1. The Dreamer

    Firestick 4K Plex issues

    Hoping for some suggestions. I have a 4K Firestick which has been pretty faultless in everything I’ve asked of it until now. Plex is refusing to play media stored on our QNAP server - asking me to check the connection. There’s nothing wrong with the connection, all other streaming services...
  2. B

    Plex question

    I am torn between a LG CX Oled TV or a Panasonic one. When looking at webOs system on the LG, I saw on the plex website that it says: No 720p or 1080p (“full HD”) sets are supported for our current app at this time. Am I being stupid here? Does that mean that anything streamed via the Plex app...
  3. K

    Decent Budget NAS For Plex + FLAC Files

    Looking for a decent NAS to keep my sounds on plus streaming to my LG CX for videos/plex. I'm not sure if I need on the fly transcoding as most of videos are already playable via Plex to my TV using my PC as the Plex server. I do however have a few video files that need to re-encode the audio...
  4. F

    Ripped DVD played via Plex

    Hi All, I've recently ripped my DVD's to Plex, playing back via a Nvidia Shield to a LG C9 the resolution is 576i - which looks a bit crap. Any suggestions to get some decent scaling in place? i.e. TV scaling, Nvidia scaling - I do have a oppo 203 as well. Thanks for any tips!
  5. T

    plex question

    can plex be setup to play from internal hard drive on android media player
  6. Sluggster

    Will aMac Mini do what I want it to?

    I was going to get the new version of the Apple TV 4K (2021) but it does not appear to be much of an upgrade from the older version. I‘m now considering a Mac Mini 2021 with the new non Intel chipset. Before moving forward I would like to make sure it will do what I want it to first. It must be...
  7. SnowyLondon

    PLEX GZ950 Stuttering 4k

    I have a Panasonic GZ950 Oled 55in and love it however i can't seem to get 4k to stream to it from my network. I had a Terramaster 221 which i sent back and replaced with a Synology DS920+ and still having the same issue. My network setup has the TV and NAS plugged into the same Netgear gigabit...
  8. A

    Plex question re naming.

    Hi all, New plex user here and am struggling to find my feet. I asked a previous question about naming my programs, which did the trick perfectly, but this is an additional peculiarity of the way I am downloading and trying to watching before filing my downloads. Part of my media is weekly...
  9. A

    New to Plex - help needed

    Hi all, Plex server running on my pc currently until my NAS arrives. I've not really used it until now despite having a lifetime membership for about six years. It has grabbed my tv programmes from the RAID drives in my PC but in the case of one program I have found so far the scan seems...
  10. AVBeginner

    Weapons Grade Media Serving

    My current home ‘media serving’ system is old and at the budget end of the spectrum. I want to overhaul it and avoid buffering issues I have today. Current Setup Synology DS214 Play with Plex Server Cat-6 wired Ethernet and WIFI-6 APs Roku StreamingStick+ (WiFi) with Plex app Amazon Fire Stick...
  11. Aziz Ismail

    Nas or Das or External HDD with an Nvidia Shield running Plex.

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone could shine some light on what i am trying to achieve please. I basically have an external 4TB HDD connected directly into my Nvidia Shield Pro and run a Plex as a server on it. Unfortunately one of my HDD's took a tumble and no longer works so i have had to...
  12. L

    openSUSE / Plex / Hauppauge HVR-2200 questions...

    Hi, I have been working to repurpose some old hardware. So, I have plugged in an old TV card I had - Hauppauge HVR-2200, installed openSUSE 15.2 and Plex. The installation seems to have installed the TV card driver, as it says "Driver Active - Yes". Plex cannot see the card though when I ask...
  13. R

    Synology DS920+ , AV receiver , plex server no hdmi

    Hello fellow AV genius :). I have a situation that I am trying to figure out. I have a NAS synology 920+ running plex server and I want to buy an AV receiver to play my movie collection . My problem is I want play the signal thru the AV to the tv but I dont have a HDMI on the NAS. I trying to...
  14. C

    Plex app Sony android tv

    Hi, looking to hopefully get the A90j later this year and will be upgrading from a Panasonic Oled which I will be moving into the bedroom. With the Panasonic I have an Apple TV which I would ideally like to move into the bedroom with it. I was wondering does anyone use the built in Plex app on...
  15. JayCee

    Plex and Streaming query

    I have around 60GB of flac and mp3 music stored on an SD card on my 2013 MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 which I'd like to stream to my iPhone 12 Pro Max rather than store the music on the iPhone. I know almost nothing about Streaming. I only need to do it via my home WiFi and I only...
  16. M

    Question Can Plex stream 4k UHD HDR MKV files with HD audio?

    As title says, is this possible? I have fastest fibre internet with Plusnet Thanks :)
  17. RAINS

    Plex, ATV4K and NAS

    Hi have recently replaced my router to an ASUS 86u from a 66u. Connected to this is an ATV by Ethernet and WD cloud by Ethernet. Plex on the nas has never been quick but at present it’s unworkable as it takes ages for my movies to load the data and it just spins when playing or buffers. I have...
  18. Daddy k

    mac mini plex server upgrading i5 to m1

    ive just ordered a 16gb ram m1 mac mini to replace my 2018 i5, 64gb ram model. i just use them as plex servers perhaps overkill, but my i5 mini has worked great and i watch lot of 4k HDR movies to my plex app on my main tv, kids watching on their tvs around the home and even more remotely at...
  19. D

    Here’s Everything New You Can Stream for Free on Plex in February 2021
  20. C

    CXN v2: Plex shows in media library on device, but not on app

    Hello! While my Cambridge Audio CXN v2 is great for many things, I've had some frustrations with it, particularly streaming my music library. I have my library on a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS drive and I'm using Plex with DLNA enabled. The weird part is that I can see and stream my Plex music...
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