1. GrumpyOldGamer

    Extending a 2 prong plug

    I've just had an led sign arrive from Amazon, it has a 2 prong plug and it's very short so I chopped a cable off an old extension lead to splice in and convert it to UK plug at the same time, problem is when I cut the plug off the sign both the cables inside were black, no blue or brown, now...
  2. S

    Any know if a wired mains plug in speaker with sd card slot exists

    Hi so I have a speaker problem, I live with lots of noisy neighbours so get to sleep playing howling wind on a 8 hour mp3 files (prefer it over whitenoise but same kind of thing to distract me from the noises around) I've been using a neocore WAVE A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and have the mp3...
  3. R

    Smart Plug Recommendations

    I'm impressed with the shelly kit generally but don't like their smart plug design. There seem to be a vast array of smart plugs on the market so thought I'd ask for recommendations. I do have a few requirements though to hopefully narrow the field: 1. Compact "squarish" design (would only...
  4. brodders1979

    Remove and Rewire Sonos Plug

    I am wanting to run the sonos play 1 cable through a built in chest of drawers to a plug socket hidden within. This means drilling a hole in the top to feed the power cable through which I am fine with. The problem is the sonos connector is rather large so means it will require a large hole to...
  5. stubbo66

    Question Any smart plugs provide monitoring with data export

    I'm looking for smart plugs that provide monitoring (there are plenty) but at a low level, say every 15 minutes or less, and that can either send their data to a cloud, a server or the data can be collected via an app for export to a spreadsheet. I have all the home power usage monitoring I...
  6. bryan308

    Can I plug my AVR into the same socket as an appliance with a motor?

    I put a Marantz 1609 receiver to use with spotify only in my closet because I don't have another place to it. I live in a small condo. There wasn't a plug nearby except the one for the wall mounted AC unit. Well it's Israel, all homes here have one in each room. Central hvac is very rare here...
  7. K

    Help me identify this audio plug

    The rear surround kit from Samsung has included cables which I need to extend. I plan on replacing the cable but the plug is unfamiliar. Proprietary maybe? Appreciate some help. Thanks
  8. R

    Question Banana plug recommendation for outdoor speakers

    Hi Everyone I have a pair of Polk Audio outdoor speakers and i need to terminate the speaker wire with banana plugs to make it easier to connect the speakers. My questions are I need a right angled banana plug because the gap at the back of the speaker and wall will not take a normal banana...
  9. T

    Considering a plug in hybrid

    Hi never had one before, and I know very little about cars. i don’t mind paying a premium for the car, and I’m more interested in the environmental aspects, rather than saving money. but are they very expensive to maintain etc? anything else I should be aware of? many thanks for any advice...
  10. D

    LG B9 plug and wall mounted

    Hi, Is there enough room behind the LG B9 when wall mounted to have an extension cable (secured to wall) with the LG plugged in? Don’t want a plug socket.
  11. W

    Setting up Sony tv to Dali speakers please

    Hi, I have a Sony 43xf80xx wishing to use it through Marantz pm6005 (cd already connected) into my Dali zensor 5s. I have a jack plug with L/R connectors (good quality)OR double ended L/R (cheap)....can anyone advise where I connect either with this system please?.......if you could be precise...
  12. phillyd1981

    Brown burn marks around power adapter plug

    I just discovered that the plug for my house alarm has a "brown band" around the middle and I was wondering what could have caused is and there anything to worry about. The plastic shows no sign of melting and the electrical prongs have no marks.
  13. J

    Question Need to plug my turntables power chord into something.

    Don’t know if it’s just me or what. My turntable has 3 fixed cables coming out of the back, 2 are the normal red and white RCAs which I’m quite happy about and know how to put them to comparative good use. However the 3rd is beginning to annoy me as it should connect into my amp which has a 12...
  14. Jezzdabezz

    Question TV turning on and off when I plug in my tv to my Radeon 8 powered pc

    When: when I plug in my computer Why: I know that it does not do it on my laptop What: the picture turns off then displays a fuzz then the input TV model: Toshiba regza 32a3030d Pc has a Vega 8 gpu Sent from mobile
  15. westmoors

    Question Seeking a better quality 1/4 inch stereo to 3.5 mini jack plug adaptors

    Does anyone know of a better quality product please or an alternative solution? I have to use headphones and use these adaptors to plug my 3.5 mini jack pluged headphones into keyboards and organs which all have 1/4 inch sockets, but find the run of the mill adaptors do not last long. I know...
  16. madmonk3y

    Slide-on Plug adaptors for PSU's

    Hi all, I have a query I'm hoping someone may help with. Nowadays when you purchase an item, you get a PSU with an option to connect a UK or an EU plug - these usually slide onto the PSU allowing it then to be able to be plugged into a power socket. Now these UK or EU plugs are annoying because...
  17. lmccauley

    Question What material to use for a subwoofer port plug?

    If I wanted to get a port plug made up, can I use any dense foam, or does it have to be soundproofing foam? e.g. would this work? AnyFoam: Quote for foam cut to size
  18. C

    Samsung Q900 One Connector Plug removal

    Happy to get my Samsung Q900 in 2 weeks. Unfortunately the conduit in my concrete wall has just an inner diameter of around 25mm. So i think, the plug will not go trough. Any ideas, if the plug can be removed to get the cable trough? With my old Pioneer KRP600, it was possible to make the plug...
  19. A

    Question Onkyo 767e - Does it come with Euro and UK plug?

    As per the title. I was wondering if they just come with the zone/area plug eg 3 pin for uk, Euro 2 pins from Euro country? Or do they have some kind of mix of both like on some devices? If Euro only from Europe I assume they are hard wired power cable but the PSU can cope with 240v? So I can...
  20. N

    Question Hue Compatible Smart Plug

    Hi We have some fairly lights that I want to be able to switch on with certain scenes in my Hue app, so would need a smart plug that is compatible with the Hue system. Does anything like that exist? I've found some discontinued products, which only seemed to have foreign plugs... but nothing...
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