1. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 175 - 10th April 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:00:23 – Salvage Hunters, the Northern Pony Club, African artwork and sick cats! 00:06:14 – Steve reviews the Sony XE93 Ultra HD TV 00:14:57 – ZTE announces first Android TV box to support Dolby Vision 00:16:37 – Hodge reviews the Zappiti Duo 4K media box 00:24:16 –...
  2. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 174 - 3rd April 2017

    00:01:02 – Competition winners 00:01:54 – Steve gets a look at Hisense’s new 4K TV line-up 00:14:54 – Samsung announce first HDR LED cinema screen 00:27:35 – Ed’s favourite album, vinyl release and playlist of the month 00:32:24 – Films of the month 00:41:40 – Films opening on Friday –...
  3. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 173 - 27th March 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:00:30 – Phil and Ed talk Wheeler Dealers (again) 00:09:45 – Competition winners 00:11:17 – Steve gets a look at Samsung’s new QLED TV line-up 00:24:28 – Ed group tests some earphones 00:26:23 – What are the best TVs for gaming? 00:35:38 – Steve reviews Beauty and the...
  4. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 172 - 20th March 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:00:26 – Beauty and a few beasts 00:05:40 – Competition winners 00:06:34 – Steve gets hands-on with LG’s W7 wallpaper OLED TV 00:24:28 – Philips announces new OLED and LCD TV ranges 00:31:27 – Samsung releases dates and pricing for QLED 00:40:25 – Hodge gives us his...
  5. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 171 - 6th March 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:00:28 – The team talk white goods 00:09:34 – Competition winners 00:11:19 – Sound United buy D+M Group 00:13:52 – HDR 10 and Dolby Vision added to mobile devices 00:19:52 – Steve reviews the Sony XE90 Ultra HD 4K TV 00:30:10 – Mark reviews the Wetek Play 2 Android Media...
  6. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 170 - 27th February 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:01:00 – RIP Bill Paxton and Oscar predictions 00:11:23 – Current competitions 00:12:46 – Steve and Ed’s thoughts on the Bristol Sound and Vision Show 00:30:20 – The Nintendo Switch goes on sale this week but will Mark buy one? 00:41:53 – Ed talks about bonding with his...
  7. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 169 - 20th February 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:00:35 – Has Ed’s car turned up? 00:08:14 – Current competitions 00:09:23 – Phil and Steve’s thoughts on the Panasonic European Convention 00:44:00 – What’s Ed looking forward to at the Bristol Show? 00:52:09 – Phil uses his unlimited card to see The LEGO Batman Movie...
  8. Stuart Wright

    AVForums podcast RSS feed

    This is the podcast feed. https://www.avpodcast.co.uk/cast/avforums_podcast.xml
  9. bootstrapwill

    AvForums Games podcast end of year special.

    So hopefully just like me most of you were fans the Avforums games podcast. It was a podcast I looked forward to every week and enjoyed the inputs from each member. While other podcast have since taken its place, none have filled the gap quite so well. It was unfortunate that the crew had to...
  10. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: 13th June 2016

    In this Podcast we interview Stephen Auld from Dolby UK and find out all about Dolby Vision. 00:01:12 – What is Dolby Vision? 00:03:46 – How does Dolby Vision differ from HDR 10? 00:06:18 – Is there a format war between Dolby Vision and HDR 10? 00:10:45 – What happens if someone watches Dolby...
  11. Stuart Wright

    AVForums Podcast: 6th June 2016

    On this week’s podcast extra we interview colour scientist Dado Valentic who works on the Netflix show Marco Polo about the use of HDR, the workflow and the benefits. Note: If you are having problems with subscription services and Apps, please deselect and then re-subscribe to the podcast feed...
  12. thedude

    Question How long should a podcast be

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  13. meltonboy

    Question How to stop continuous podcast playback on ios

    Hi folks, Since a recent ios update, when i play a podcast and fall asleep i find that there have been several more podcasts played. Previously it used to play the current podcast and end there. Since the main UI is very focussed on "unplayed podcasts" i find they can then slip through the net...
  14. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: 18th November 2015

    This week we discuss; 00:00:35 - Current Competitions 00:01:17 - Sony announce first wave of UHD Blu-ray discs 00:07:02 - Is the Hisense ULED better than OLED? 00:18:16 - Roku snags Amazon Prime Video 00:26:09 - Ed reviews the SoundMAGIC P55 headphones 00:32:40 - First look at the B&W Zeppelin...
  15. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: 21st October 2015

    This week we discuss: 00:00:25 - Phil has problems with his hover conversion 00:02:07 - Mark’s pull-down TV group test 00:06:56 - Which do we prefer the Scenery Channel or the Atrocity Channel? 00:09:20 - What do we think of the Cafe 80s revival? 00:11:12 - What’s at the cinema Steve? - Jaws 19...
  16. Phil Hinton

    CES Podcast now live!

    Steve and myself give our thoughts on all of the products we saw and the big news of the show in this months Home Cinema Podcast, recorded just after CES. You can find it here: http://www.avforums.com/forums/podcasts/1732848-21st-january-2013-ces-special.html
  17. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Movies Podcast : 7th February 2012

    AVForums Movies Podcast : 7th February 2012 Presented by Phil with Steve Withers, Simon Crust, Mark Botwright and Chris McEneany. In this months podcast we review The Grey at the cinema and Repo Man, The Rocketeer and Up 3D on Blu-ray. Plus we discuss the recent Oscar Nominations. <img...
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