1. A

    Wanted Pro-ject Turntable PSU Power Supply 16V AC 500mA

    I have mistakenly recycled /lost my Pro-ject Turntable PSU Power Supply 16V AC 500mA Can get a replacement under 20 but thought will check if anyone has one lying around they want to get rid.. Thanks

    For Sale Arcam 550, Nord NC500 3ch power amp and Umik 1 Microphone

    I need more channels so I very reluctantly selling my Arcam 550, Nord 3 Channel power Amp and the Umik1 microphone. All were bought in August 2019 and are in pristine condition, the remainder of the warranties are in place. That's 4 years 7 months for the Arcam, 19 months for the Nord (although...
  3. Harkon321

    Talk to me about Power Amps. Is more ££ generally just more power? Can you have too much power? How many channels?

    Currently have a Denon 4400 running a 5.1.4 system. This will be moving to the new room in the summer, which will be a 7.2.4 system - eventually all MK speakers. Probably 950 series which state 25-400W (LCR). I've got an AudioLab small 2 ch amp so could just run this with the Denon to start...
  4. K

    Question Turn table with integrated pre and power amp

    Hi, sorry for a newbee question, my wife gave me a turntable last Christmas, (Dean by gadhouse) with a built in pre amp and a power amp, no phono out. I have an existing hybrid integrated amp, can I just connect the 2 together(speaker out of vinyl to line in of the hybrid amp) ? I can't buy a...
  5. M

    Wanted 5 - 9 channel power amplifier - ~£1000 budget

    I'm looking to power a pair of Artcoustic DF 75-55 X2 as left and right, Artcoustic DFC150-36 as cente, B&W M1 as surrounds and maybe 4 atmos ceiling speakers What do you have?
  6. JTF Vegas

    Plugging the xbox into a power conditioner.

    What is the latest take on this? Id rather plug it into my APC Power conditioner than the wall.
  7. Lighty

    For Sale Raspberry Pi 3 with case, power & micro sd

    Not too sure what these go for now ! Pi model 3 red and white case 8gb micro sd micro usb psu it was used to mess about with RetroPie and also as a jukebox no longer used now so looking for a new home cheers lighty
  8. dts197

    For Sale Ex Machina & Power Rangers

    Ex Machina - US 12 Power Rangers - UK 8 Both with blu & slip.
  9. JAy3001

    Boost your Switch GFX power!

    So there is a new accessory out called the mClassic which promises to boost the graphics on your Switch. ( in fact it works on most consoles ) and can even upscale to 4k, although I'm not sure how well that will work! And surprisingly it seems to work! From the review below you find out that it...
  10. GTR BaDBoY

    For Sale Rotel RB-1590 2 Channel Power Amplifier

    Here I Have for sale my 3 month old Rotel RB-1590 Power amplifier purchased new from my local retailer in as new condition, Boxed as new finished in brushed Silver. Happy to help out with the Remainder of 2 yr warranty. Sale due to upgrading to Rotel new Michi equipment. An Amazing power...
  11. sjackson

    PSU Nakamichi AVP1 Power Amp

    I think I've blown the PSU in one of my AVP1's. Any idea is it possible to get a replacement?
  12. D

    Cyrus power amplifier test results

    There are only three Cyrus power amplifiers currently offered for sale: Mono X Signature, Stereo 200, and X Power. Just curious: Does anyone know anything at all about the internals of any of those Cyrus power amplifiers (deeper and well beyond the marketing fluff that anyone can read in...
  13. T

    For Sale BARIX Exstreamer 100 IP Network Audio Stream Decoder + Power Supply - Radio

    I have a few of these available, looking for £20 each, in full working order and reset with latest firmware installed. BARIX Exstreamer 100 IP Network Audio Stream Decoder + Power Supply. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. An AUX cable will be provided if one is...
  14. HonestJohn61

    For Sale NAD M27 AV 7 x 180W Power Amplifier. Immaculate. £2,000

    Used but in completely immaculate condition. Supplied in original packaging with all accessories. I'm not the first owner but I have a copy of the original purchase invoice from December 2015. RCA and balanced inputs. Switchable between each, for each channel. 12v trigger input.
  15. W

    Question Best option to power my passive subwoofer through a Denon 1910 receiver?

    Hi, I have a subwoofer which was originally active but is notorious for amplifier board faults, so back when it's internal amplifier went for a second time (a year after getting it repaired) I ripped its' internal amplifier out and made the subwoofer passive. Now I have tested it both...
  16. Bobson234

    For Sale Teufel - Power Hi-Fi (based in the Netherlands)

    Completely new! It is way too heavy to ship!
  17. karlsushi

    Question Power Amp Upgrade Suggestions

    Hi all, Looking for some power amp upgrade suggestions. My current system is: Windows PC running Dirac Live and J:River - Chord 2Qute DAC - Tisbury Audio Passive Pre - Rega Maia Power Amp - Spendor A7 Speakers I am really happy with the sound at low volumes currently, but as this hobby...
  18. A

    Question Samsung HW-R550 Power Brick

    Hey Does anyone have this soundbar and would be able to tell me the output voltage and current on the power brick for the actual bar (not sub)? I am currently refurbishing my house and will be putting a power cable in the ceiling and walls which pops out exactly behind the soundbar so the...
  19. stegalv

    marantz 8012 power on question

    asked in marantz thread but not got answer, will the 8012 power on from just turning on at the wall socket,or do you have to press the power button as well?
  20. Cynar

    For Sale Arcam P7 Power Amplifier

    For sale is my Arcam P7 seven channel power amp. 150 watts per channel at 8 Ohms all channels driven. Superb beast of an amp that weighs 31kg. It’s in excellent condition with one slight rub mark on the front. I don’t think there are any elsewhere, but it’s in a cabinet so I can’t be sure. It‘s...
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