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  1. S

    For Sale Gaming PC components...Case, MB, Processor & Power Supply

    My son has upgraded his PC and now the following parts are for sale:- Corsair Graphite 780T in white - Excellent condition and power dusted with most screws included. Full specs here: Graphite Series™ 780T Full-Tower PC Case Comes with all the included fans. This is a big case! £120 EVGA 650W...
  2. Z

    SONY pslx56p tuntable power supply

    I have turntable but no longer have the music centre. Please see photo of connector. How do I connect to electrical power/mains. May need to visit electronics shop to convert to plug? Can I wire to normal UK plug? There are two wires to connector. One is black,one is blck/grey?(I'm colorblind)...
  3. N

    Optoma EH334 intermittent remote responsiveness (HD143X/HD144X variant)

    Hey guys. Background I purchased an Optoma EH334 at the beginning of this year (towards the end of January) as an upgrade to a 2nd hand InFocus XGA projector. As far as I understand, it's a HD143X/HD144X variant with increased brightness and RS232C input for control. It was an amazing...
  4. B

    BenQ W1400 power supply failure

    HI all, has anyone else experienced the power supply failing in the W1400 from BenQ? Mine went today. There was a pop as it powered up from standby. After the very complicated dismantling I managed to inspect the power supply and see a cracked component next to the main capacitor. It has six...
  5. S

    Replacement power supply now tv is not working

    Hi, I bought a replacement power supply for my daughters TV. Back of the TV says DC 12v=4a. I bought a universal adapter as it is less clunky, and set to 12v as the TV states. I know nothing about Electricals, but the power supply is AC adapter 12v. It says on it 12v=1a. When I try to power...
  6. 2LO Calling

    Question DAB disappeared

    My Denon DRA-F107 receiver was removed from the power source for several days while the room was re-arranged and now DAB is totally dead. Attempts to re-initialise the microprocessor are to no avail and therefore a scan cannot be carried out. FM reception continues normally. Can anyone help please?
  7. jason shep

    Question Innuos linear power supply?

    Hi all, I recently purchased an Innuos ZenMini mk3 & I'm extremely happy with it. I now can’t help wondering though, if by adding the linear power supply, I could squeeze a little extra sound quality from it but at £499, I’d like to be sure that it does make a reasonable improvement. Anyone have...
  8. B

    529i Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply

    I recently received this, which I used for my pedalboard (being a guitarist). However, it also functions as a recharging unit for phones, tablet, etc., and thought it may interest some musicians/tech savvy people out there. The 529i is a 12v 2000mA power supply (power cable included) for...
  9. M

    Sharp Aquos LC-80LE857U power supply

    I'm looking for advice. Our power board blew a while ago. I ordered a replacement online with what most sites were saying should work. I knew there was a chance it wouldn't but thought I'd try. The power supply came in and I installed it and now there's power, but the tv still doesn't...
  10. nevica

    Hard Disc Power Supply

    Hello, I have all my music in FLAC on HD. Would anybody recommend a good power supply for the HD. Will this improve the sound - something like an ifi ipower I was thinking off? Thanks, Nevica
  11. K

    Power supply interchangeable?

    Hi I have a Panasonic Viera TX-L32E6B tv mounted on a chimney breast with the power cord threaded through the chimney to a power outlet on a adjacent wall. I wanted to change the tv but not go to the hassle of running a new cable. The cable is removable from the rear of the tv. Is the power...
  12. C

    Panasonic Power Supply 704

    Panasonic Plasma 50" TH-PZ80U takes a 704 EXT2MM704MGN and a Panasonic Plasma 50" TH-PZ800U takes a 704 EXT2MM704MGH. Are the 2 boards interchangeable. N and H?
  13. C

    10 Watt Power Resistor for a Panasonic TH-50PZ80U 50" Plasma Power Supply Repair

    Does anyone know where or how to make a 10 Watt Power Resistor for a Panasonic TH-50PZ80U 50" I am doing a power supply replacement and want to bleed the capacitor before powering the TV on.
  14. ElectronicMan

    Dune BD Prime 3.0 Power Supply repair suggestions

    Dune BD Prime 3.0 Power Supply repair suggestions My Dune BD Prime 3.0 Media player power supply failed recently. After searching the net for repair solutions, I compiled a document of my research and included a detailed explanation of the design of the Power Board to assist other users with...
  15. T

    Answered Power supply and DAC cut-outs

    I'm having some problems with my DAC... Or rather, my DAC is having some problems with the power supply. I'm hoping that someone here might be able to suggest the right fix. My setup is this: Brennenstuhl premium line surge protector, Sony X800 UBDP, Chord Clearway coax (rca-bnc), Chord Qutest...
  16. B

    Suitable Power supply and fuse for gale sub 5

    Hi there I have a Gale Sub 5 which I want to get working again, except I don't have the original power supply nor does it have the fuse in the back. I have 2 questions. One of those is that, on the back it says the fuse is 250v and 3a, would a standard UK 3a plug fuse work in there? If not...
  17. Rambles

    Linear Power Supply - Snake Oil or not?

    It has been bought to my attention that a linear power supply is recommended (by this guy at least) for my Musical Fidelity V90 DAC: I have had a search of the forums, and I note that in a review Ed Selley said that using a linear power supply with an Aries Mini made a noticeable and...
  18. G

    Server power supply cable adapters

    Power supply on my hp server died. Have got a replacement but the connection to go to the hard drives is different. Can you tell me what sort of adapter I need if there is one as it needs to feed five drives. This is the new power supply connector This is what I need to connect to As...
  19. Rich-Ando

    power supply for wireles speaker setup?

    hi, sorry for the daft question but this is new to me. currently i have bare brick walls and before i board them i want to install everything ready for wall mounted surround speakers etc. from what i can see they all come with their own power supply lead & plug but i dont want a single socket...
  20. C

    Power supply for £60-70?

    Looking for a psu for around £60-70. Was thinking either Corsair TX650M or EVGA 650GQ? Which is better? Any alternative suggestions in the price range? Thanks.
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