1. TomDaPom

    New Setup Help 7.1.2 or 5.1.4

    Hi all, In a month's time I will be moving into my own place where I intended to expand my audio and step it up a level. At the moment I'm running a 5.1 system using a Yamaha RXV685, Polk S60s for fronts, S30 centre, S20s for rears and a HTS12 sub. I'm planning on upgrading the amp to a...
  2. B

    KEF Q400B or Polk HTS10?

    Hi guys, Newbie here. Desperately need some help. I am setting up my first "mini home theater" in my living room (3.8m x 4.2m). No special accoustic treatment in the room, but it has a room-sized carpet. It will be a 5.1.2 setup (Dolby Atmos), anchored by a Marantz 5015. It has 4 KEF Q100...
  3. Scott Wright

    Bargain Polk Audio React Soundbar Reduced from £249 to £179. Expires 22/06/21

    POLK AUDIO React Soundbar for Surround Sound, TV Speakers for Home Cinema Sound System, Alexa Built-In, Night / Movie / Music-Mode, Wall Mountable, Universal Compatibility There is a separate deal on the same page for 25% off some Polk Audio SR2 wireless surround sound speakers, might be...
  4. B

    Advice on buying new set up

    I know this probably gets asked God knows how many times a week, but been out of the home cinema stuff for ages and don't know what's good and what's not anymore. But I'm looking to buy a whole new system again. So I've been looking at the Polk signature range S55 S20 S30 With a svs pb1000 pro...
  5. PolkChop

    Preamp for microphone in, karaoke

    Not new to the forum, but newly registered. Need some preamp advice: I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 AV receiver that has a dedicated Zone 2, which I intend to use for the microphone in a karaoke setup. I will of course be using the main zone to run audio tracks and video to lyrics, etc. I do not...
  6. MrRoarke

    Speaker suggestions for Marantz PM6007

    Looking for some speaker suggestions for my Marantz PM6007. My purpose is only for 2 channel, or 2.1 stereo music listening, depending on whether or not I'm getting enough bass from the speakers. Budget maximum is roughly $1500 for the pair. I was looking into the Polk S60's, and S55's as...
  7. mcamenzuli

    Polk S15e vs Q Acoustics 3020i

    What is the best purchase between Polk S15e and the Q Acoustics 3020i? Planning on using the speakers as a surround for the TV and also connected to an LP Player. Thanks!!
  8. ffssmarco58

    Question Polk Audio RC65i

    How good would these in walls be for homecinema
  9. W

    Yamaha RX-V4A with Polk Subwoofer HTS-12

    Hi, I am not getting any signal between my newly received Yamaha RX-V4A and Polk HTS-12 subwoofer. Here's what I've done - I have a new RCA cable connected from RX-V4A (Pre-Sub Out) to HTS-12 (LFE port). - Set the RX-V4A speaker configuration to Use Sub, set speakers to small, set crossover at...
  10. A

    Question Polk Signature vs Martin Logan Motion

    Hiya! I am looking to upgrade my home theater setup and need some help. I have a Yamaha RX-V685 receiver and 2 Musiccast 20 satellite speakers. I am looking at the either Polk Signature or Martin Logan Motions for my center and fronts: Option 1: Martin Logan 8i and 2 4i bookshelves Option 2...
  11. Spaceman321

    Mismatched center speaker

    Hello, My current home audio system consists of a Denon amplfier (x250bt - cheapest 5.1 AVR amp out there at the time) and a pair of Mission LX2s (seemed to sound best to me at the time). I always had the intention on expanding to a 5.1 system, and knew that it would be best to do so wihtin...
  12. A

    Dali Oberon 7 vs Polk signature s55

    I am confuse about this two speakers. Please help i like deep bass with clear sound. Dali oberon 7 vs Polk signature s55 My current amp Marantz pm6006. Room size 18x19sqf.
  13. J

    Polk T50 and T30 as LCR behind AT screen

    Can I Place Polk T50 and T30 as LCR behind AT screen, if yes then 1. what will be the distance from AT screen and wall. 2. What will the positions of all three in terms of distance and orientation.
  14. A

    Advice Needed: In Wall/Ceiling Speakers

    I am looking for some advice on in wall/ceiling speakers and brands for my Atmos home theater(7.1.4). The theater is being used for movies, sports, and gaming. I am in Canada, so not all the brands youd see in the U.S. are available for the same prices or at all. I have been looking at the...
  15. dajusta

    Question Klipsch R-820F vs Polk RTI A3

    Hi, I am a person that enjoys 90% movies and 10% music. I currently have the Polk RTI A3 bookshelf speakers and think they could be a little too small? The room I am in is 15x20 I found a pair of floorstanding speakers, the Klipsch R-820F on sale for about $900 CAD all in. I'd like to hear...
  16. L

    Building signature series polk speaker system. Thoughts?

    Hello again everyone, This is my second thread. I thought I would just get some input from you guys with regards to a system Im wanting to build. The speakers are as follows. I have a small living room. S50 Signature polk standing speakers (pair) S10 signature satellite speakers (pair) S35...
  17. G

    Question 5.1.4 dolby atmos yamaha or polk?

    Hi folks I am planning to build up my home theatre system. Would like to know your thoughts/suggestions on the following configs for a 11ft X 12 ft room with 5.1.4 config and the seating at the back wall. Config 1: Polk with Onkyo AVR: Onkyo TX-RZ 730 Center: Polk T30 Front Left/Right: Polk...
  18. mhweb

    Found deal, I need quick answer, should I get the Polk S10 for rear speakers? is it worth it?

    Advise, should return one pair, and get the S10 instead for the reair? These are the same price as I paid the S15. So I was trying to build this setup: Yamaha RX-V685 SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer x1 Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speakers x1 Polk Signature Series S15 Bookshelf Speakers...
  19. mhweb

    Question Q Acoustics 3020i or Polk Audio Signature Series S10 for 5.1 sound system setup?

    I'm planning to build a home theater sound system with the Yamaha RX-V685, but I have a small room, and I've looking for speakers, and I think I narrowed it down to the Q Acoustics 3020i and Polk Audio Signature Series S10 speakers. So, my question is, do I'll be losing a lot of quality if go...
  20. Jamie jungle

    Question Best speakers

    Hi there I'm trying to find out if the TDR RTL 2 or the Polk t50 would be better for me to put with a Denon pma 520ae amplifier
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