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  1. J

    Component Recommendations for GoldenEar Triton 2+

    I listened to GoldenEar Triton 3+ speakers at my local dealer this weekend and they blew me away. I'm having a house built and will have a 23 ft x 24 ft room with 13 ft ceilings that I'm making into a home gym. I'm going to build a new music audio system for this room. Loud, quality music is...
  2. U

    Yamaha MX-A5200 Bridge Mode vs Separate Pre Amp inputs?

    I am setting up a new 5.2.4 home theater. I have a Marantz AV8805 and a Yamaha MXA5200 in the mail. I have Monitor Audio Silvers all around and 4 of Monitor's CP in-ceiling speakers for the Atmos channels. I will have two extra channels on the Yamaha amp so I plan to Bi-amp the mains. My...
  3. C

    6000A Play

    Hello hoping to find some help first of I'm not as proficient in this field as others. I have a dennon 3700H which was set up as 7.1 I then bought the 6000A in order to use it for music purposes and better compliment my Kef LS50s. It's connected to the pre out. I can use both via there own...
  4. N

    Kenwood P-26 turntable issues

    Hi Everyone, recently I’ve found a old Kenwood P-26 Turntable that was apart of an hifi system, Currently i have the turntable hooked up to my Edifier R1000T4 speakers whilst using an behringer pp400 pre amp I’m not sure what is causing the buzzing sound as the turntable includes built in rca...
  5. W

    Modified Turntable Query

    Hi all, So, my £20 Ariston ATT-420 has finally come to the end of its days, over the last 5-10 years, I reckon I've had my moneys worth out of it. Anyway, the Mrs decided to drag me around an old toot shop, there's anything and everything in there... As such I ended up waking out with, you...
  6. YoungMan23

    Yamaha's Pure Direct Stereo Imaging

    I am currently using a Yamaha RX V6A for both watching movies and listening to music with my JBL Studio speakers (570 front left, right, and 520 center, and stage 130 surrounds). I'm very happy with the movie surround experience, but the music experience leaves much to be desired, and I listen...
  7. N

    Pre Am Needed?

    Hello, I am needing some assistance. I currently have the following gear. 1. Bluesound node 2i Streamer (APP - using this to control Volume) (Using Coax out into the Denfrips Coax In) 2. Denafrips Ares 2 DAC ( Using XLR cables out into the Elac Navis ARB51 Active Speakers) 3. ELAC Navis...
  8. M

    Yamaha WXC-50 with KEF X300A active speakers issue

    Please help. I'm a noob. I have the Yamaha WXC-50 pre-amp with KEF X300A active speakers. Problem: The sound disappears once every 5 to 10 minutes. After that, the sound will come back, but it is quite annoying. Issue is with all kind of music sources like Spotify, Musiccast Radio and vinyl...
  9. C

    6 Phono Pre Amps Tested (mini shoot-out reviews inside) - Project, Dynavector, Moon, Cambridge Audio and iFi

    I hate reviews that bang on with pointless backgrounds. Here was the lineup: Cambridge Audio Solo MM (£130) Project S2 Ultra (£220) Moon 110LP V2 (£450) Project RS (£700) Dynavector P75 Mk4 (£795) iFi iPhono 3 (£999) My setup: Project 2XPerience SB DC Nagaoka MP-300 Roksan K3 Integrated Tannoy...
  10. E

    Echo Link as a pre amp?

    Hi Was wondering if the Amazon Echo link (non amp one) can act as a suitable decent pre amp for a 'dumb' power amp. Will it satisfactorily control volume, and tone controls? ( believe you can change eq in the smartphone app). I just want a pre amp / basic streamer and it is compatible with my...
  11. Oldbillgoggles

    Question Recommend a Phono Pre Amp Please.

    I have an old Linn Axis turntable with with the Basic LVX plus arm and a K9 cartridge - and recently purchased a Rotel RSX 1067. The Rotel does not have any phono turntable input. Can anyone reccomend a good, pre used pre amp that would do a good job? I don't want to spend a lot. Cheers, Tim
  12. LeeB33

    Turntable Connection (Cambridge CXA80)

    Hi All Is it possible to connect a turntable directly into a Cambridge CXA80 amp or, as some of the websites online seem to suggest, albeit not overly clearly, that I’d also need to invest in a ‘phono-stage pre-amp’?? Is this essential? If so, is there not a Cambridge amp that you can plug a...
  13. R

    Question Arcam Power Amp / ADA Pre Amp

    Hi Welcome some advice please. I am selling an Arcam rmj p7 multichannel power amp c9 years old as I am dismantling a home cinema. I also have an ADA Suite 7.1 HD Surround Sound Pre Amp. I am interested in value as I would like to sell on the classifieds on here. I understand the latter is...
  14. P

    Question Help with piecing together first hi-fi system starting with parts I've inherited

    I've finally moved into my own place and am now getting round to building a proper hi-fi system. For some reason or another I have the following parts: - Linn Kiko system - Dali Zensor 3 speakers - Project debut carbon turntable - Loads of CDs and Vinyl I've collected over the years I am...
  15. L

    Question Tube Pre amp or Power amp - Stereo music

    So first of all, i'm looking for entry level equipment - I adore listening and have pulled together a very clean sounding system with highs that shake the room and clean round bass. Currently using SB AE5 OR MAudio 192 4 at PC into a Sony STRDA2400ES and Wharfedale Zaldek S1000 AND Diamond 220...
  16. M

    Pioneer VSA-AX10Ai pre-amp failure

    My VSA-AX10Ai stopped working not long ago and after thorough testing it seems that the pre-amp part is the problem. The receiver is not compleatly dead, it turns on but no sound at all except when the dedicated stereo pre-amp analog input is used. Given that I do not have any stereo pre-amps...
  17. Bergggg

    1983 pioneer pre amp question

    I'm looking to buy a seperates system but I am not sure if I'll be able to use the amplifier as a pre amp or not using the 'adapter out' rca connections, any ideas? Amplifier is a pioneer SA-740 Thanks.
  18. Nick5

    Question Phono pre amp question

    Hi everyone, new to this, so apologies if I do anything wrong or am asking a silly question. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I have a basic Audio Technica LP60 plugged into a Yamaha rx v383 amp, there is no phono input on the amp, however, the turntable has a built in one, although not great, sound was a...
  19. tornpower

    Question Need help! Bought Rotel pre-amp at recommendation from AV forum but I cant control Bass or Treble :(

    :D Hoping this is the right forum - recognise that this is a HiFi problem but wanted specific amplifier advice. Please correct me if so... A few weeks ago I posted on AV forum and got some really nice feedback to a problem. I wanted to buy my Mum a set up so she could listen to her Reggae. I...
  20. forstyy

    Question System suggestion for CM9 S2

    Hello, everybody, I have been the owner of a pair of B&W CM9 S2s for about 2 months now, which I bought second-hand for a very good price. I have to say that these are my first speakers and my first steps in hifi, before I never spent more than 80$-100$ for desktop speakers or similar audio...
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