my set up for 2 channel music. Been in touch with the company and they can add HT bypass as a 50 Euro option, so was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience of this company or its' kit...
  15. C

    High End Pre-amp Advice

    I am running a high-end hi-fi system - tube CD, Chord Dave DAC, Bryston 28 monoblocks and Fact 12 speakers but need a pre-amp with bypass Thoughts include: T&A, Trilogy, Audio Research and Solution 325 Any experience or thoughts?
  16. M

    Question Best way to set volume control on pre-amp and powered speakers

    Hi, I am using a Parasound 200 Pre preamp to supply line level output to my powered speakers(Dynaudio Xeo10). Should I set the speakers in the middle/upper level of their available volume and do further adjustments using the preamp volume control, Or should I set the speakers' volume to low...
  17. M

    Parasound 200 pre sound quality?

    Hi all, I need an advice on sound quality of Parasound 200 Pre. I need a pre-amp to integrate a sub with my powered speakers. So far, I tried MiniDSP 2x4HD and Emotiva BassX PT-100 pre-amps. I found the following problem with both units: they change the sound quality. When comparing sound...
  18. SuperCow

    2.1 using Lithe Bluetooth ceiling speakers

    Hi folks I bought a pair of LitheAudio ceiling speakers to install in my new kitchen. In addition to Bluetooth they also support an RCA input and I'd like to be able to use it in conjunction with a small subwoofer on a shelf unit for wired 2.1 sound. I assume I'll need a pre-amp to support such...
  19. T

    Can I use pre-amp variable line out with active speakers with own volume control (Dynaudio Xeo 6)?

    I've just acquired a second hand pair of Xeo 6 speakers. The issue with virtually all active speakers is that they don't accommodate headphones, so my next step is to plug my sources into a pre-amp/streamer with headphone facility, and plug that into the Dynaudio Connect box. I already have a...
  20. S

    Arcam 850?? Pre-AMP

    So I have a arcam 850 ,arcam p25 biamping my Areius i speakers. Also a arcam a75 for my height channels. 9.3. System. 4xML Motion2 spk,2xMLmotion 4 spk. 2x SVS subs+1 klipsch sub. And my speakers are power hungry... don’t get me wrong it sounds great, but we all know we are never happy.. Anyway...
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