1. robloxian

    For Sale Pocket Go - Handheld Emulation Console

    Like new. Was opened but never used. Just been sat in is box. Absolutely no signs of wear. Comes with charging cable and replacement 'snes' themed coloured buttons and 8GB memory card.
  2. C

    DJI Pocket 2 White?

    I know it looks good, but is it a good deal? You can get the Sunshine White Exclusive Combo for $439, and that includes the Do-It-All Handle (the most important accessory in my opinion) plus the case and strap. For $349, you get the OG Pocket 2 and pretty much the same thing (except no Do-It-All...
  3. jangs

    Canon C100mkii vs Blackmagic Pocket CC 4k

    Hi, I´m setting up a video and stream system in a small middle age stone church, with a limited budget and sparse videography experience. Most videos will be shot indoor in the churces, but other scenarios may occur. Like outdoor sermons, interviews, etc. The videos will subjected to minimal...
  4. WanOrsWong

    Best Pocket Camera in Low-Light?

    What do you think of low-light footage from the Pocket 2? Is it better than GoPro 9 or FIMI Palm 2? Do you guys have any side-by-side comparisons?
  5. D

    Pocket Go S30 Review - Is this Retro Handheld Worth $60?

    Link to Eta prime
  6. ThomTheDom

    DJI Pocket 2 for vloggers?

    I am thinking of starting my vlogging career, do you think Pocket 2 is a good product to get started?
  7. Saxo Appeal

    Mavic Mini II or Osmo Pocket II

    What’s coming from DJI in the next few days
  8. P-P-S-S

    Any opinions on Analogue Pocket?

    Has anyone seen the Analogue Pocket handheld that is coming out soon? Seems to be quite promising. Will it be worth the $199 pricetag?
  9. WakefieldTrin

    The World's brightest pocket light - knacker killer!

    It's like having a Football stadium floodlight in your pants ...for up to 45 seconds!
  10. D

    ETA PRIME : The Retroid Pocket basically a new super retro game handheld that runs Android review

    Thought others would find this persons review interesting.
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