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  1. S

    For Sale Bryston 3BST Stereo Power Amplifier

    True dual mono design (two large toroidals) 120w into 8 ohm. Just received back from PMC after a service (some caps replaced). 1999 model in great condition. I do not have the original packaging. Sounds great, of course!
  2. S

    For Sale Bryston 3BST Stereo Power Amplifier

    True dual mono power amplifier 120w per channel at 8 ohms. Good condition, very recently serviced at PMC some caps were replaced. Buyer can collect (from Brighton area) or I can UPS (price does not include shipping I do not have the original packaging. The unit is 1999 model. Sounds great, of...
  3. J

    For Sale Behringer NX3000D Power Amplifier with DSP Control

    I purchased this new in November 2018. Since then it has driven my boss. I did the fan mod (silent) so it will be sold like that. Fully working. Supplied with original sales receipt. Couple of light scratches on the front, other than that in VGC. Will open this up for collection...
  4. Paul Smith

    For Sale Behringer A800 Power Class-D Amplifier

    Got my Behringer A800 Class-D Power amplifier for sale. Nice little powerful amp, fan-less and efficient so nice and quiet. Very good condition boxed all ready to go. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/behringer-a800-stereo-amplifier-review.10499/
  5. P

    Wanted Crown K1 Power Amplifier

    Hello, as the title indicates I'm looking for a Crown K1 amplifier. Ideally fully functional, but since these are old amps now I'd like to recap regardless, so welcome all offers. Would also consider a K2 for the right price. If you have one, or know someone who does, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. dollag

    For Sale Purifi 2 channel power amplifier

    Decided to sell my Purifi DIY amplifier as i am using my benchmark ahb2 and do not need the extra power from the purifi. The amplifier was built by myself approx 6 months ago and has not had much use due to a house move. Is an amazing bit of kit and sonically, cannot tell the difference...
  7. T

    Looking for a silver & transparent power amplifier for Chord Dave

    Hi all, I just got a Chord Dave a few days ago, and using Yamaha as-1200 (main in) as a power amp. Speakers are B&W 606s2 (will be upgraded to 706s2 in Dec.) The sound is good, particularly even at a low volume. I am wondering if there is any good power amp (silver color) that works well with...
  8. Stuart Wright

    For Sale ADA PTM-8150 8 (x 250W @4 ohm) channel power amplifier

    From the AVForums home cinema, I have 2 ADA PTM-8150 amplifiers for sale. I will sell them separately, though would obviously prefer to sell the pair. They were used in a 7.2 system to bi-amp the 7 speakers plus power each of the two passive subwoofers. Using an active subwoofer, each amp...
  9. M

    What type of connection is this on Denon POA-5200 Dual Power Amplifier?

    I’m trying to hook-up my Denon POA-5200 dual power amplifier to my Denon AVR-X4100W receiver using the remote on/off switch so the amplifier will turn on automatically with the receiver but I can’t figure out what plug type I need for the back of the amplifier. I looked in the manual and it...
  10. speed1268

    Primare A30.5 or Tag 100x5r?

    Hi All, Not sure if this has been covered but.. I have the tag but along time ago I heard a Primare and liked it! Just wondering if anyone has experience of both these amps ie sound signature etc and what you think. Cheers speed
  11. mooneycol

    Configuring 3 Zones with 3 Sonos Ports and Sonance Sonamp 12-50 Digital Power Amplifier

    Hi Equipment: 12 Sonos Architectural Ceiling Speakers 3 Sonos Ports 1 Sonance Sonamp 12-50 600W 12.0-Ch. Digital Power Amplifier Desired Setup: Zone 1 with 8 speakers (4 pairs) Zone 2 with 2 speakers (1 pair) Zone 3 with 2 speakers (1 pair) My question is how to wire/configure the speaker...
  12. Steve Withers

    Storm Audio PA 16 MK2 16-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    The Storm Audio PA 16 MK2 power amplifier promises 16 channels of Pascal Audio Class D grunt in a single convenient box. Read the review. Write your own review for Storm Audio PA 16 MK2
  13. Steve Withers

    NAD M28 7-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    NAD's latest Master Series power amplifier delivers seven channels of digital grunt thanks to Purifi's new Eigentakt technology. Read the review. Write your own review for NAD M28
  14. G

    Can you really damage speakers with a "powerful" amp?

    I've just ordered the the Denon AVR-X2700H and Wharfedale DX-2 (5.1 setup) package on the recommendation of a well known retailer. I wasn't aware you had to match amps to speakers, and now I'm worried the amp might be too powerful and will damage my speakers. I (now) understand connecting...
  15. M

    Question 3ch power amplifier the best root for me?

    I got a bonus so debating buying a 3ch power amp for my Fronts. Tannoy precision 6.4 with matching center. I Have a Marantz SR7011. It's a great receiver, but the center speaker doesn't have much presence with speech and I'm thinking a 3 channel power amp will add a bit of sparkle, my fronts...
  16. Xavier R

    ROTEL RB-1582 MK II mod

    This model of power stage has great possibilities to improve the sound incredibly. Here is my mod in the imput stage, where I have changed the capacitors for Elna Slimic, the RCA connectors and some wiring. This model of power stage has great possibilities to improve the sound incredibly. Here...
  17. MyronAub

    Question Recommendation for 2-channel power amplifier for Denon X3700H 7.2.2 to 7.2.4

    Here in Wales we're just entering another two week lockdown so I decided now was as good a time as any to update my cinema room to 4K and Atmos etc. I've just ordered a Denon AVC-X3700H which does 180W 7.2.2 but when we built the cinema room we wired up for four Atmos speakers so, as it says on...
  18. A

    Combining 2 channel audio and home theatre

    Hi, i'm trying to find out ways to maximise audio quality from my system. So basically i'm running a 5.1 system connected to my Denon AVR. Even though i'm pretty satisfied with the overall movie experience, i'm still trying to find out if there's anything i could do to bring out the most out of...
  19. Alter3go

    Niles SI-245 2 Channel Power Amplifier Quality?

    Anyone have any experience with this amp? I'm just looking to power my rears connected to my Denon x3500h, a modest pair of Boston HD5s. Opinions?
  20. smeza

    Receiver vs. power amplifier recommendation (for Dali Zensor 7)

    My speakers Dali Zensor 7 are currently running on Marantz NR 1508. For movies I also have Dali Zensor vokal and two smaller surround speakers After speaking with local HIFI dealer and some internet research I believe that it might be a good idea to deliver more power to my speakers. As my...
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