1. T

    Sony STR-DN1080 help (not playing sub or rear speakers stuck in PCM)

    Hi Guys, so we just moved and my settup was playing properly in the old house just trying to figure out what's wrong. I'm running just a standard 5.1 system and when I test out the speakers with the amplifier's menu it plays all of them correctly. However, whenever I actually go to listen to the...
  2. kenshingintoki

    playing vr with limited / no playspace

    so im used to playing VR with a 4Mx2M playspace.. sadly now I have downgraded to a 1Mx1M playspace lol.. if that... any hints/tips on how to manage? I'm now surrounded by a fireplace, expensive speakers, big stone tables... before I was in an empty room. is this the end of VR for me or can i...
  3. J

    What are you currently playing?

    I see this forum isn't too active and I know Stadia isn't the most popular platform out there by a long shot. But let's get a small community going here in the AVForums. What are you currently playing and have you 100% any games on Stadia? I've only completed 2 games on the service, The...
  4. peacefortheworld

    Help with playing dts and doby digital to old system

    Dear I'm waiting for a proper setup for movie in new house. In the meanwhile, i pick up this old set...
  5. W

    LG 77 C1 not playing PS5 in 120fps

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a LG 77 c1 and have had a ps5 for a while. My son would like to play fortnite at 120fps which I have read that the ps5 and my LG c1 supports. I have ordered hdmi 2.1 cables (rated for 8k projection) and cannot get the tv to play in 120fps for the life of me...
  6. CyberCad

    Playing with your cat - Any recommendations for toys or gadgets welcome.

    I have tried quite a few toys and tactics to get kitty playing and exhaust her. So far I have only found 2 things that guarantee a reaction. One is the laser pen. It works every time, though I feel a bit bad about the fact that she will never catch that dot and can’t work it out. It must be...
  7. R

    Audiolab 6000N newbie playing Flac files from PC ?

    Just bought myself a Audiolab 6000N, besides using Amazon Music, can you play Flac files from PC? Thanks in advance:)
  8. gava

    What makes a speaker sound good when playing at low volume?

    If I have any criticism of my Concept 300s it's that they do sound best when played loud. It doesn't need to be ridiculous or anything, but certainly >70dB SPL. Now I don't in general mind playing loud, because they don't get noisy when loud, and my apartment is pretty well insulated - so I...
  9. Lee337

    Audiolab 6000N delay when playing local files / FLAC

    Hi Having used an SoTM SMS 200 I understand the basics of streaming my music off my PC through to my DAC. With the SoTM track playing is instant upon choosing it. However I have the 6000N connected the same way, via ethernet from my router yet when pressing play, there's a 4-5 second delay...
  10. Billyrees

    Playing MKV files

    Apologies if this has already been addressed here: I have a 6 year old Samsung TV and recently found that it won't play certain mkv files. I've read that this is a common problem with Samsung and possibly other makes, so I'm looking for a replacement (maybe with 4K) that will play any type of...
  11. Y

    Need help playing blu ray!

    I have a 100 GB uhd blu ray but my ps5 says can’t recognize the disc My friends blu ray player plays it perfectly fine, disc is spotless perfect condition How can I fix this ?? Any one else this problem.?
  12. Y

    Playing blu ray on ps5

    So I bought my ps5 also to play blu ray movies Now I have a 100gb uhd blu ray, already called PlayStation they say format the console Does anyone else also have this problem? And how did you fix it
  13. T

    Denon AVR X2700H and SkyQ not playing nicely :(

    I have SkyQ and a Denon X2700H amp. I have SkyQ connected via HDMI to the CBL/SAT HDMI input on the Denon which is connected to the LG OLED TV via the ARC HDMI connection. I regularly get a black screen when switching to the Sky input after watching another source. If I then witch the power...
  14. miggyboys

    SkyQ problem / not pausing / playing recordings / showing programme info

    Hi all! Setup: Quattro LNB dish ---> EMP Centauri multiswitch ---> Triax TMDS 42C dSCR multiswitch ---> quadplex wall plate ---> Sky Q box (dSCR mode). I had an electrical circuit trip in the consumer unit (fuse box) and when I turned it back my SkyQ wasn't working. There was no satellite feed...
  15. M

    Onkyo TX-NR686 stopped playing sound from anything connected via Bluetooth

    Hello, I have an Onkyo TX-NR686 that right out of the box played sound via devices connected Bluetooth. I could connect my iPhone or iPad to my Onkyo via BT and play music or audio books through it just fine. Recently my Onkyo received an "update" from Onkyo and sound no longer plays when...
  16. H

    How to know type of sound is playing on Samsung Soundbar+Shield TV

    Hi, I have a Samsung Q60 TV 2019 with a samsung soundbar Q700a and a nvidia shield 2017. This is my connetion schema: TV HDMI ARC to the soundbar (Q60 don't have DTS/True/HD passthrough) Nvidia Shield to HDMI Soundbar All is working correctly, True Dolby Atmos inclusive (tested in Kodi)...

    Please Help Me!! Computer Restarts When Playing GTA - GTX 1650 SUPER

    I was given a desktop for gaming and I can only use the browser and editing software. I have two graphics cards - Integrated: Intel HD 4600 Added: Geforce GTX 1650 Super I have 8GB Ram: Corsair Vengeance Power supply: Thermaltake TR2 600W ATX 12V 2.3 Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 CPU...
  18. mickey

    playing movies videos on quest 2

    hi guys, i am trying to find a way to play vr videos/movies that are in a folder on my pc rather than having the take up most of the room on the quest(128gb). as hard as i have tried i cant seem to do it, i thought sharing the folder on the same network would allow me to stream using airlink to...
  19. T

    Can't seem to save progress playing Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X

    Very happy to get a new Xbox Series X for Christmas and Halo Infinite, which I have started playing in Campaign mode. However, despite having various 'checkpoint reached' messages come up during my very early progress, when I switch off the console, non of my progress seems to have been saved! I...
  20. chang14

    Blu-Ray Drives: Quietest 5.25" Tray Models When Playing BD Movies

    For my new "mid ("mini") tower pc build, I want to use a 5.25" BD drive to play BD movies via JRiver Media Center Currently, I have free access to Panasonic SW-5584-C and Plextor PX-891SAF BD drives. Of course, with the tower several feet from my ears and with my surround sound system going I...
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