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The English Poor Laws were a system of poor relief which existed in England and Wales that developed out of late-medieval and Tudor-era laws being codified in 1587–98. The Poor Law system was in existence until the emergence of the modern welfare state after the Second World War.
English Poor Law legislation can be traced back as far as 1536, when legislation was passed to deal with the impotent poor, although there is much earlier Tudor legislation dealing with the problems caused by vagrants and beggars. The history of the Poor Law in England and Wales is usually divided between two statutes, the Old Poor Law passed during the reign of Elizabeth I and the New Poor Law, passed in 1834, which significantly modified the existing system of poor relief. The later statute altered the Poor Law system from one which was administered haphazardly at a local parish level to a highly centralised system which encouraged the large-scale development of workhouses by Poor Law Unions.
The Poor Law system fell into decline at the beginning of the 20th century owing to factors such as the introduction of the Liberal welfare reforms and the availability of other sources of assistance from friendly societies and trade unions, as well as piecemeal reforms which bypassed the Poor Law system. The Poor Law system was not formally abolished until the National Assistance Act 1948, with parts of the law remaining on the books until 1967.

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  1. S

    Bad drone camera help?

    Hi, I’m new to this, but I was wondering if anyone knows much about changing the drone camera. I purchased the red 5 hornet FPV with gps drone recently and following the first flight I realised that the camera is pretty rubbish. I’m I able to change the camera and If so do you have any...
  2. Rocketrazor

    Roku Express HD Poor Picture Quality

    Hi All, I have just received and set up a Roku Express HD device and I'm rather underwhelmed with the picture. It's set to 1080p (though cable supplied only good for 720p!) using my own cable. I have installed it and loaded the WWE Network onto it. I have this on my PS4 as well but the PS4...
  3. S

    Freesat box problem: very poor picture

    My tv picture is constantly jumping,flickering and becoming very grainy.It will settle down for a few hours,but then start flickering and the picture breaks up.It must be related to the freesat box itself.Here are some pictures to illustrate what is happening to my TV:-(the make is Grundig...
  4. SRT

    Google tv app appears to cause poor picture but the Sky tv app does not!

    I have been experiencing frequent issues with the Sony Google tv app on my KD-55A1 oled. I’ve posted elsewhere about frequent dimming picture quality issues but there seemed to be no response. So after exhaustive trials it appears to be connected to the Google app on the tv. Watching a Netflix...
  5. B

    Poor picture on non HD channels through coax

    Hi After switching from a sky q box to the old coax arial cable on my little kitchen tv, non HD channels are horribly pixelated but HD is absolutely fine. Any suggestions as to why this might be? Thank you.
  6. L

    Poor picture quality - pixellation - Channel 4 and 5 SD

    Has anyone else noticed this ? Wondering if they've dropped the data rate/whatever as a result of the Red Bee incident ?
  7. J

    Poor Picture quality of LG OLED77C1 when streaming on YoutubeTv or Fubo

    Picture quality watching American football is pixelated on YouTubeTV as well as some other tv programs. What could be a solution? Is it the programming or does anything that is not 4k just not look good?
  8. V

    Is it normal to have exceptionally poor picture quality from Sky Q (LG C1 77)?

    I have recently upgraded to the 77" LG C1 from a 65" Samsung KS8000. Previously the Samsung - a 5 year old LED TV - handled upscaling exceptionally well, and HD channels looked sharp. However, all Sky HD material looks exceptionally blurry. Watching Arsenal v Brentford on Sky One HD was like...
  9. rogercr

    Bargain Expired NEW TV? - NO NEED - TIP

    It's not generally recommended but I've found that increasing the 'sharpness', under settings, has drastically improved the clarity of my two oldish televisions to the extent that I'm no longer looking to purchase a 4k TV. My main TV is a SONY KDL55W807 which is the same as the W805 except for...
  10. dawson001

    Sky Q poor picture quality - HELP

    Recently "upgraded" to Sky Q after my old HD box stopped working however the picture quality has been nowhere near as good as the old HD box....its really soft and slightly pixilated. I've tried numerous things such as changing Sky Q box settings from 1080i, 1080p and 2160p both 8 bit and 10...
  11. S

    Question Epson TW7400 - poor picture!

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with setting up projector with optimal settings on the TW7400 please. I've just bought one, but am disappointed with the picture quality. I'm using alongside a high speed HDMI cable coming out of a Humax box 1100S, into the projector. Over weekend I was...
  12. F

    Question Toshiba poor picture

    55u2963DBT 2 weeks old Can a clear picture be obtained
  13. lunazero

    Question Why has Sky Netflix app poor picture but better sound than LG app?

    Wondering if anyone can offer advice on the following please... After using Sky Q Silver 2TB with my LG OLED 55E6V I noticed that SD content looks terrible especially when viewed on the Sky box. HD looks fairly good and UHD looks exceptional (even without HDR as don't think Sky support this...
  14. I

    "The Outsider" poor picture quality

    Anyone else think this looks awful? I watched episode 1 last night and it contains obvious banding/contouring in some dark scenes. The worst example is at 6 minutes in (the downloaded version) when the guy who discovered the body is being interviewed, just before you see him in shot. It's a...
  15. Stevea123

    Poor picture quality on 4k TV

    Hi all, Purchased a new Toshiba 55 inch 4k tv on black Friday sales which of course was a bargain and big upgrade to our previous tv. Only issue is on HD channels the picture is good but on standard quality channells it is very poor. Pixelated and dark colours been blurry make it almost...
  16. D

    Poor picture ,Sky strength on oled?

    Hi Thanks for the acceptance . Im a newbie . Sorry if this is dumb question . Ive just bought Sony 55 ag8 after reading great reviews about picture quality , but im so disappointed . ( and now skint !) The picture is poor ( soft ) when watching Sky hd channels . Would this be because of poor...
  17. N

    Poor picture quality LED

    I today purchased a LG55UM7660PLA after looking at the excellent reviews, and comparing against Hisense, Sony and Philips in stores i really could not see any difference in picture quality. I have assembled and done a basic set up but the picture quality from my sky box is really appalling, its...
  18. paulpts

    Question really poor picture

    Hello all. Just purchased a new LG smart television.model no LG50UM745OP LA with 4000K Its a 50" The problem i have is that the picture is really rubbish connected to my roof arial on freeview. My old TVs picture was excellent(not smart TV) I am no expert so cannot understand why i cannot...
  19. John G

    Amazon Fire TV stick 4K poor picture

    Hi, I have a KD-43XE8005. I have only just got access to fast broadband and have enabled 'up to 4K streaming' on the Fire stick and have also enabled HDR mode and have switched on enhanced HDMI signal format for HDMI 2 and 3 on the TV. My Fire stick is in HDMI 3. The problem I have is any 4K...
  20. A

    Poor picture quality in assisted living facility (shared signal)

    We recently had to move my grandmother into an assisted living facility, and her TV picture quality is terrible. They have some sort of set up (probably off a satellite?) that doesn't require her to have a cable box, just plug into a coax connection, but still gets cable channels like ESPN. She...
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