1. BritanniaJaf

    For Sale 3 TP Link TL-PA8010P Powerline 1200 Pass-through plugs

    Selling the above as a 3 pack for £60, not looking to split so please dont ask. £60 via PPG for the 3 of them.
  2. T

    For Sale 4 x D-Link Powerline av2 1000 HD Gigabit kit DHP-601AV Powerline Adapters 1000Mbps 1GB

    4 x D-Link Powerline av2 1000 HD Gigabit kit DHP-601AV Powerline Adapters 1000Mbps 1GB This sale is for: 4 x D-Link DHP-601AV powerline adapters They are ethernet connected not wireless (i.e. they do not have a Wi-Fi function) 4 x Cat5e ethernet cables 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit) maximum data...
  3. M

    For Sale Marmitek HDTV Anywhere HDMI Over Mains Powerline Wireless Extender Kit

    Marmitek HDTV Anywhere HDMI Over Mains Powerline Wireless Extender Kit For sale as have got an additional virgin 360 box so no longer required Not boxed but works perfect, have the remote and can supply a pair of hdmi leads if you wish. Payment by bt Pickup or additional £9 for postage...
  4. larrymarr

    For Sale Samsung Smartthings Hub / 1TB PVR HDD

    Samsung Smartthings Hub V2 - £35 - Boxed in excellent condition bar a few scuffs underneath. Purchased March 2020. Will also throw in a Samsung Smarthings Moisture Sensor (boxed) WD AV-25 1TB Internal Hard Drive - £30 - Brown boxed & working perfectly, had it in my BT YouView PVR until I...
  5. P

    Comtrend Powerline Adaptors - Do they have Wifi?

    We have recently changed our Internet provider to the local company Wightfibre. The router is downstairs in our living room but my PC is upstairs in a bedroom. However, the signal to the PC is not as good as previously. Often I have trouble getting onto the Internet - once it took 40 minutes...
  6. M

    TP-Link AV600 Powerline Wi-Fi Extender TL-WPA4220 kit

    Hi All, I have a Sky Router which has an internet speed (when measured with a broadbandchecker) at the router is around 50MB I have a TP-Link AV600 Powerline Wi-Fi Extender TL-WPA4220 kit which has the following specs:- HomePlug AV2 Standard - Provides fast powerline transfer speeds of up to...
  7. Jenz

    Help - Jacobean 3 Story House - Best WiFi or Powerline?

    I’m moving to a 3 story Jacobean property. It was built in 1621 so I have no possibility of running Ethernet around the place. it has a ground to 3rd floor central stairwell. With clear line of sight from ground to 3rd floor. I have want to provide the house on all floors with strong WiFi. The...
  8. T

    Internet much faster on phone wifi than on PC Ethernet (powerline) OR PC Wifi?

    I recently upgraded to 150mb full ultra fibre. On my phone wifi, I am getting rougly 70mbps (I'm supposed to get a guaranteed 100mbps, but whatever). However, on my PC it seems to be capping at about 40mbps. I'd like to highlight that I have tried this using both a 600mbps powerline, and a...
  9. B

    Need Help with Network Connection to Garden Shed

    I currently use AV600 powerlines around the house and they work great. As i had an electric connection to the garden shed (approx 50m from the house) I also had an AV600 working in the shed. for the past few years (Power to the shed is turned off/on from a switch in the kitchen which also...
  10. Mohtarshe

    Mains conditioner and Powerline adapter?

    Hi, I'm new to the home entertainment setup and i need some clarification. My setup will look something like this: LG CX 55" tv LG SN9YG sound bar Panasonic UB9000 4k player Playstation 5 I'll be connecting these to a Tacima 6 Way Mains Conditioner which i was recommended, is it enough to...
  11. J

    Better Powerline Adapter?

    Following lots of research (including on here), i purchased a set of TP Link WPA 4220 powerline adapters. I've used BT & Devolo powerline adapters in the past. After 4 months use, I am really disappointed with the performance of the 4220s. They worked fine initially, then started dropping out...
  12. G

    Powerline Adapter - TL-PA8033P vs TL-PA9020P

    I need to install a powerline in a house as there is no possible path to route the network into attic without exposed cables - or chasing walls. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the TLPA8033P and the TL-PA9020P - both from TP-Link. Based on specs alone the 9020 seems to be miles ahead -...
  13. N

    Wifi in Annex?

    Hey folks, I’m having a brain fart moment and need some advice. new house. main house with a separate annex. Wifi from main house doesn’t reach the annex. it appears that the previous owners had an Ethernet cable run underground from the main home into the annex. Although no Wifi, I plugged...
  14. N

    Powerline advice

    Hi, first sorry for my nonperfect english. I have a problem with powerline and i really dont have nerve now. I have tp link av500, i have 80mbps speed from my network provider. But powerline gives me 50, this is ok. But it happens than suddenly internet stop work, i dont know why. Because my...
  15. MIB

    Powerline with Time Capsule Wifi

    I have a home office / cinema room in the garden. To get wifi in the room I use ethernet powerline system to send the internet down the power cables (still boggles the brain how this works) and then I plug an ethernet cable from the power line into a very old Apple Time Capsule (over 10 years...
  16. M

    1 camera system, DVR or NVR? Wifi connection Range extender or Powerline Plugs

    I'm new to this, please bare with me. I hope that this post is in the correct forum. Required. 1 camera, remote 100ft away outside a garage with power available. Ability to see camera on computer in house. Movement events recorded with ability to replay on computer. Remote interrogation not...
  17. C

    Powerline / Ethernet hub query

    Hi, Will a single port Powerline passthrough function with a (say) 5 way Ethernet splitter / hub? This is based on the assumption that only one Ethernet cables device will be powered up / utilised at any one time.
  18. mmurdoch

    Poor Sky wifi in bedrooms do I need powerline adaptors

    Morning all, looking for some advice and assistance We have Sky fibre superfast but the wifi is really poor in the kids bedrooms for Xbox One online gaming and they moan a one legged donkey is quicker and more stable. The Sky Q router is in the lounge feeding the Sky Q box and my Amazon tv box...
  19. markie g

    Will faster Powerline give me faster speeds?

    Hello, We have a 350meg virgin media connection and struggle for wifi in our bedroom so we're using an older TP-LINK 300MBPS Wi-Fi + 600MBPS Powerline Kit. We get speeds of about 30meg download and 35meg upload, which is OK but not great. Would upgrading to a faster powerline kit increase my...
  20. A

    Question Devolo powerline adaptor (no internet connection)

    Hi Guys, first of all, please excuse my poor English as its not my mother tongue! And I am not very bright either, so please don't go all technical on me. I did searches on here, but its not relevant to my current problem. I have a dLan500AVplus and dLan200AVplus connected/paired up, the 500 is...
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