1. xonize

    Epson TW7100 + 92" Screen - Headaches - THX Standard Seating Distance

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a projector set up for my lounge ( details below ): Epson TW7100 92" Manual Pull up Sapphire screen Unicol Telescopic Stand / Shelf Projector lens to screen distance: 3.5m Seating position ( sofa ) to screen: 3m Used in Natural / Cinema picture mode Used in...
  2. audiophilicist

    Positioning amp and dac on desk

    Hi, I have recently updated my sound system for my desktop HIFI speakers current configuration: Speakers: B&W 601 S2 Amp: Naim Nait 5 DAC: M-DAC+ I don't have the largest room, give or take 3mX3m so i need to be careful about placement. For 90% of usage i will be sitting in my desk chair so...
  3. LittleNipper

    Position of Subwoofers on Baffle Wall - Advise Needed.

    I'm about to build my baffle wall. And to be honest, I don't know the best position for these subs. As you guys know more about subwoofers than I do. I thought I would ask for a "gut" feel on this, because i can't position, measure and then re-position as required. They were purchase via this...
  4. Stuart Wright

    This forum and the AVForums position on the situation in Ukraine

    I'm not an expert on this war, but as the owner of the forum, the moderators follow my direction, and I want to make it clear how this forum about the war in Ukraine should be used. This forum has been created for several purposes which are hoped to have a positive effect, including, in general...
  5. Q

    Wharfedale EVO 4.2 owners - how bad do they perform when you are at a vertical offset/non-sweetspot position?

    I recently got gifted a pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.2 to start my first Hi(Mid)-Fi system. Obviously I want to make it right and dived head first into research, starting from the speakers themselves. I have no other components for the system yet and have no chance to audition them myself as I'm on...
  6. D

    Pan JZ980 image position

    I've just got a 65" JZ980. Picture is great, but I the picture goes right up to the bezel on one side but not quite on the other. It chops and changes this throughout the evenings viewings, sometimes right up to the bezel on the left side then not quite. If I run the test from menus it resets to...
  7. M

    Bad position of speakers for stereo: ideas for improvement

    Hello, recently I built my first in-room sound system (outside super-budget setups), primarily designed for home cinema. System is in living room that is still being finalized. Room is 3.6x9.2x2.4m and extends to the kitchen. Attached picture taken from listening position, ~3.4m from speakers...
  8. B

    KEF T series rear satellite position

    Hey everyone- long time lurker. I am making a move away from my sonos 5.1(playbar+sub+surrounds) to a dedicated HT setup. Wife is against towers and said she prefers in walls/low profile speakers. I came across the KEF T series satellite pack which seems to meet both my wife's needs to be...
  9. grims dale

    Rear Atmos position advice

    As you can see I have an old fire place so rear Atmos are in the corners seem to work ok but I recently put a shelf up so when sitting the right rear Atmos speaker is obscured by the shelf to my ears seems to sound ok or should I just move it forward a bit or should I reposition both of them...
  10. G

    Subwoofer position

    Hi I'm in the process of redecorating my sitting room so have the opportunity to reroute speaker cables My current Subwoofer is a Onkoyo SKW-501E I don't have the budget to upgrade this at the moment I think I need to as occasionally with sudden sounds I get a fuss...
  11. P

    position of in ceiling surround speakers

    Hi, I have a Sonos Arc soundbar and a pair of Sonance by Sonos in ceiling speakers which are meant to be used as surround speakers as marked on the scheme above in red. Question: where exactly should the in ceiling speakers best be placed? The ceiling is about 2.5m high, how far behind the...
  12. lee1980

    Van parked in bad position

    I know anyone can park where like in the road. Thankfully most houses in our road are off the road as have drives so not going to block windows/light etc. The guy is son or son inlaw across road and now has to 2 vans, and leaves this tall lwb Mercedes van parked opposite us and it just fits to...
  13. Helix Hifi

    How far do you sit from the speakers/listening position?

    Do you follow the ancient rule; the same distance between the speakers or not? In my opinion you don’t get the perfect soundstage If you don’t. For atmosphere I stream Jazz At Pawnshop. Depth Ballad of Runaway Horse by Jennifer Warner. Dynamics Pink Floyd. I also have the speakers 80 cm from...
  14. McBainUK

    OK to position a soundbase to the side of the TV (instead of underneath)...?

    Would it be OK to position a soundbase on shelving to the side of a wall mounted TV? I am concerned that if it's not close & central to the TV the sound experience will be strange. If it makes a difference the soundbase is a Cambridge Audio TV2.
  15. Mr Wolf

    MiniDSP subwoofer calibration/integration microphone position dilemma

    Here's the thing. I've just bought a MiniDSP 2X4HD and now have a bit of a dilemma about where to position the UMIK-1 for subwoofer calibration/integration purposes. The dilemma stems from the fact that neither of the two seats that are used >90% of the time (seats #2 and #3 in picture below)...
  16. T

    Sub Woofer position

    Is it advisable to position my sub woofer on the opposite end of the room from my TV next to my rear speakers? I ask because i may purchase a system that requires the rear speakers to be connected to the sub and i don't want to run a long set of wires.
  17. pixel8

    Heatsink position

    Hi all... Part of my graphics card heatsink covers up/sits above my 2nd pcie port. My question is can i turn the heatsink round to give more space in order to access the port? My card is a geforce-gt-1030 (MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Silent / Low Profile 2GB DDR4 Graphics Card - Novatech). The...
  18. TB303

    Where should I position speakers in this room?

    Hello people, I want to do a 'proper' (if modest) home cinema set up. My room has slightly unusual proportions and SWMBO has some funny ideas about putting the sofa (main listening position) inside a nook in the rear wall... She also insists on small (not cube-like) speakers so I'm basically...
  19. O

    Advice on position of security cameras needed

    Hi guys, had a cctv engineer over this evening. I told him which room we would like the NVR to live (1st flr small bedroom). I was previously advised to run the cable for the front camera along the skirtingboard in the small bedroom, through an internal wall in to the 2nd bedroom and then...
  20. D

    5.1.4 atmos in-ceiling speaker choice and position

    I currently have a large room with a 3.2 setup (86m/ 925ft squared floor plan attached) I can’t have rear surrounds at the moment as they would have to be on a stand and the kids would knock them over. I luckily have someone willing to help wire up ceiling speakers for me so I’m now going down...
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