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  1. T

    For Sale Yamaha P2350 Power Amp Black

    Hi guys, I bought this the other week to listen to two different pairs of speakers but it's no longer required so I've decided to move it on. The amp is in good condition and works perfectly with plenty of power and current. I am using it with a RPi3 streamer and using Volumio. I'm...
  2. GlennC

    Wanted Multi-Channel Power Amp

    Hi As per title I am looking for a multi- channel power amplifier, i only need 4 channels but would consider 5\7 channels amps. I am looking for at least 100w per channel and preferably with XLR inputs. Thanks for looking
  3. B

    Power amp options with NAD 302?

    I'm in the process of 'getting the band back together': resurrecting my old RP3 turntable and NAD 302 integrated amp. They'll be paired with far better speakers than I was using back in the day: Dali Oberon 3. I never tried using the NAD as just a pre amp before, but there seems a bit of a...
  4. hArDsTyLe2259

    Samson Servo 600 Channel 2 Not Working

    So for some unknown reason I cant get channel 2 to work on this power amp for my other speakers in the building. I tried plugging the other speakers into channel 1 (where the main ones are normally in) to see if they work and they do, the power amp is also in stereo mode so both channels can...
  5. W

    Power Amp advice needed please.

    Hello everyone, hope you're enjoying the sunshine........... I have just taken delivery of a Marantz SR7015 and am thinking about getting a power amp to go with it. Would the Marantz MM8055 be an ideal partner? What would you suggest? I have been advised against using my Marantz PM8006, So will...
  6. Timberr

    Pre-amp / Power amp: Does either affect rhythmic drive?

    I have a question regarding pre and power amps: In general terms, is rhythm / pace affected by the addition of a power or preamp to an integrated amp? In other words, is there likely to be an increase in timing / pace?
  7. lplatypus

    Yamaha RX-A2020: replace or keep as power amp?

    I have been happy with my Yamaha RX-A2020 purchased about 8 years ago, running with a 3.1 speaker setup, with aspirations for 5.1 at some point. Now I am looking at options for upgrading to a 4K / HDR TV, and it looks like I will need to upgrade the receiver to support this. The successor...
  8. Dobbyisfree

    Best channels to power amp for Denon AVR

    I am looking at a 9 channel set up and I am wondering what the advice would be regarding which 2 channels to use for my external power amp. Or, indeed, if I am in need of further external power amplification. I am proposing using the power amp, at present, for the surrounds. But frankly...
  9. saguk1234

    Is it ok to buy an old power amp?

    For example is it OK to buy for example a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature or a Meridian 558 or a Earthquake Cinenova? These are about 20 years old and I am just wondering if anything will break after all this time.
  10. 1992

    For Sale Teddy Pardo ST60 power amp

    Hello everyone, I’m having a little clear out of equipment that is not being used. For sale here is a Teddy Pardo ST60 power amp. It was purchased directly from Teddy a couple of years ago for around £1200 (including taxes/duties) for a planned system that I never completed. So...
  11. B

    Denon one box solution vs Anthem + power amp

    So I'm looking at used, second-hand receiver options to power an (already purchased) 7.1.4 array in a dedicated room. 3x M&K IW150 (Mark 1) 2x M&K K4 Tripole (sides) 2x M&K LCR 55s (rears) 4x Kef Ci200QR M&K V8 subwoofer A potential choice is between a single-box Denon solution or an Anthem...
  12. Salonchi

    Power Amp specs and recommendations

    I am considering separating out my home cinema from stereo music setup, which would leave me needing a stereo power amp. I’ve always been a bit of a bigger is better thinker, but it has been dawning on me, after many years, that there might be some science in play! The stereo components I have...
  13. B

    Advice on additional power amp for Anthem

    Considering a used Anthem MRX-720. What options would anyone recommend to power additional 4 channels for 7.2.4? Would prefer used to keep cost down. New to power amps so don’t know the market.
  14. T


    bought aug 18 in like new condition fully working . was used in bridged mode to run pmc speakers never pushed .with manual lead . original box this is a very heavy amp free post
  15. Geordie Amanda

    Roksan K3 Power Amp

    I've just bought a Roksan K3 Power amp to partner my Denon X4700H receiver and Monitor Audio Gold 100s (5G) and what a difference it made, immediately apparent just upon switch-on! The instantly noticable difference is a huge lift in bass and bass response. My standmounts sounded 'almost' like...
  16. H

    looking for a 4 channel power amp for atmos speakers

    As above dose not need to be very powerfull 60-80 range would be enough i would have thought, though I will always take more :)
  17. R

    For Sale Onkyo PR-SC5509 Processor FURTHER PRICE REDUCTION

    Onkyo PR-SC5509 processor available for sale. It's in excellent condition and has the following features: Onkyo's flagship processor when it was released Comes with remote control and Audyssey XT32 calibration microphone 9.2 channels (including 2 independent subwoofer outputs) Comes with the...
  18. D

    Power amp front channels or not - please help

    Hi all, I recently acquired a Denon AVR-X4400. Currently in 5.1 channel but soon to be adding (probably Elac) front Atmos. Other speakers connected are in my signature. I am considering whether it will be worthwhile or not to set it in 11.1 channel and use the front pre-outs (where it...
  19. sosen13

    one power amp to avr and stereo amp same time

    hi, looking for advice to see if what I am trying to achieve is within safe option. currently have anthem mrx710, pre outs to ati 1805 (5 channel monoblock power amplifier) running monitor audio paltinum and radius as rears speakers. all sounds great and I really am happy with it. However...
  20. N

    Power Amp for Arcam A19

    I have setup a music room with an Arcam A19, supplied by a Googlecast Chrome Music powering Tannoy DC6T SE. I am thinking of adding a power amp to bi-amp the speakers. I don’t want to spend a great deal, less than £200 secondhand really. What should I look for? Rotel? Acram? Something else?
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