1. M

    RCA preout to digital input possible?

    looking on amazon, there are a lot of digital in to analogue out convertors but i cant see the other way round. My stereo amp Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 only has one RCA in im using that to power front speakers in a 7.1.4 setup from AV amp. I am thinking at some point in upgrading my TT to a Rega P8...
  2. W

    SKY Q & Video Senders - Possible?

    My mother has just upgraded to SKQ Q from the older HD which used the larger boxes and I'd share the SKY TV with my bedroom via a wireless video sender, worked no problem. Although it was only a standard def signal taken off the scart feed, it was perfectly watchable on my 43" 4K TV. According...
  3. pixelpoacher

    A little Echo help if possible please..

    Hi All I have just bought into the echo ecosystem, started with 2 x echo studios and a fire cube. The sound was adequate for most things (wife friendly) but I wanted more bass.. I added the echo sub and I'm really unimpressed. Set as part of home theatre it seems to behave itself for the most...
  4. Figman

    Marantz SR7013 Powered Zone 2 and 4 atmos possible?

    SR7013 has 9 amps and can manage 11 channels. Normally I hade 5.2.4 setup in Zone 1. I was thinking to power Zone 2 (not with external amp). If I use 7.2.2 and zone 2 the Marantz automatically switches depending where the amps are needed most as I understand. Probably shutting off back surround...
  5. L

    View Receiver settings HDMI output with video capture card - possible?

    My Marantz 5007 is strictly for music, no TV or display device is attached. Is it possible to view/change the settings on a notebook computer (e.g. MS Surface ) with a HDMI to USB video capture device? If so, any low cost recommended device and application?
  6. jbmouse101

    Yamaha rx-v381 and dolby vision, hdr10 possible?

    I need a newer av receiver for my new 4k tv, but have a tight budget, will the Yamaha rx-v381 pass dolby vision and hdr10 content to my tv which can handle all 3 types of hdr.
  7. M

    Is it possible to have LCR only on a Denon AVR?

    I have a Denon X4400H in a 5.1 setup which can play stereo sources (e.g. TV shows on iPlayer etc) either as stereo through the front left and right with no centre channel, or with Dolby Surround and friends which tend to put lots of sounds, particularly music, into the surround channels. Is it...
  8. 40something

    LG55B9 Possible dead pixel Flashing pixel

    What can I do to fix a LG55B9 that looks like it has one dead pixel and one pixel flashing. Sadly its not under warranty, so its pay or what? Cost I expect will be costly, sell, purchase new model with longer warranty. Love this OLED
  9. H

    Humax Aura signal issues - possible way forward

    There are numerous posts on several forums with regard to some poeple having issues with signal levels for the Humax Aura There seems a strong voice from some that this is an HDMI issue but HDMI faults manifest very different traits than signal issues and I believe now I have found proof that...
  10. acgingersnaps

    Possible Bargain - Kef r3

    Hi All I may be either late to the party or missing something (apologies if so), but Peter Tyson appear to be doing the Kef r3, in Walnut, at £999. Very decent.
  11. J

    Possible ordering problem with BK Electrics.

    Ordered a Sub woofer today from BK Electrics using their online ordering system. Have received what appears to be an automated response that my message/order informing me that it hasn't been received if I'm to understand correctly due to. transient errors I noticed that when I put up the...
  12. eob

    Gumtree/paypal scam

    I've used Gumtree many many times and never had any issues but it usually always local buyers. I'm selling a violin just now and I have had two non-local buyers contact me wanting to use "courier gumtree". I've never heard of this before and Google doesn't throw up any hits. This was the chat...
  13. Mickey milo

    Noise issue possible ground help please

    Hi, i have a annoying issue with a Sony Dab HU Alpine amp (previously had a pioneer Dab and pioneer amp with same issue) ..If i connect just the front speakers to Channel Aon the amp sound is fine with no noise ,gains set via multimetre to correct volts for my amp..Problem starts when i connect...
  14. D

    Sony XH90 or Philips 8545? I need help as soon as possible

    Hi. I have a Philips 8545. It isn't bright enough for my room. Its brightness is only 400 nits. I can't afford Sony XH95. Should I return my Philips and buy Sony XH90? I read that this Sony is a low-end tv and it's overpriced. It's much more expensive than Philips and what if it's not too good...
  15. J

    Wireless speaker to AVR - possible ?

    Hello, currently I have 7.1 setup, but my left surround speaker has not very good placement. I would like to move it to better spot, but problem is, there is no way I could connect it by wire to my receiver. Power socket is available. Is there any working solution to that ? My current Onkyo AVR...
  16. paulyoung666

    Possible static fire of SN9 today...

    As per the title , no idea of time up until 23-00 GMT ....
  17. S

    Connecting Yamaha R-N602 to AVR? Possible?

    Hello from Sweden! Ok, so I have a 2.1 setup at home for music. My speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze 2 powered by Yamaha R-N602 stereo receiver. I'm now thinking about expanding this system with rear speakers and maybe a centre channel. My question is if it's possible to connect my Yamaha...
  18. O

    Streaming the best quality possible (Sony DH790)

    Hi I have a Sony dh790 that supports Bluetooth. Is there any point using tidal over Spotify when streaming music? I’ve tried both and when I press information both say 44.1khz sampling rate.I also have sky q which supports airplay. I know the receiver had a hi red audio sticker and apparently...
  19. N

    I would like to stream my CD collection. Is it possible?

    Hi, I would like to copy my Cd collection onto a pc as mp3 and stream it to my sitting room. So creating my own 'streaming service'. Is this possible? My plan is to have a pc with the media on it, connect to this pc with my amazon kindle, then using bluetooth, connect the kindle to my hifi. I...
  20. TeSox

    Question Downsizing to Soundbar is it possible?

    We have just moved to a small cottage and simply don't have room for my B&W DM 601 S3/DM 602 S3/LCR 60 S3 5.1 setup. Can a soundbar replace my setup? If so any recommendations?
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