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  1. gjwhaley

    Wanted Arcam P7 power amplifier in black

    Wanted Arcam P7 power amp in black . must be in good condition £500 waiting for a good unit
  2. HeadBanger

    For Sale Lyngdorf SDA-2400 Power Amplifier

    For sale is my Lyngdorf SDA-2400 power amplifier. 2 x 200 W @ 8 Ohms 2 x 400 W @ 4 Ohms XLR, RCA and digital inputs (coaxial and optical) Full details here. Excellent condition all round. Stunning amp - very controlled and extremely powerful. It is around 3 years old and I bought this second...
  3. OptoFr3nk

    Question Which preamplifier for my Rotel RB-980BX?

    Hi guys, hope you all are well. I am asking for your help in purchasing a preamplifier for my "new" Rotel RB-980BX. This power amplifier is actually working paired to an integrated amplifier, the Nad 302, that I am using as a preamp. I purchased this power amplifier because I would like to move...
  4. S

    How to connect bluesound 2i to power amplifier

    I have rmb1075, soon to be switched to stereo integration, in the meantime want to connect bluesound node 2i to Power(1075 rotel) on direct connection. Is it possible? Or I must use a Pre-Amplifier Sharon
  5. n0chex

    Wanted Rotel RMB-1075 - 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    Rotel RMB-1075 - 5 Channel Power Amplifier must be excellent condition and willing to pay between £400-£700 depends on condition and willing to deliver meet up.
  6. Sab

    Question How important are the cables between AV preamp/processor and power amplifier?

    Hi All. I have a question that has not been discussed before. How important are the cables between AV preamp/processor and power amplifer? Is high end cable worth it for the best sound quality?
  7. Phil Hinton

    Yamaha MX-A5200 11-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    Yamaha's latest 11-channel power amplifier offers serious amounts of power to drive your Atmos home cinema system, but it also adds in the ability to bridge the front channels to add even more grunt to your two-channel music. What's not to like? Read the review. Write your own review for...
  8. azmadu

    Question More power or better fidelity?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to decide what would be better, subjectively or objectively, between including a dedicated power amp into an a/v setup, or an integrated stereo amp that can act as a power amp that allows for bi-amping of the front stereo speakers. So, I currently have a Marantz slimline...
  9. Steve Withers

    Emotiva XPA-11 Gen3 11-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    The Emotiva XPA-11 Gen3 11-channel power amplifier brings plenty of American muscle to your system thanks to the company's modular design and SMPS technology. Read the review. Write your own review for Emotiva XPA-11 Gen3
  10. K

    Comparative integrated amplifier vs Yamaha RX-A670 home cinema receiver

    I use the aforementioned home cinema amp for all my audio needs including vinyl. My turntable's a Rega RP40, Ortofon Blue cart with a Pro Ject MM Box into Cambridge Audio Minx bookshelfs. OK: so what's bugging me is the thought that, as vinyl is my fave medium, I'm missing out on something on...
  11. LuvCVs

    Question Yamaha CX-A5200 & MX-A5200 good?

    Anyone got these? If so, what do you think? Not seeing ceiling atmos speakers, is that correct?
  12. brave

    Emotiva XPA Gen3 Black Modular Power Amplifier (7 Channel)

    can some one please help i'm looking at buying the Emotiva XPA Gen3 Black Modular Power Amplifier (7 Channel) in a couple of months but what qed lead I need for connecting my av receiver to a power center channel amp it as to be a single lead I think but I don't no i see you can use a double...
  13. D

    Cyrus power amplifier test results

    There are only three Cyrus power amplifiers currently offered for sale: Mono X Signature, Stereo 200, and X Power. Just curious: Does anyone know anything at all about the internals of any of those Cyrus power amplifiers (deeper and well beyond the marketing fluff that anyone can read in...
  14. Ed Selley

    XTZ A2-300 Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    XTZ has taken a break from speakers to design a compact power amp. This might seem unusually niche for 2019 but looks can be a little deceiving… Read the review. Write your own review for XTZ EDGE A2-300
  15. G

    Question Power amplifier for B&W 683s2 using Denon X3400H

    I have had these speakers for a few months, I heard them at a show and bought a pair second hand, my room is not very big 4m x 5m, I listen across the shortest length, they are in the corners of the room pulled out 250mm from the walls, I can not put them anywhere else as it is my living room...
  16. S

    Question Power amplifier to partner arcam sr250

    Hi all, I’ve got the Arcam SR250 and I was going to add the FMJ P349 as a power amp. I’ve now seen that this has been discontinued and replaced with the HDA PA420. Will this work as a partner with the SR250? Are there any other alternatives out there? Thanks all, Paul
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: McIntosh announces MC257 7-Channel Home Theatre Power Amplifier

    McIntosh delivers sound and power to home cinemas with the MC257 7-Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier. Read the news.
  18. forstyy

    Question System suggestion for CM9 S2

    Hello, everybody, I have been the owner of a pair of B&W CM9 S2s for about 2 months now, which I bought second-hand for a very good price. I have to say that these are my first speakers and my first steps in hifi, before I never spent more than 80$-100$ for desktop speakers or similar audio...
  19. Phil Hinton

    IOTA AVXP1 7-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    Offering seven-channels of high-quality amplification for just over £1050 is the epitome of value for money vs. performance. British company IOTAVX knock it out the park! Read the review. Write your own review for IOTAVX AVXP1
  20. Dandy76

    Question Arcam p49 discontinued?

    first post! I just noticed that the arcam p49 power amp is listed as a discontinued product on the arcam webpage. So right now there is no two channel power amp in their product listing. The three and four channel equivalent power amps are still listed as current product. So....any rumours...
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