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  1. T

    SEAGATE Gaming Portable Hard Drive for PS4 - 2 TB, Black & Blue Is this a good one to use for PS4 games on PS5

    Has anybody any experience on using SEAGATE Gaming Portable Hard Drive for PS4 - 2 TB, Black & Blue £62.99 from Curry's For holding games from a PS4 to then be used on a PS5 Console? Thanks for any help.
  2. J

    Is my portable hard drive failing?

    I have CrystalDisk installed on my PC which checks the health of the installed drives and warns of any issues. When I plugged in my portable hard drive into the desktop PC a caution was issued by CrystalDisk indicating that the drive was not healthy. When I had finished the backup I was doing...
  3. mmurdoch

    Portable hard drive for Xbox one

    Morning all that time again we’re junior wants another portable hard drive for his Xbox one. Did buy from Argos the Seagate 2TB Portable 2 Year Rescue Service back in 2016 as it was on a deal for £40 sh, it lasted a few year I think then gave up & I never bothered replacing it. With game data...
  4. 40something

    Portable Hard Drive for LG TV?

    Hello I'm looking at using a portable hard drive (500GB-1TB) using my TV's USB and was hoping you can tell me which ones work well. Using a LG UJ635 4K TV want it for film storage maybe recording. Thanks
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