1. M

    For Sale Ubiquiti UniFi - US-24-250W PoE Network Switch

    Hi All, I have for sale a UniFi US-24-250W PoE Network Switch approx 18month old, in great condition has been in rack since new and never touched since Full details; UniFi Switch PoE+ 24 (250W)
  2. A

    Wanted Hikvision POE camera(s)

    Hi All, looking for some Hik cameras to complement my existing setup. I’m looking for one indoor one something basic and small to focus on one small area Also some outdoor ones, these additional ones will only be for watching nature so as long as they work I’m not overly concerned with...
  3. Techie_89

    Wanted PoE Switch 5 port / 8 port etc - To work with AC AP LR’s

    Preferably Unifi small switch but open to others.
  4. inkinoo

    For Sale UniFi US-16-150W and US-24-250W PoE Network Switches

    Bought new by me and have lived in my comms rack ever since, only selling as I am upgrading to a 48 port version as I need more ports. For those who know, these are really great switches and work faultlessly. Almost certain I still have the original boxes but will double check. US-16-150W -...
  5. B

    24 Port POE unmanaged

    Hi, I need at least 24 ports Poe umanged switch...not all will be used for Poe, but I'm going to be running CCTV FTP through my pc and I want spare ports to future proof it. I'll also have a access point. Take a look at these 2 units I have found , both plug and play unmanaged and let me know...
  6. M

    Understanding POE Injector vs Switch

    Hi forum, I've just bought x2 REOLINK RLC 410 5MP cameras for my property. I currently have a 1 month old Sagemcom [email protected] 5364 Router that I use with Talk Talk internet. I'm wanting to run both these cameras over PoE. My booklet with the RLC 410's say that I must use an 802.3AF (48V) Switch...
  7. W

    4 channel OYN-X NVR, CCTV POE unit

    Hi Guys, I've been told by QVIS that my 4 year old unit isn't worth repairing. Domestic use only. So I'm looking for a reasonably priced replacement 4 channel POE unit , that will last longer and be easy to install and use. TIA
  8. T

    PoE Doorbell Camera?

    I am having the house rewired and networked so what are my best options for both ease of use and reliability - I am having full copper cat 6 cable installed throughout the house and was wondering should I also get a cat 6 cable terminating on my front door to setup a PoE doorbell camera? Or...
  9. M

    Recommendation for x2 POE outdoor cameras under £200

    Hi forum, As the title really. For the last year I've been running x2 NEOS/WAYZE indoor smart cameras in external housing out the front and rear of the house. And whilst, for £20 each they've done a great job during the day and for £20 provide brilliant features (custom activity zones, cloud...
  10. T

    POE IP camera or a wired camera with wifi?

    I am having a house rewired and I cannot decide what is the best option. I am having a back floodlight fitted so will have power connection - can this same connection be used to wire up a security camera or does it needs its own line? Or I can have a POE Camera installed instead with the...
  11. Loog

    HiLook CCTV system IP with POE and Ethernet over Power

    Hi, I'm looking for some help before I purchase my CCTV system. My garage is not connected to the house but I already have EOP connecting the two buildings together. I was looking to buy a systems that has POE for easier installation and single cable to connect up. I don't know much about these...
  12. Arcam_boy

    Question Lost both HiKvision cameras after disconnecting POE adaptor!!

    Hello, Since moving house I've been using TP Link POE adaptors for 'wired' internet to my games room as it wasn't possible to run cables inside the house. I've now managed to run a Cat6 Ethernet cable to the room and unplugged the POE in the room which was feeding all my bits n pieces...
  13. P

    POE access points setup

    If I wanted to set up four ubiquiti PoE access points throughout my home, should I buy a dedicated ubiquiti PoE switch? Here's my current setup: * Virgin Media Super Hub in modem mode connected to an ASUS RT-AC66U Router (ethernet only, WiFi on this is off). * The ASUS router is connected to a...
  14. DT79

    Question Mac based IP surveillance set-up advice needed

    Hi, I’m new to this, so please be gentle. I want to set-up a home surveillance set-up based around some POE IP cameras. Mainly looking to cover the exterior of my property, but may add one or two internal cameras as well. I don’t need recording 24/7, nor do I need to keep recordings for a...
  15. D

    Question POE 2 Way Audio Camera

    Ive just bought a hikvision nvr. My house is all done is cat6 csbles so i want POE cameras. One of the cameras need to be 2 way audio but cant seem to find a poe, 2 way cam Anybody see one before
  16. N

    IP sannce NVR POE CCTV system

    I have just upgraded my sannce NVR and got 4 more cameras. The new NVR has auto detected and connected to the new IP cameras but the 3 existing cameras are not being seen on the new NVR. The old cameras where also POE, IP cameras. The POE rj45 ports on back of NVR don’t even detect the older...
  17. drunkenjoiner

    Poe injector and or switch

    Ok guys here goes. In my home I have a Virgin Superhub 3 router and to be fair get great wifi in all corners of my house. Unfortunately that does not extend to my outside rear patio (router at front). I have looked at internal extenders, home plugs and repeaters in the hope that these internally...
  18. Arcam_boy

    Using POE CCTV cameras over powerline adaptors??

    Hello, Having moved house 6 weeks ago I'm just looking at my options for a couple of CCTV cameras. Although it'd no doubt make my life easier I don't want a wireless system and having looked at the Nest cams don't like the look of those either so will hopefully go down the HiK route if...
  19. Tricky-Ricky

    Cheap POE Security Camera System?

    Can anyone suggest a good resolution but cheap eBay IE Chinese system looking fo four cameras and recorder with night vision and motion tracking as i am forced to install one because of a real problem neighbor so i need to gather evidence in daylight but mostly after dark anyone had experience...
  20. J

    Question Cctv adviced needed

    Hi all, Not got someone to bounce the idea of the layout or what cameras to get, so any advice will be great. So this the layout of the house and what I was thinking of setup. The cctv box is a hikvision 32 channel which i already have. Garage Put coax cameras close to box House Link the...
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