1. F

    POE switch (with x8 100 Mbit + x4 1000 Mbit ports) and router recommendations (for 600 Mbit internet connection)

    I just switched to 600 mbit internet yesterday and I am looking to upgrade my home network. I am looking for: - POE SWITCH: I need x8 100 Mbit ports (802.3af) for IP cameras + x3 1000 Mbit ports (802.3af or passive 24V) for UNIFI UAP-AC-LR devices (at the moment I still use a single port...
  2. T

    Ceiling mounted wireless access points with POE

    I've had an AV company come out to setup my home networking and as part of that they've installed a ceiling mounted wireless access point on each floor (3 floors in total). It uses a Cat 6 cable with POE. The actual device they installed is a Cisco WAP 150. Apparently they work well together...
  3. ChrisGTL

    For Sale Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT

    Bought a couple of these and this one is surplus to requirements. Unused. £20 Inc P&P
  4. U

    Highest quality home POE system on the market?

    I'm looking to spec out and install a PoE system for my landlord. They have a pretty big drive and can afford to go high end (although not stupidly high for diminishing returns), what are my options for a really high quality camera system? Probably 5 cameras in total Are the 12MP ones about...
  5. goatywoaty

    POE CCTV - Have used Hikvision before - Any other good 4k cameras around?

    Hi everyone I installed a 4k POE Hikvision system at the last house in 2018 which was great, though a bit pricey. I'm wanting to install another system now at our new place, just one camera for now, but will install more later. Anyone got any recommendations for decent POE cameras and 4k...
  6. O

    60m Daisy Chain PoE Camera setup?

    Hi :-) I want to place cameras along a single PoE cable. I'll only be able to provide power at a single location by the NVR. I'll buy the kit to match the requirement. Is this easily doable? Thanks
  7. D

    IP POE Home Security Camera Suggestions

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any recommendations for good IP POE Security Cams, as my experience with these to date has been rather grim, and i will explain further; Prior to a loft conversion 10 years ago i was able to completely wire my house in cat 6 and now have sockets in all rooms in my...
  8. S

    POE CCTV Camera Setup

    Afternoon all, After the success from my post yesterday, and now having all the cat 6 cable etc i need, i'm now looking at POE CCTV Cameras so i can know the power usage before buying a POE switch The cameras i am looking at currently are the Reolink, and i will need to do a bit of mixing of...
  9. B

    PoE CCTV setup

    Hi all, i'm looking to get some advice on what cctv setup to purchase and install. two PoE style ones have caught my eye This Reolink one with 4 cameras and an NVR for £250 or This SANNCE with 4 cameras and NVR for £180 anyone got experience of any of them?
  10. sep8001

    UniFi 8 Port Switch POE

    Morning, Looking at buying UniFi 8 port Poe switch and cannot find any new ones available on the usuals sites. There is the new Lite version available from UniFi but looking a their site it states that it has an EU plug. Where else can I buy the 8 port switch, I have two AP that I need to...
  11. newbuild2020

    4K tv via cat 6 and Ethernet managed POE switch

    Hi Folks I have two x cat 6 cables going to each room in the house from a central comms room. I have a 48 Poe+ Ethernet switch in comms room and a sky Q box. I want to send sky Q around to each tv and was going to use a cat 6 to hdmi (4k) transmitter from the sky box and receivers at each tv...
  12. I

    POE Doorbell camera?

    Hello all. I am about to install a Reolink CCTV camera system in my home. One thing Reolink dont do is a doorbell camera. So looking on google, surprisingly there are very few POE camera doorbell out there. Is there one that you can reccomend that will be compatible with Reolink? I believe it...
  13. neilrlsmith

    Will this set up break the PoE chain...

    I have an outside IP camera in my carport that is plugged directly in to a PoE port of a switch in my house. About a metre form the IP camera itself (and inside my carport) the is a connector as the first cable wouldnt reach. I now want to add another device at that break point. So my question...
  14. T

    POE network switch keeps crashing

    I have a TP-Link PoE Switch 5-Port 100 Mbps connected to three security cameras. Two of these cameras are Hikvisions running on POE and the other camera is non-POE. The switch then connects to my main router which is also TP-LINK. Recently, this POE switch has been crashing about once a day. The...
  15. T

    Installing direct burial POE ethernet cables for IP cameras

    I'm looking to install several CCTV cameras outdoors, in a garden, each approximately 20-100 meters away from the main building. I've looked at some youtube videos on installing POE cables underground and it seems that some people also feed the cable through conduit. Conduit over a long distance...
  16. N

    Front door POE Camera

    Im after a camera for the front door to add to my existing Sannce cctv , I ve got 2 spare cameras but i cant mount them correctly on the fascia so was looking at dome camera. Nothing fancy Some thing cheap and cheerful really thats POE. thanks
  17. S

    New POE system for home

    Hi All, I am looking to install POE CCTV system at my home and needs some advice. I have done some research and have narrowed down to either HIKVision or ReoLink POE systems. However i need some advise in regard to which type of camera and NVR to install. Below is the list of my requrements...
  18. M

    Question CCTV for home POE

    Hi there. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a decent CCTV kit that’s POE and includes the following - 2tb hard drive, at least 4K, infrared for night vision, 2 way audio or single recording audio is fine, 8 channel dvr, accessible via an app and ideally the domed type cans. I know that...
  19. L

    Issues with POE Sansco System, any advice please 🙏

    Hi, new here, but really looking for some advice on what to do - options for what to do I guess. 2 weeks ago (ish), we installed (or rather had installed by our very tech savvy nephew) a Sansco security system. It uses the XMEye app on your phone. We also added a net gear signal booster for the...
  20. M

    Recommended POE CCTV system

    Hi, its time to upgrade my swann 720p cctv system. As its all wired up with Power Over Ethernet I'd prefer to use the same manner for powering the cameras on the new system. Only need 4 cameras and I'm no expert in this so if anyone can recommend an easy system to set up that would be great! Any...
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