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  1. L

    Poor picture quality - pixellation - Channel 4 and 5 SD

    Has anyone else noticed this ? Wondering if they've dropped the data rate/whatever as a result of the Red Bee incident ?
  2. J

    Poor Picture quality of LG OLED77C1 when streaming on YoutubeTv or Fubo

    Picture quality watching American football is pixelated on YouTubeTV as well as some other tv programs. What could be a solution? Is it the programming or does anything that is not 4k just not look good?
  3. V

    Is it normal to have exceptionally poor picture quality from Sky Q (LG C1 77)?

    I have recently upgraded to the 77" LG C1 from a 65" Samsung KS8000. Previously the Samsung - a 5 year old LED TV - handled upscaling exceptionally well, and HD channels looked sharp. However, all Sky HD material looks exceptionally blurry. Watching Arsenal v Brentford on Sky One HD was like...
  4. rogercr

    Bargain NEW TV? - NO NEED - TIP

    It's not generally recommended but I've found that increasing the 'sharpness', under settings, has drastically improved the clarity of my two oldish televisions to the extent that I'm no longer looking to purchase a 4k TV. My main TV is a SONY KDL55W807 which is the same as the W805 except for...
  5. dawson001

    Sky Q poor picture quality - HELP

    Recently "upgraded" to Sky Q after my old HD box stopped working however the picture quality has been nowhere near as good as the old HD box....its really soft and slightly pixilated. I've tried numerous things such as changing Sky Q box settings from 1080i, 1080p and 2160p both 8 bit and 10...
  6. S

    Question Epson TW7400 - poor picture!

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with setting up projector with optimal settings on the TW7400 please. I've just bought one, but am disappointed with the picture quality. I'm using alongside a high speed HDMI cable coming out of a Humax box 1100S, into the projector. Over weekend I was...
  7. F

    Question Toshiba poor picture

    55u2963DBT 2 weeks old Can a clear picture be obtained
  8. lunazero

    Question Why has Sky Netflix app poor picture but better sound than LG app?

    Wondering if anyone can offer advice on the following please... After using Sky Q Silver 2TB with my LG OLED 55E6V I noticed that SD content looks terrible especially when viewed on the Sky box. HD looks fairly good and UHD looks exceptional (even without HDR as don't think Sky support this...
  9. I

    "The Outsider" poor picture quality

    Anyone else think this looks awful? I watched episode 1 last night and it contains obvious banding/contouring in some dark scenes. The worst example is at 6 minutes in (the downloaded version) when the guy who discovered the body is being interviewed, just before you see him in shot. It's a...
  10. Stevea123

    Poor picture quality on 4k TV

    Hi all, Purchased a new Toshiba 55 inch 4k tv on black Friday sales which of course was a bargain and big upgrade to our previous tv. Only issue is on HD channels the picture is good but on standard quality channells it is very poor. Pixelated and dark colours been blurry make it almost...
  11. D

    Poor picture ,Sky strength on oled?

    Hi Thanks for the acceptance . Im a newbie . Sorry if this is dumb question . Ive just bought Sony 55 ag8 after reading great reviews about picture quality , but im so disappointed . ( and now skint !) The picture is poor ( soft ) when watching Sky hd channels . Would this be because of poor...
  12. N

    Poor picture quality LED

    I today purchased a LG55UM7660PLA after looking at the excellent reviews, and comparing against Hisense, Sony and Philips in stores i really could not see any difference in picture quality. I have assembled and done a basic set up but the picture quality from my sky box is really appalling, its...
  13. paulpts

    Question really poor picture

    Hello all. Just purchased a new LG smart television.model no LG50UM745OP LA with 4000K Its a 50" The problem i have is that the picture is really rubbish connected to my roof arial on freeview. My old TVs picture was excellent(not smart TV) I am no expert so cannot understand why i cannot...
  14. R

    Sony xf8505 poor picture clarity

    Hello everyone, I have just purchased the sony 49xf8505 to replace a 10ish year old sony bravia and im very disapointed with the picture clarity on HD channels imparticular. No matter what i watch on HD (VIRGIN V6 BOX) it looks oversaturated, out of focus, blurry and slightly fuzzy. Still...
  15. T

    Question Philips 40PFH6609 poor picture.

    Hi. new member-first post. Have owned this tv for 4 yrs after purchase from a french website. This was our second ambilight tv following a philips cineos 32inch from 2007. Of late the 6609 has under performed, backgrounds , smoke and mid focus darks look muddy and feather edged. Motion seems to...
  16. D

    Question LG 43UJ635V Poor Picture

    Ive just bought a 43" LG 43UJ635V, i bought it mainly for the webOS and apps but also looking to dable a bit in 4k. Unfortunately im not at all impressed with the picture quality on the built in Freeview, HD is just about acceptable, but SD looks shocking and ITV2 has some sort of verticle...
  17. W

    Sony Bravia 55XE7002 - poor picture

    Hi all Sony was always a good brand name when I was a kid and I have just bought a Bravia 55XE7002 after reading rave reviews, but find that it isn't as good as my 5 year old Samsung 40" TV. I have messed about with the settings for a week and still find that in particular HD Freeview content...
  18. S

    KD65xE9005 poor picture advice

    Hi All I posted this on the owners thread before I realised I could make my own thread I have had the KD65XE9005 for a few months now but have been busy with work/family so not really had time to have a play up until now. We have an Xbox one X with Planet Earth 2 4k edition and normal sky hd...
  19. bradjhicks1984

    Poor Picture Quality Sony KD-49XE9005

    Hello, This is my first time I've posted on this forum but I'm at the end of my tether with an issue that is making me pull my hair out. I purchased a Samsung TV a couple of months ago and had an issue where connected devices via HDMI would "drop out" for a second every 10-20 minutes. I also...
  20. Harkon321

    Poor picture quality - blocky pixels on dark scenes. Compression artefacts?

    I'm using a Roku 3 with iplayer, Now TV and Netflix. These output via HDMI to my Denon 4200 then to either my Sony Bravia 751 tv or Epson projector. Iplayer is borderline unwatchable. Any dark scenes look like a screenshot from minecraft. Tonight we watched a film on Netflix (HD). Nowhere...
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