1. T

    Wanted Exchange PMC Twenty.23 for Vienna Acoustics floor standers

    Is there anyone who would be willing to consider this?
  2. JazzJames

    Wanted PMC FB1 speakers or very similar

    Looking to purchase the above speakers, sadly missed out on some here just before Christmas. I've put the research in and had great help from one particular member on here which has been priceless. I have a budget of no more than £500, collection preferred and willing to travel a 100miles or so...
  3. Patrik72

    Need advice on going from 7.1 to 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 in a difficult room?

    Hi, my current AV receiver, an old ONKYO TX-NR 3009 is on the brink to give up so I have started to look for a replacement and are probably aiming at Denon avr-3700 or similar. Currently I am running it in a 7.1 setup as seen in the picture below. I have a mix of speakers that works surprisingly...
  4. A

    Big comparison topic B&W vs Focal vs Harbeth vs ATC vs ProAc vs PMC vs KEF vs Audio Physic vs Tannoy vs Sonus Fabere

    Hello everybody. I think this topic will be interesting because my goal is to gather all speakers unique sound characteristics in one place.Please express your opinion without any hesitation and no judgments and no fight! I live in third world country and I have no place to hear (most of) these...
  5. martin 39

    Pmc gb1i

    Looking at these as a upgrade to my apex a10s if i were to go ahead which centre is right for these speakers. Also would a arcam a85 be good enough. Im trying to uild a cheapish system to partner with my denon 4400h for music.
  6. K

    PMC, Focal, Dali, or KEF to pair with JBL SDR-35?

    Dear All, my setup base consists of a JBL SDR-35 and Panasonic UBD-9000 plus my Sky Glass 65" TV. The next step is to upgrade my Speakers and Sub with a 5.1.2 configuration. I am considering PMC Twenty 5i series and associated in wall/ceiling speakers for the Atmos and rears. That said I am...
  7. D

    Setup, positioning and gear advice - PMC TB2, Sony STR-DN1080, Flying Mole DAD M100s, etc

    We’re (hopefully) moving next month, and I’m wondering whether to revisit, and how to position, my current living room hi-fi / home cinema speaker setup, since the new room is much bigger. Ideally I’d not buy (any/much!) more kit, but trying to keep an open mind. Suggestions on speaker...
  8. srwmusic

    Atmos additions for PMC / Naim / Denon based system in difficult room

    Good afternoon folks, Long time reader, first time posting. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give. Existing Setup: Denon AVR X4500H (This runs the Centre and Rear Surround speakers) Naim Uniti Nova (This runs the Front Left and Right speakers using the AV passthrough function) PMC...
  9. D

    For Sale PMC TB2M C+ in Walnut

    I have my PMC centre speaker for sale since I moved to a LS50 setup and now is surplus to requirements. I actually bought this from these forums a while ago. In great condition, cannot see any marks and the grille is in immaculate condition (been in the box since I received it) Collection...
  10. R

    Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR DAC/pre-amp – sounds unexpectedly good

    Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR – sounds unexpectedly good Like many people, I’m combining a movie with a stereo setup. Happy with the speakers, a REL sub and the AVR (mid-range at the time, a Yamaha 1065). I was planning to go for broke for stereo sound and get a Hegal H190...
  11. deSade

    PMC twenty 26

    Hi all, I am looking at switching from a pair of B&W CM9 s2 to a pair of PMC twenty 6's. It's quite an upgrade in price, do I was wondering if anyone had experience of both speakers, or even just the PMC's? I listen to a lot of rock, so I don't know if the extra money would be worth it. Any...
  12. A

    Sub to match PMC Twenty 21

    Got PMC Twenty 21 stand mounts and although they sound good, I would like to enhance them a bit by adding a subwoofer. I don’t need too much power or loudness, just something to slightly complement a music only stereo system (no movies, effects, etc.) I usually listen at low to mid levels and...
  13. Dr. Robert

    PMC Centre to match Twenty23 L/R

    I'm slowly moving away from my B&W setup and now have a pair of PMC Twenty23s I'd love the matching centre speaker but it's too wide for my rack. has anyone tried the TB or DB centre with the the Twenty series? seems like they use the same drivers and would actually fit my rack. Rear speaker...
  14. K

    Speaker alternatives for bad placement

    Hi all, I'm running a Naim Unitilite with speakers. Unfortunately due to room layout and having 2 young children, the speakers are placed on shelves in alcoves either side of the chimney breast in my living room (I know, bad placement, but there's nothing I can do about that until my kids are...
  15. C

    B&W 804 D3 v PMC Twenty5 26 v Revel Performa F208

    I am upgrading my B&W CM10 S2 speakers to a better pair of floorstanders. I am considering these three sets of speakers: B&W 804 D3 PMC Twenty5 26 Revel Performa F208 I have not been able to audition anything due to Covid, so am just reading reviews for now. My other kit is: Innuos Zen Mk3...
  16. H

    PMC DB1 Front / Centre Upgrade (v KEF Q350 / R300)

    Had great advice on upgrading my front and centre KEF 3005 eggs, pointing me towards KEF Q350s or R300s. But seeing the cost of used PMC DB1s am also thinking of that option now. Would this work ok with an Arcam AVR 550 & KEF eggs? I'd use Cryus mono-blocs to power the fronts. Positions would...
  17. Ed Selley

    PMC twenty5 23i Loudspeaker Review & Comments

    The smallest floorstander in the 25i range is also the strongest selling model in the range. Is this slender two way, the great all-rounder? Read the review. Write your own review for PMC twenty5.23i
  18. A

    PMC twenty 21 opinions

    Hi there I’ve got the chance to get a pair of these for a really good price, they are the 2013 model. They are rated to go down as low as 50hz which isn’t bad, I’m hoping the roll off isn’t too steep, I expect I’ll hear something at 40hz depending on placement but I’m not expecting earth...
  19. abr1

    Question Recommended amp for PMC Twenty5 22

    Hi I currently have some PMC Twenty5 22s in a mixed movie/music setup but am moving home and will put them to work in the living area as music only. I mostly listen through Sonos (either Spotify or FLAC files on a NAS). I have an existing Sonos Connect that I can either hook up to a regular...
  20. KKooki

    Spendor s6e vs PMC OB1i vs ProAc D15 | 3.5

    Hello. Mulling over upgrades and I really want to get a 2nd pair of speakers and recently I am leaning towards Spendor s6e or saving up and get myself a PMC Ob1's (or even maybe ProAc D15 or 3.5). Is it worth the wait / saving up for? I don't think they are in the same class, but they are...
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