1. nheather

    How do they fit charging points

    My wife has ordered a Nissan Leaf which gets delivered in November. Looking into charging points and coming down to three options, Podpoint, Rolec and Chargemaster. The favourite at the moment is Podpoint simply because they provide the most information on their website. The other two have...
  2. P

    POE access points setup

    If I wanted to set up four ubiquiti PoE access points throughout my home, should I buy a dedicated ubiquiti PoE switch? Here's my current setup: * Virgin Media Super Hub in modem mode connected to an ASUS RT-AC66U Router (ethernet only, WiFi on this is off). * The ASUS router is connected to a...
  3. H

    2 access points, same SSID, powerline setup not working

    Hi guys, Hoping you might be able to help me. I have a little knowledge in networking, but as they say a little knowledge is dangerous. I've moved back in with my parents and needing to work and I'm having trouble with their wireless network. They have a virgin media 3.0 hub, which I've...
  4. C

    Unifi Access Points

    Afternoon all, has anyone used the unifi products. I know they seem more professional and high end but price wise its not to bad. Mainly looking at their access points etc.. Thanks
  5. Damian83

    AV Receiver with more calibration points

    Hi, i want to replace my sony dn1080 with a new av receiver. less than one year ago i asked same question here and the answer was that only some yamaha's allow to calibrate more points (2) so i gave up and bought this piece of crap. i renew my question (maybe something changed meanwhile). if the...
  6. SimonB91

    Question Best True Wireless earphones (At different price points)

    Hi all, I was hoping to get your views on the best ‘True Wireless’ earphones at different price points and whether the increase in cost justifies the benefits received. I have spent a lot of time looking and the announcement of the Apple AirPod Pro’s has encouraged me to ask you all the...
  7. T1berious

    The trouble with tribbles (or multiple powerline networking points)

    1st world problems... We have a 3 floor Victorian house. It comes with all the things that any techie loathes (walls made of unobtainium and it's self generating force field that kills mobile phone signals quicker than a Cyberdyne model 101 in search of Sarah Connor ) but it has character...
  8. BobbyMac

    Question Extending VM Coax to suit TV Cabinet / Network Points

    Just did a self install and about 3 metres short to extend from the VM wall socket to where my TV, Amp & Network devices are located Would I be able to simply run this old VM install coax cable shown in the picture and buy a barrel adaptor similar to the one in the photo (except end shown would...
  9. IronGiant

    Compulsory Charging Points for New homes

    Electric car points in all new homes planned Sounds like a good plan.
  10. A

    Answered Data points installation

    I am doing complete electric rewiring at home, which got full of old aluminium cables. Electrician is going to start the work shortly and I am wondering if I can/should install some data points also. I have found some old threads in this forum and elsewhere, but, in 2018, are they really needed...
  11. Solomon Grundy

    High and Low Points of 2017

    What have yours been, in no particular order? High: Work success Bought a new TV Built a new en-suite bathroom Started landscaping the garden Installed new windows Son made it onto the school footie team Daughter and Son both achieved red belt Jiu Jitsu Nothing too dramatic happened...
  12. MickyLuv

    Question Fixing points for wall mounting on LG OLED55C7V

    I'm getting this model of TV on Wednesday. I already have a very substantial articulated wall mounting system from my previous TV. Can anyone please tell me the dimensions of the fixing bolt holes so that I can ensure I get the right fixing plate set up ready? Also with my previous Sony TV I...
  13. W

    Ceiling mount Centre speaker with no mount points?

    I have this centre speaker and want to ceiling mount it above the TV so the bottom is exposed. but there are no mount points on it anywhere any ideas on how to do it...
  14. chancy007

    Bargain Rakuten 1000 points offer

    Ok guys anyone still registered with Rakuten.co.uk there is an offer for 3 days only where you get 1000 points worth £10 when you make a purchase through them to any online retailer like HMV, Zavvi ,Zoom, Base.com etc plus you get cashback on the purchases Zavvi you get 20% Thats a cool £10...
  15. mind13

    Virgin superhub 3 modem mode - Netgear r7000, 2 acces points- 1 vpn

    Hello, i hope some technical minded members can help with my networking issue. I currently have superhub 3. I also have a Netgear R7000 router which is currently on stock firmware. However I can upgrade to any FW built. What i would like to do and need help with. 1) keep virgin router in...
  16. E

    Petrol Stations to Install Electric Charge Points

    This is interesting: Queen's Speech: Petrol stations to go electric - BBC News "Petrol stations and motorway services will be required to install electric charge points, under plans outlined in the Queen's Speech. The measure forms part of a government push to increase the number of electric...
  17. R

    Question How to connect wifi points and cctv to solid cat6

    Hi there, I am planning to wire my house with cat6 connected to a central patch panel. I will be using solid core cat6 and was wondering what the best way to connect ceiling mounted wifi points and cctv cameras to solid cat6. I understand there are a few ways to do this such as terminate the...
  18. Stuart Wright

    How do I charge my electric car using public charging points?

    More specifically, What are the different charging point companies? (Are they called companies or networks or what?) Do people use them all or choose specific ones and only use only certain charging points? If so, which charging point company should I choose? Is it possible to use all the...
  19. F

    Answered Building new house - Wireless Mesh system or Access points?

    Hi, I am building my house from grounds up. It's around 4500 sq.feet. I am kinda confused on what kind or wireless system I should be using around my house. I am spreading Ethernet wires around the house to ensure that any device that may have an Ethernet port gets internet through wire...
  20. sykotik

    Installing wifi in a large building with access points

    I'm wanting to a wifi system in my place of work . I work at a pub and the managers are wanting to have the option of having free wifi through out the pub, now the build is big , at about 50m x 30m and there's no way one single router with wifi is going to cover the building , ( i know this...
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