A podcast is an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user's own local computer or portable media player.
The word arose as a portmanteau of "iPod" (a brand of media player) and "broadcast". Thus, the files distributed are typically in audio or video formats, but may sometimes include other file formats such as PDF or ePub.
The distributor of a podcast maintains a central list of the files on a server as a web feed that can be accessed through the Internet. The listener or viewer uses special client application software on a computer or media player, known as a podcatcher, which accesses this web feed, checks it for updates, and downloads any new files in the series. This process can be automated so that new files are downloaded automatically, which may seem to the user as though new episodes are broadcast or "pushed" to them. Files are stored locally on the user's device, ready for offline use. Podcasting contrasts with webcasting or streaming which do not allow for offline listening, although most podcasts may also be streamed on demand as an alternative to download. Many podcast players (apps as well as dedicated devices) allow listeners to adjust the playback speed.
Some have labeled podcasting as a converged medium bringing together audio, the web, and portable media players, as well as a disruptive technology that has caused some people in the radio business to reconsider established practices and preconceptions about audiences, consumption, production, and distribution. Podcasts are usually free of charge to listeners and can often be created for little to no cost, which sets them apart from the traditional model of "gate-kept" media and production tools. It is very much a horizontal media form: producers are consumers, consumers may become producers, and both can engage in conversations with each other.

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  1. Phil Hinton

    2024 Podcast Schedule

    January 22nd - CES Special 29th - Movies & TV Shows - 4K & Blu-ray editions February 5th - Hi-Fi Edition 12th - TV, Display and Calibration Edition 19th - Home AV 26th - Movies & TV Shows March 1st - 4k & Blu-ray Edition 4th - Hi-Fi Edition 11th - TV, Display and Calibration Edition 18th -...
  2. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: TV, Displays and Calibration - Is there a Perfect TV?

    In this week’s podcast, we discuss what makes a perfect TV and the use cases end users have when it comes to choosing the correct TV for them. Plus, what do we think the big trends of 2024 will be when it comes to TVs, displays and calibration? Presented by Phil Hinton with Julian Scott, Martin...
  3. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Hi-Fi Edition 5th Feb '24 - The Future of Hi-Fi in 2024 - Big Hi-Fi Trends - What's In and Out?

    In our first Hi-Fi podcast of 2024, we look back at the Hi-Fi vogues that stood out in the previous 12 months and predict where this will take the sector in the coming year. From emerging challenger brands providing affordable entry points to high-end audiophile kit at spiralling prices, we...
  4. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast Movies Edition: The pick of the latest Blu-rays and the state of the physical media market

    The movies team takes a look at some of the best 4K and Blu-ray releases and looks at the current state of play in terms of disc release trends, boutique labels and how older, perhaps even niche, films appear to be faring well in gorgeous new 4K sets. Presented by Cas Harlow with Simon Crust...
  5. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Movies Podcast: Should Hollywood rethink their blockbuster template?

    The movies team takes a look at some of the best movies you can see at the cinema, the best movies available on streaming and the best TV shows available on streaming, and considers, particularly in light of some of the disasters of 2023, whether it's about time Hollywood rethink their...
  6. Martin14

    Happy Face (Paramount+)

  7. dUnKle

    Those Niggling Questions (Mystery Hour “Tribute”)

    Some love him, some hate him, but no denying that the “Mystery Hour” podcast by James O’Brien is always a good listen. I never get to listen to it live but often have questions which, whilst could be “googled” I always feel would be better of a real answer based on real knowledge and...
  8. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: TV, Movies, Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Highlights of 2023; Our Expectations for 2024

    In our Christmas podcast special, and the last episode of the year, the AVForums Hardware and Movie teams unite for a look at members’ standout moments, products or events of 2023 - be it hardware or software, a technological upgrade/innovation, or movie/music/gig. We’ll also be taking the time...
  9. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Movies Edition - Top 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2024

    Cas and the movies team close out the year with a look at what to look forward to in 2024, the films that were pushed back from 2023, the films that likely won't be seen until 2025 and what their most anticipated films of next year will be. Presented by Cas Harlow with Tom Davies, Simon Crust...
  10. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Movies Edition - TMNT Mutant Mayhem 4K, Duel 4K, Saltburn & has streaming TV show quality surpassed cinema movies?

