1. P

    Question Panasonic TV No Tuner sound but Plex and some streaming works ok

    Watched a Plex movie today, clicked back to Freeview and now have no sound. Sound works ok in PLEX and BBC-Iplayer but not on main catch-up apps. TV is a Panasonic TX40CX680B40 2016 purchased and there are no external speakers or soundbar. Self-test produces sound and tv sound settings are...
  2. S

    75" TV - Plex compatible

    Hi, So I've finally been given the go ahead by the budget holder to go for a new telly and need your thoughts on the options I've got. My options are limited, I can spend around £1000, maybe £1200. I know that I'm not going to get the best telly available, but I've narrowed it down to 2...
  3. L

    Question Samsung (Tizen) vs AppleTV : best video/audio quality

    I ordered a QLED Q60T, I know it’s come with most of the apps (Netflix, Apple TV+ etc...) (and I also know Tizen is full of security holes but I will put it on its own VLAN anyway) I wonder what is the best video quality for playing 1080P and 4K content ? Apple TV obviously have a better CPU...
  4. lpoolm

    Has anyone else's plex stopped working

    Have a 55bv7500 I think.. So my plex has worked great since purchase last year but last week when I try to connect I get an error message saying my server is offline which is not, been searching and seen to see a lot of people saying it's not supported, but wanted to ask on here if anyone has...
  5. bubblegum57

    Bargain Lifetime Plex pass £69.99

    Found at hotukdeals
  6. T

    Question media player and PLEX

    is there a media player with internal hard drive that can run PLEX for the videowall
  7. REJI

    Question Plex with Mac mini

    So after my little embarrassing mistake getting a Mac mini to work as my plex server everything seems to be working fine. my question if someone can help is? which Mac mini could I get that would work running 2 transcodes at 1080p. If I’ve read up right I think it’s down to cpu power but not...
  8. REJI

    Question Plex not working on mobile data

    I’ve set up a Plex server on a old Mac mini I have lying about (due to my main server not working for the time been) ive no issues seeing watching movies on my home network but once out of the house the app can’t find my Mac server therefore no movies once back on the home network all fine...
  9. T

    Question any media player run plex from internal drive

    I was wondering if there are any media players that can run plex on a internal drive
  10. L

    Question Why does TV vs Bluetooth input sound so different on my Onkyo TX-SR393

    Hi all, I've set up a new (to me) system with an Onkyo TX-SR393 receiver hooked up to 5 kef hts2001's and a kef sub. I'm still figuring out the ins and outs of the receiver, and one thing I'm puzzled by is the big difference in sound when I'm streaming music via my TV (Plex app running on an...
  11. G

    Is plex for me?

    I have numerous films on a hard drive that I play through my TV. My current TV plays most formats and this has worked well for me. The files are either film downloads or rips that I have done from my own DVD's. I'm now in the process of buying a new tv and from what Ive read a lot of the new...
  12. Tricky-Ricky

    Hisense and Plex issue?

    Just taken delivery of a Hisense 43 AE7400FTUK and set up and now finding that running the plex app it will keep pausing when streaming a movie stored on a NAS the Plex settings are the same as the other TVs on the local network yet its the only TV that is having problems the other 2014 and...
  13. I

    Sony KD-55AG8 with QNAP NAS - VLC vs Plex Query

    Equipment set-up is as follows : Sony KD-55AG8 TV, connected to home network via wi-fi. (It would be easy for me to run a LAN cable from router to TV if necessary). Vodafone 500Mbps Gigafast broadband with Vodafone router. QNAP TS-453A NAS 2x3TB RAID 1 connected to router. The Sony TV accesses...
  14. G

    LG B8 + Nvidia Shield streaming TrueHD on Plex + Sonos Arc = Atmos?

    Hello, So, the LG B8 does not have eARC, so sending lossless TrueHD with Atmos is not a possibility, but sending Dolby Digital+ with Atmos via the HDMI ARC is. Setup: Nvidia Shield Pro connected via HDMI to LG B8. Sonos Arc connected to LG B8 via HDMI ARC Is the LG B8 able to receive via...
  15. Kailash

    Plex for Synology, need old version SPK

    hi does anyone have an older version of Plex? it will be an .SPK file named similar to this PlexMediaServer- i've tried to install the latest version 2935 but it's not running. i need to roll back to ver 2902 or before thanks
  16. mambo1888

    Question NAS for Plex advice

    Hey folks looking for a bit of advice, I just ordered a 8TB Seagate IronWolf drive and was going to stick it in my gaming PC to store movies and music etc for Plex. What are the key benefits to using a NAS compared to storing the HDD in my PC? I have an Nvidia Sheild TV coming to be used as the...
  17. topgazza

    Nvidia Shield 2019 Vs Amazon Cube 4k for Plex

    I have my movies on a usb RAID external drive attached to my iMac and it streams movies great over my LAN to my TV via a firestick 4k. Now, this all works fine and I should leave well alone I know but I like to try new things. So should I go for the Shield 2019, cigar shaped or the Fire Cube ...
  18. REJI

    Question Plex not working

    I seem to have lost the use of Plex on all my iOS devices For my personal films. Android for the moment seems fine is anyone else having issues ? Or if there’s a discussion on another thread someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction
  19. sykotik

    Netgear readynas (RN102) Plex "sever not powerful enough"

    I have this NAS Netgear RN102 and while using Plex , ( through my tv, Roku or PS4 pro ) and i keep getting the following message "Server not powerful enough" or it will just buffer all the time , im trying to play my rips of blurays ( MKV H.264) files I have tried changing the local quality...
  20. ahaydock

    Question Atmos via Plex or Similar?

    I have a new Atmos AVR (Arcam AVR550) arriving today and have a bunch of films with Atmos that I was going to use via Plex. I have read various things whether Plex can handle it or not. Can anyone confirm? If not what is the best way to watch these so I can enjoy Atmos? All my equipment is in...
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