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  1. 1992

    For Sale Naim NAP 100 power amp, almost new

    Hi everyone, For sale is a barely-used, new-condition Naim NAP 100 power amp. It’s a bit less than six months old, so if it sells quickly, you can register it under your name for the 5 year warranty. It of course comes in it’s original box with all accessories. These tend to...
  2. jont

    Wanted Arcam P429 power amp

    Looking for one to go with my AVR550 and drive the Atmos ... will be selling the P7 on when I find one unless someone wants to p/x it ?
  3. goatlips

    Wanted Power amp

    I'm looking for a power amp for my arcam AVR20. Thought I'll put a post out to see if anything second hand is available before buying a new one? Looking at emovita, nord etc. Need 3 channels min
  4. R

    Question Arcam Power Amp / ADA Pre Amp

    Hi Welcome some advice please. I am selling an Arcam rmj p7 multichannel power amp c9 years old as I am dismantling a home cinema. I also have an ADA Suite 7.1 HD Surround Sound Pre Amp. I am interested in value as I would like to sell on the classifieds on here. I understand the latter is...
  5. HonestJohn61

    For Sale Emotiva BasX A-500 5 channel power amp - SOLD

    I bought this some 18 months ago and it's in immaculate condition. I've packed it up in the original double boxes and it's ready to ship to a new home. Full manufacturer specs: Power Output (two channels driven): 110 watts RMS per channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD < 0.1%; into 8 Ohms. 190 watts RMS...
  6. E

    Can i connect a subwoofer pre out to a power amp

    Hi everyone, Newbie here and i brought an integrated amp recently and i am thinking and curious what i can mix with it=) The integrated amp i own is the denon PMA 60 I have 2 qns actually: 1. There is a single subwoofer pre out ( black). Since this unit does not seems to have anyother line out...
  7. cheezewhiskers

    Question Better Power Amp to Pair with NAD C 658 Streamer: New NAD C 298 or Masters M22 v2?

    First post here on the forums, so please be gentle. I am new to the Hi-Fi world and want to upgrade my existing AV setup for better stereo sound. I am running the Marantz SR7013 for my HT system with pre-outs to my mains, which are a pair of KEF R11 rated up to 300w at 8 ohms. I primarily...
  8. J

    Question Power Amp For Yamaha 3070

    Hi I am looking for a power amp to go with my yamaha receiver. I am not really sure if I should power only the front two or three speakers ie front and left or front left and centre or more than that. Is it right that the front make the main difference? I was thinking of Emotiva. Also do power...
  9. chaz

    Problem With Rotel RMB 1795 Power Amp

    Hi Having trouble with the above Amp Yesderday my wife and I was siting in the back garden with a few friends round put some music on I put it on a bit loud as we where in the garden about 89 on the volume dail very loud indeed in the house but nice and loud. Well after playing Supertramp...
  10. mushiking

    Question Can speakers be 'too sensitive' for a high power amp

    Hi everyone. I have a vinyl front end (Rega RP10 / Apheta II) and a Musical Fidelity M6Si and Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers. The amp is very powerful, and delivers massively high current and I'm very pleased with it having upgraded from an Arcam amp a few months ago. My question is whether...
  11. Garioch

    I have 5.1.2 but need power amp for 7.1.2. Advice / recommendations?

    Hi, I currently have a 5.1.2 setup, comprised as follows: Anthem AVM 60 Processor and Anthem MCA 525 (5-channel) driving my five speakers. Anthem MCA 30 (3-channel) driving my two overheads. As you can see, I have a spare channel on the MCA 30. I have acquired 2 spare speakers to establish a...
  12. J

    arcam avr30 best power amp to use with this

    hi there folks i bought the avr30 when my denon 8500 packed in an av i really loved i bought arcam avr 30 as it is the best for sound but really over priced for sure im running [email protected] 804 d3 as my main speakers and 4 kef ls50 as surrounds and a rel t9 subs can someone please tell me what best...
  13. S

    Two boxes - A power amp, a pre, a dac and a streamer

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my amp and streaming source, and would like to have not more than two different boxes, maximum three. What combinations usually gives the most bang for the buck, and also makes sense in the longer run? Also, anything else to consider? We are talking about the...
  14. G

    mono or 3 channel power amp

    hi I have a Denon x3400 and a xtz a2-300 power amp for my left and right speakers I am thinking I now want a amp to power my centre am I better off with a 3 channel amp or buying a mono amp for my centre any suggestions Wellcome I am on a budget cheers
  15. Spick72

    Power amp quandary

    Hi all, I currently run a Denon X3600h driving 9 speakers and my previous AVR (Marantz 1509) powering the fronts in a 7.2.4. The speakers are not overkill, I have Dali Oberon 1’s and Oberon Vokal for the LCR, B&W M1’s for the side and rear surrounds and ceiling mounted Mission M3 cube speakers...
  16. jason shep

    Nad M28 power amp

    Looks like a serious power amp, 7 channels of Purifi tech, £4K, not bad considering the 8 channel Lyngdorf with Purifi will be double that price.
  17. B

    Wanted Small in profile power amp to pair with Marantz CR611 and QAcoustic Concept 20s or Cyrus amp with optical input

    Looking for a very small integrated amp (with optical) or power amp (nothing too expensive) to pair with Marantz CR611 (can use this as pre amp) Something small in profile, width restricted to about 300mm. Cyrus amps would be perfect Speakers used will be QA Concept 20 Specification - Q...
  18. Lensman5d

    Power amp upgrade

    Hi I have been running a Rotel RB 1552 Mk ii to power front left & right in my home theatre. After three years the upgrade itch is back, so wondering g if this is a ‘weak’ link in my system? main processor is a Yamaha RS-a3050 feeding B&W speakers all round, specifically CM8 S2 up front. paired...
  19. 964rsdatabase

    Newbie power amp question

    Currently considering purchasing a separate amp to hook up to my Yamaha cinema amp to power my AE120s for listening to CDs. As I know virtually nothing I've been doing some research. A few names that seem to come up are Audiolab 8000M and Tag 125M. I appreciate they're monoblocs and both offer...
  20. L

    Arcam SA30 questions

    Hi everyone, I have an Arcam SA30 which I am well happy with but I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate any help on answering. Firstly, can, and if so, how can I connect an subwoofer? Secondly, what are the benefits of connecting a separate Arcam power amp, which ultimately, will...
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