1. T

    Help find me a song with its music video description!

    Hi! So just a background story I found this song years ago while listening to Lenka’s music on YouTube (early 2010). So this artist I can’t find has the same kind of calming British/Australian accent music like her. The artist stars in the music video just driving in a jeep with her friends...
  2. nwgarratt

    Gmail POP and SMTP servers not working

    Since around 10PM last night, my Thunderbird program stopped downloading and sending Gmail emails. Has anyone got the same? I can still see my messages on the Gmail website.
  3. spid908

    pop up cinema room

    I've built a craft room, school room, canteen room in a shed on a farm, adjoining my workshop. Having a Sony Projector (VPL-VW90ES) I'd thought I'd do a pop up cinema room for the kids you understand, I've got a wall at one end 3450mm wide ready for painting, so the main question is what's the...
  4. plymman

    Do different turntables have more surface noise? Crackle, pop etc..

    This might sound like a silly question but do some turntables show more surface noise than others? I had a Rega P1 that sounded great, very little surface noise at all but I had to send it back because it had an issue with hum/buzz. I borrowed a Project Essentials 3 and this shows much more...
  5. A

    Question Right channel pop after turning on amplifier (Arcam Delta 60)

    Hi there (this is my first post - just an FYI)... Yesterday I purchased a second-hand Arcam Delta 60 amplifier (I think from the early 90s). After turning the amp on, a pop comes out of the right channel after about 2-3 seconds. I've determined it's the right channel after switching speakers...
  6. S

    Question Marantz SR5015 loud noise followed by flashing light

    Hello all, I moved into a new house (good grounding) 5 years ago with a nice Dali 5.1 set connected to a Marantz SR5009 and never had any problems with it. Because I wanted to add Dali atmos speakers and HDMI 2.1, I upgraded my receiver to an SR5015. The problem is that this receiver makes a...
  7. Delta38

    Music DVDs Collections.

    Hi all Just wondering what people have a Music DVD Collection ? If so what do they have , How many ? I hope this was not already a Thread ? There are some good Concerts / Albums out but You Tube seems to be Cutting the choices back Heavily ? Nice to Listen to your Favorite Music without Ads or...
  8. Olly Gark

    Unwanted pop up at start up

    Desktop PC, Windows 10 Pro fully up to date. Did a driver update, now I get this pop up when I start the computer - see photo. It goes away when I click the "x" in the corner, but appears again when I restart. No other unwanted issues with graphics display, so don't need or want the Nvidia...
  9. S

    Panasonic FZ950 65" lost its pop

    Hello to all. I have had a panasonic fz950ou 65" for a week now and notice a weird drop in colour, what normally is an amazing vibrant colourful display is now washed out, dull, & no longer has the pop this TV is capable of displaying. Anyone had similar issues? This is actually the 3rd TV from...
  10. I

    Question Help to stop the 'ERROR Unable to Connect to Network' on Q70 when it is powered on

    This error box appears about 80% of the time when I initially power on Q70. There is absolutely no connection error (to my knowledge) and I can immediately stream any app while the “error’ box” is still displayed on my screen. It takes about 30 seconds for box to show and remains about a...
  11. K

    Notification pop up

    Hi I am new here I have problem with pop up notification about privacy policy to review anyone else have the same?
  12. Linkadventurer

    Question Eltax Liberty 712 Subwoofer makes Loud booming pop sound when going onto standby

    Hi everyone :) I have recently purchased an old Eltax liberty 712 subwoofer. ever since I have plugged it in, Every time the subwoofer goes to standby from I get a very loud booming pop and it makes me jump through the ceiling every time. I know this can't be good for the subwoofer... Or my...
  13. D

    Question Pop up kitchen worktop socket

    I'm after a brushed stainless kitchen worktop socket. It must be single socket. Have been looking for ages and all I can find is 3 and 4 gang pop ups which are more office like. Always found these to be a bit of a gimmick but I want a socket next to my hob so I can run my George foreman, fryer...
  14. kBm

    Snap, Crackle and Pop

    Celebrating Chinese New Year in Chester, been my hometown now for 8 years. Sony A6000 & [email protected] ISO 200 F5.6 1/200th It was one of those events where the crowds packed the high street, so I had no control over moving or shooting a different angles. It was lady luck then, that the fire...
  15. danez

    Question Pure Tempus-1 Dab radio, same as the Evoke-1radio, a problem.

    Hi I have the above Dab radio, and has been working perfectly as bedside radio. The problem is that after someone keep twisting the Antenna, it has pulled the wire off of the pc board, perfectly simple fix, or so it seems, but nowhere can I find where the wire connects/solders back on. Does...
  16. Monkey666

    So last night my Panny went pop!

    my 8 year old 42" plasma died last night.....moments silence please...... So today I am looking at a quick purchase new TV. Got £1000 to spend, no more...prefer less. About to drive down to Curry's and get a Samsung UE55MU7070 (going to try and haggle down to Richer Sounds price of 920 that...
  17. R

    Loud pop from speakers when I turn off integrated amp

    I bet this question has been asked, I searched through google but couldnt find a solution. I have a Rotel RA 1570 int amp, when I turn off the amp, I hear a loud pop through the speakers. What's causing this and how can it be fixed?
  18. A

    Question Panasonic ub700/900 single pop through speakers when reading a disc

    Hi fellas, I now have a pana ub900 after returning a 700 because of a loud pop through the speakers when reading a disc. To my dismay I'm now experiencing exactly the same from my 900 :-( I have a Sony 55XD93 connected straight to the UB900 with an audioquest pearl cable. I also have a Sony...
  19. E

    Logitech Pop buttons and Harmony

    I can't get Logitech Pop button to control Harmony. It did work for a bit bit seems to have stopped. They control Smartthings devices, hue lights etc, but won;t seem to control functions through the Harmony Hub. I've added it and the Logitrehc software sees it to add it and the actual...
  20. JTguy

    Name that Tune...

    Hey guys, new to this, but I was wondering if any of y'all could give me a hand with naming a song. Just come back from a weekend trip to Amsterdam (it was AMAZING!) and on the first night me and my mates got drunk in a little pub which played this song. All we can remember was that the chorus...
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