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  1. B

    Power amp to pair with LS50 for a newbie

    Hi All - first post here and reasonably little experience in this rabbit hole! Hoping for a little guidance through the myriad of options The situation; Have a pair of LS50 paired with a Cambridge Audio Azure 640A Yamaha WXC50 acting as preamp/DAC/streamer Small room of 4m x 5m Very varied...
  2. G

    Help with power amp options

    Hello all, I'm the new proud owner of an Anthem MRX 740 which I'm using for a 5.1.4 setup and was intending to use the Rotel RB-993 power amp I've got to drive the front 3 channels seeing as it's 3 x 200w and the Anthem is 140. What I'm wondering though, is the Anthem's power amps although...
  3. T

    Denon X4700H paired with B&W 703 - Do I need a power amp?

    Good afternoon all. I've recently begun the journey into high end audio and I require some advice. Over the past few years, I've been slowly upgrading my AV equipment piece by piece and I am currently using the following setup: Denon X4700H receiver Bowers and Wilkins 703 S2 fronts Bowers and...
  4. Wulbert

    Get better stereo sound from Denon AVR X 4500H using a Quad stereo power amp?

    I would have thought this would be a common set up scenario, but I can't find the info I need. I want to use a stereo power amp ( in this case a Quad 306 power amp) connected to my Denon's pre-out section in order to get decent stereo music playback and also better front L & R playback quality...
  5. Noir

    XTZ A2-400 Gain Setting

    Hi All, I have one of these coming on Wednesday but I have a quick question… I am using the Yamaha a8a and wanted to know at what level I put the gain control on the XTZ A2-400? I have been using a previous power amp that does not have gain control so I just want to ensure that I am set for...
  6. N

    Class AB power amp for Lyngdorf BW20 passive subs

    Looking at a few pointers on what power amplifier to go for. Two BW-20 passive subwoofers are being considered, naturally the dealer will recommend Lyngdorf power amplifier which is class D of 2x 400watts. Any advice on other class D amplifiers? Or Class AB which are rated 500watts or above...
  7. Derek S-H

    Lyngdorf SDA 2400 power amp.

    Apologies if this has already been asked in the main Lyngdorf Thread, but I just thought it would be quicker to enquire here rather than trawl through hundreds of pages! I'm due to have a speaker demonstration in early June - one speaker just supports a single pair of binding posts, one...
  8. W

    Power amp advice for Arcam A29

    Hi, I have an Arcam A29 integrated amp with my Cyrus Cdi player and Tannoy Revolution XT 6F floorstanding speakers. I love the sound of my set up, but I would like more power and bass if possible. Can anybody recommend a power amp for my setup. I have been reading some threads about the...
  9. Spen69

    Wanted Tag Mclaren 2x100R, 3x100R, 4x100R or 5x100R multichannel power amp in black

    Looking for a Tag 100R multichannel power amp but must be black, I've already got enough silver stuff 😎 Ideally ony a 2x100R, 3x100R or 4x100R but obviously a 5x100R will also be considered 👍 Let me know if you have anything suitable or if you spot one out there please 🤗 Spencer
  10. LuvCVs

    Best DJ power amp for AV passive subs?

    Hi, just need some advice on what is best for 2 Jamo One passive subwoofers. I was thinking of a home power amp but I need it to be 4ohm 200w and, of course it's over £650 for a really good one, to much for me. So, last choice is a pro DJ power amp, but do some go down to 25hz or below? What...
  11. T

    yamaha m-60 power amp repair

    I heard a pop come from the speaker and smelt electrical overheating coming from the yamaha m-60 power amp. Power amp still powers up but has no sound output and the protection light is on. Does anybody know a good place to start checking for the problem? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. R

    Should I replace power amp with integrated amp?

    Hi there, I just bought kef q150s, and am using a niles si2100 power amp to drive them. They are on decent stands, and I have a Sonos connect plugged into the Niles. Seems to work well enough, but I think I want a lusher, warmer sound. Would I get an audio upgrade by switching out the Niles and...
  13. sasoivanovski89

    Power cables, do they realy matter?

    Hi, so i have NADm33 and a pair of sonus faber sonetto II and i use the power cable that came with the amp. So, not long ago, people started giving me advice to buy expensive power cables, that will give me much more depth and richer sound. Furutech was one of the brands that was recomended to...
  14. S

    Using a moon neo 350p with xlr into power amp and rca into a sub

    Hopefully somebody smarter than me can help on this. I have moon neo 350p hooked up to my ps audio stellar power amp using xlr cables. Can I then at the same time use my rca out cables to feed a powered sub woofer. thanks for the help
  15. oaklandraiders

    For Sale Emotiva XMC-2 processor 16 Channel 4k Atmos Dirac

    Mint condition and double boxed. XMC-2 still has front screen protector on. Owned from new Complete with everything as it left the factory. Full Dirac kit(not pictured) and setup mic Running FW 2.3 with no issues Emotiva XMC-2 £2100 https://emotiva.com/products/xmc-2 Pretty much handles every...
  16. N

    Should I go for a Power Amp or not?

    Some of you may remember my very old "Canton - taken the plunge" thread back in 2013 as I was setting up our system at the new house. Long story short, still run them and still very pleased with them but feel some things could be improved. But as with everything, there are others who know better...
  17. tebbo65

    Power requirements for speakers to maximise performance.

    Having a bit of a re-config of my system and need advice on power requirements for speakers to maximise performance. What's got me thinking is a fellow AVF member suggested my LCR are under driven and would benefit from more power to improve dynamic range etc, even at lower volume? He also...
  18. kutsanagi

    Wanted Primare A30.7/Nord (at least 7 channel)/ Emotiva BASX A7/Rotel 1555

    Hi, Having a thought and narrowing my choices I am after the following; Rotel 1512/1565 - one of their class d's without fans would be advantageous. Primare A30.7 (ideally) or a 30.5 needs to be MKII and Black. Nord (at least 7 channel) Or an Emotiva BASX A7. Not in a massive rush, just...
  19. blacksheep99

    Power amp for a passive sub

    Looking to help a family member. They have a sub and their old amp has failed. I'm after some recommendations for the replacement. I assume we could replace with a mono amp. The sub is a artcoustic Diablo compact sub. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. L

    Power Amp added to Denon X4400h (Emotiva BasX A3)

    I've not posted on the forum for a while and after decades of more or less yearly upgrades I've not done any upgrades for a couple of years. I suppose you could say I've been happy with my setup with no direct push to upgrade. But I've had a niggle since I installed the 4 atmos speakers two...
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