    This week Tom looks at Saltburn at the cinema, Mark goes old school Spielberg for Duel in 4K, Cas checks out the best TMNT with Mutant Mayhem in 4K, plus we go hard on streaming TV and look at whether TV show quality has finally surpassed theatrical movies. Presented by Cas Harlow with Simon...
  11. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Movies Edition - Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning 4K, Killers of the Flower Moon, November Top 10, & long movies!

    This week Tom talks about Scorsese’s latest masterpiece, Killers of the Flower Moon, Cas revisits the now-overshadowed blockbuster of the year, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1 in 4K, Mark picks a couple of gems from his Top 10 Blu-rays for November, and we discuss long and overlong...
  12. raigraphixs

    Zack Synder ‘Twilight of the Gods’ (Netflix Anime) 24/‘25

    Whether audiences are interested or not the world building for Rebel Moon continues. https://www.gamesradar.com/rebel-moon-zack-snyder-netflix-animated-series-podcast-timeline/
  13. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Sony A95L QD OLED TV + Yamaha True X Reviews, Best TV Settings For Streaming & Hi-Fi/AV News

    This week, Phil reviews the eagerly awaited Sony A95L 4K QD OLED TV and considers how it stacks up against the year’s other OLED flagships. There’s a look at Yamaha’s True X Dolby Atmos surround system plus recommended TV settings for streaming services while Ed dives into the best from the...
  14. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Hisense U8K TV + Bowers & Wilkins Speaker Reviews, Hi-Fi & AV News + Have Budget TVs Improved?

    This week, Phil reviews the Hisense U8K 4K MiniLED TV and looks at what budget TVs now have to offer viewers looking for value. Plus, Ed reports back from the UK HiFi Show Live 2023 event and checks out the Bowers & Wilkins 606 S3 standmount speaker. There’s also the usual round-up of the latest...
  15. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Movies Edition - The Creator & Reptile, Guardians 3, The Others & Cutthroat Island 4K & Best/Worst Renny Harlin

    This week we go to the cinema for Gareth “Rogue One” Edwards’ latest The Creator, turn to Netflix for the Benicio del Toro-led crime thriller, Reptile, switch aspect ratios for Disney’s surprisingly great 4K release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, investigate Studiocanal’s The Others 4K and...
  16. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Panasonic MZ980 4K OLED TV, Ascendo AV Speakers & Primare Amp Reviews, Autocal Chat + AV News

    This week, Phil reviews his first Panasonic TV of the year, the mid-range MZ980 OLED, while the Ascendo ‘sub and sat’ home cinema speakers get an in-depth check over from Doug. Martin puts the Primare A35.8 power amp through its paces plus, Phil and Jules talk about Calman Autocal and if it will...
  17. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Hisense U7K Mini LED TV Preview, Earthquake CP-8 Subwoofer, Plus Latest Hi-Fi + AV News & Reviews

    This week we preview Hisense's affordable U7K Mini LED TV and look at the low-profile Earthquake 'Couch Potato' CP8 subwoofer. Plus there’ll be the usual round-up of all of the latest home cinema and Hi-Fi news. Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Ian Collen, Julian Scott and Martin Dew...
  18. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Movies Edition - Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning, Bruce Lee 4K, Evil Dead Rise 4K and The Bear Season 2 on TV

    This week we take a look at Tom Cruise’s latest must-see hit, the epic Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, and wonder whether 2023 blockbuster entertainment could get any better than that; we cover Wes Anderson’s latest, Asteroid City, which is less engaging than the associated...
  19. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast 10th July 2023 - Panasonic Hands-On, Samsung QN95C Preview, Perlisten R-Series + Marantz Cinema 60 Reviews & More

    This week Phil gets hands-on with Panasonic’s 2023 TV line-up at the company’s UK facility and also gives us his initial impression of Samsung's flagship QN95C mini LED TV. Plus, Doug updates us with his recent reviews of Perlisten’s R-Series speaker package and the Marantz Cinema 60 AVR while...
  20. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: Movies Edition - Indy, Avatar 2 4K, Ronin 4K, Cruise 4K, Secret Invasion, Witcher 3.1, last Jack Ryan and more!

    This week we’re going to argue - a little - about Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and its CG, and argue - a little - about Avatar: The Way of Water, and its CG, on 4K, also looking at old-school practical effects in Ronin’s outstanding US 4K from Kino, catching up on surprisingly classic...
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