1. G

    How to stop 'Please agree to the voice recognition feature' message popping up on LG G1

    Does anyone know how to stop 'Please agree to the voice recognition feature' popping up. Ive not clicked I accept as I don't want Alexa to keep popping up. So when don't tick the tick box it keeps popping up with this message. Please help So I have 2 choices 1. Agree to the voice recognition...
  2. G

    How to stop Alexa from popping up on LG G1

    Does anyone know how to stop Alexa from popping up on LG G1, its making me want to send the TV back.
  3. TiRaNy4u

    No channels installed keeps popping up

    Hi all, Recently bought a Philips 58PUS8545. Every time I switch on the TV I receive a popup telling me "No channels Installed. To install TV channels now, select Install and press OK". I have a HDMI cable box that gives me all the channels I need. So I need to get rid of that popup. How can I...
  4. N

    Active Computer Speakers - Static and popping from Left only

    Hi all! New to the forum, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. I just purchased a used set of Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II speakers without a power supply. The OEM supply is 27v DC, which I don't have. I have a standard 12v AC adapter which fits, but when testing on the...
  5. Buckster666

    Yamaha ysp 4300 subwoofer popping noise

    I have had the Yamaha YSP-4300 Soundbar for about several years now. Within the last months the subwoofer will make a popping noise when connected via a1 to a3 and b1 to b3 wireless setting, and won't connect to the sound bar if set to c1, c2 or c3. Of which c3 was the main wireless connection I...
  6. tomandjo2

    Onkyo TX-SR607 sound popping then going off.

    After a few minutes of being on sound start to pop then go off, currently testing with two analogue inputs. All of small heat sinks either side of the orange pots in the photos get REALLY hot within a few mintues so wondering if problem could be related, no other heat issues in unit thus far.
  7. I

    Home cinema popping speakers issue

    Hi I have a Panasonic 5.1 dvd player home cinema which is connected to my tv via twin black and red cable. Recently im getting an annoying popping and and screaching sound from the speakers even when the volume is down to zero or the tv is off. The only way to stop it is to turn off the dvd...
  8. Q

    Hdmi notification popping up

    Hi all, basically I turned to main plug off at wall last night, now today the hdmi notification keeps popping up.
  9. eob

    Brick faces popping off

    Is there any reason why the brick faces would suddently pop off from my outside wall? I understand how it happens, moisture gets in, freezes, expands and pops the front off. But I dont understand why it suddenly chose this winter to do it. There are a few other spots round the garden where...
  10. D

    75PUS6754 coloured boxes popping up

    Had anyone seen this with a TV just started happening, a rectangle like this has started to randomly flash up in the bottom right corner of the TV, can vary from green, purple or white, there's no consistency as to when it happens, just flashes up. I've raised it with Phillips support as it's...
  11. uwired

    Denon Home 250 Wireless Speaker - Popping and Clicking sounds

    Hi guys :), first time poster here so hopefully this is the right place to post this thread. I recently bought a (open box, unused) wireless Denon Home 250 speaker. And it's the first time I've had a dedicated wireless music speaker in the home. I'm having (what I think is an issue) where when...
  12. Blagmeister

    Question Subwoofer suddenly popping constantly

    Gah! I think my sub has just died! It just started popping repeatedly - won’t stop- even without the RCA cable in. I assume it’s a loose connection or a capacitor has gone. It’s a Monitor Audio W10 from a Bronze BX 5.1 - about 10 years old. Can these things be economically repaired? Where would...
  13. bradreed

    AudioLab 8000a popping and cracking

    Hi guys, Really not clued up on this kinda stuff at all and wondering if anyone could help. I’ve lived in this shared house for a couple months and there is a hifi setup with the above amp that no one uses ”cause it’s broke”. It’s a shame cause it seems like a really good amp thats going to...
  14. Danhifi

    Popping sound from speaker

    I was turning off my Rotel a14 cd player and the left speaker made a popping sound. Tried to replicate the situation....couldn't. thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  15. A

    Sony ps lx310bt turntable popping sound

    Just set up my new Son’s xmas turntable system and we are getting annoying random cracks/pops with all his new Vinyls. Anyone suggest why/a fix? system Sony ps lx310bt turntable Marantz CR611 CD receiver Mission LX1 speakers Can’t be setup conflict as it crackles/pops on Bluetooth connection...
  16. tigermad

    Google Home Hub screen keeps popping up since update

    Since the last update that changed the home hub quite a lot, every day on the hour every hour a screen pops up on the home hub that has all shortcuts for weather and my home automation tiles etc. It is very distracting and I can’t find a way to disable it. Does anyone know? Thanks
  17. G

    Question Onkyo HT-RZ800. Amp faulty popping Center speaker.

    Here we go. I’ve just upgraded my TX NR609 receiver with a Onkyo RZ800. Purchased via Facebook & met up with guy as he lived far away & purchased amp. Perfect working order & mint condition. Got amp home & set up & soon found there was a problem ! When I turn amp off a get a thump/pop from...
  18. themoid

    Popping noises / sounds bleed through - help please

    Hi all, I have a Marantz SR7012 connected to a Musical Fidelity M5Si for HT bypass. When using just the M5Si to drive the front pair of speakers all is fine (eg from a turntable). When using a source using the two amps together (such as Sky Q) there are soft popping noises from the front...
  19. D

    Ms309 popping what to replace with

    Hi Folks I have had my mordant short 309 for many years now and have loved it, it has recently been through one repair a relay replacement which brought it back from the dead. Unfortunately now it has started popping randomly even when sub cable disconnected so I fear I need to replace. I...
  20. B

    Yamaha RX V673 cutting out and making crackle and popping noises.

    Hi As per the thread title, my amp starting to make loud crackling noises through the speaker a few weeks ago. The noises would stop 5 mins or so after having the amp turned on but this gradually became more frequent and now the sound disappears completely and only returns if I faff about with...
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