1. D

    Plex with Atmos question

    Hi, I was hoping for some guidance on the best way to view my numerous movie files encoded with Atmos/True HD etc. I currently use Plex MS via my smart TV app through to a Marantz SR6011 via Optical. I also have the option of using Plex on my PS4 (standard version). I'm aware that both...
  2. SimonMac

    Which 32” TV with IR remote and native plex app?

    I am looking for a small TV for a bedroom, it needs to have an IR remote to work with the soundbar I already have as it optical connection only and needs to have a native plex app as that will be the main way it’s used as it won’t have a coaxial aerial. I was looking at the 2019 LG 32LQ63006LA...
  3. jwhitbread


    Hi everyone, first time a forum member hoping to get some expertise on a Freesat matter. I've been a long time Sky subscriber and am now looking to cancel my subscription in favour of Freesat. Putting aside whether or not my dish is Sky Q only LNB or Hybrid etc, I'd really like to distribute...
  4. R

    Best Plex streamer for TrueHD, DTS:X & Atmos under £200 ?

    Hi all, I just bought a Samsung 950A soundbar and i want a good plex device for stream TrueHD / Atmos / DTS:X movies. I currently have a Firestick 4k Max, but it doesn't support TRUEHD. So i was thinking that i could use my Xbox series X, but it seems to have issues with plex playing TrueHD...
  5. tvstaff

    PLEX Server won't find a FOLDER

    Hi, I have PLEX Server on my iMAC and it won't recognize a folder. The folder is writable, as I can add or subtract, or rename. And I can play the music on my iMAC from that folder but even after scanning multiple times PLEX Server will not show it. Other sub folders work fine. In the...
  6. C

    Plex vs Freeview Play, Nvidia Shield, Humax or Manhattan!

    In UK, Have HDHOMERUN and Plex on NAS with Roku Streaming Stick and a second old FireTV. Getting a bit of stutter + slow. Thinking of getting Nvidia Shield- but wondering if Humax Aura or Manhattan T3 would be better. Mainly record free channels, Freeview Play sounds nice. Have Prime...
  7. A

    Plex Media Server on Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) on BT Smart Hub

    Hi, I'm trying to set up Plex Media Server on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019). I have the latest BT Smart Hub (6). When I try to manage the folders on my desktop PC, it come up with the attached picture. Does anyone know how I can rectify? Thanks
  8. REJI

    Atmos for Disney+ plex

    Hi I’ve been trying to get an answer for the above but still unsure Will the Xbox series x play back atmos on Disney + and plex ? If it does any chance anyone got any idea who the x preforms against the nivida shield? Thanks
  9. capGrundy

    Two Shields for Plex?

    I currently have a Synology DS916+acting as a Plex server to a Shield TV, and it's been functional, but it's not able to transcode and has problems with higher quality video files. I considered moving the server to the Shield, but I'm wondering if I'll get more out of it if it's allowed just to...
  10. D

    Plex Media app on Xiaomi WEMAX ONE PRO ALPD 3.0

    How to successfully install a runable version of Plex Media App (client) on the WEMAX ONE? When I install (no error messages) plex through Aptoid-TV (similar to google play store), than it crashes without any error message after some seconds, when i try to start the plex app. I also tried to...
  11. sagaris99

    Asustor Plex Nightmare - Help Needed

    Asustor AS6604T 4 bay, all set up fine. I'm trying (and failing) to enable the Asustor as a Plex Server. For some reason, whenever I get to the stage of assigning the plex app on the server to see it's own folders, it refuses to. So 1. Installed Plex from Asustor App Store (as well as...
  12. M

    Plex TV app a pain

    Seems there are major problems when using 4K HDR material with highres audio formats. Did others try the Plex app too?
  13. H

    Plex 4k buffering

    Hi, I'm looking for some help to solve my 4k streaming problems with Plex. I'm certain I have streamed them before in exactly the way I'm trying to now, but now it isn't working and keeps buffering all the time. I can provide logs etc if needed but to me they don't say a whole lot. The...
  14. M

    Struggling with MusicCast not seeing Plex or music library [SOLVED]

    I have had this MusicCast on my phone for some time. In the past, using Windows10, I have managed to use it to stream music to my Yamaha MusicCast-enabled receiver. I'm posing these questions after having spent the whole day trying to solve this. I have tried multiple permutations...
  15. OneEyedStuart

    Synology 920+ Plex

    Hi, have used Plex for a number of years, even have a Lifetime Plex Pass. Used to host all media on a Windows 7 share. Plex clients on my two LG and 1 Sony TVs worked flawlessly. I have now moved over to a Synology DS920+ for general share and media. On the 920+ I installed Plex manually...
  16. Madest Maxwell

    Plex using Chromecast with Google TV

    Greetings and Happy New Year. I am thinking of getting Chromecast with Google TV as a cheaper alternative to Nvidia Shield TV pro. to stream via Plex. I am using a Sony STR-DN1080 AV Receiver and Panasonic OLED TV TH-65HZ1000Z which does not support the Plex app. I want to stream files in...
  17. U

    Manhattan T3-R Plex Client?

    Hello all, Im just trial testing a T3-R and Humax Aura before i settle on one for long term use. One thing that is critical to me is a Plex client app but i cant see it on the T3-R. Does anyone know a way to load this on to the T3-R or else plans to bring this app to the core app list? Best...
  18. DT79

    LG C9 (or Plex client app) DTS issue? (Solved)

    Does anyone know if there is a known issue with DTS on the LG C9, an issue with the latest version of the Plex client app for LG, or - and please let it not be this - whether LG have done something to DTS compatibility with the latest firmware update? I noticed yesterday that DTS was only...
  19. XL5

    Yamaha WXA-50 & Plex

    Wondering if anyone has done similar and their thoughts. I'm looking to use the Plex app on my 5th gen ATV connected to TV via HDMI and optical out to WXA-50 connected to easy driven bookshelf speakers. Have 6TB hard drive connected to office laptop as server over a rock solid WiFi...
  20. W

    Using PLEX on PC and LG OLED

    Hi, I'm looking at using PLEX on my OLED and running it from my PC. I'd then like to rip my discs onto my PC and add to PLEX library. Is it then just a case that the TV with Plex on will stream and there should be little configuration needed to ensure the picture is performing at its best...
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