1. S

    Denon AVC 4700H 2.1 and RTX 3090 handshake not playing nice despite reassurances from Sound United

    Last year i put off purchasing a new receiver due to the 2.1 bug, however a video from Sound United on YouTube titled 'Configuring an NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Card with a Denon/Marantz Receiver for [email protected] Gaming demonstrating that the bug does not affect gaming on PC using a Nvidia RTX i...
  2. Real Ramona

    BBC Sounds app stuttering when playing on network

    This has started happening, and I cant figure it out. I have a Raumfeld Connector wired by CAT5 direct to router, and a decent enough connection (36 down and 9 up) When I play anything on BBC Sounds and cast it to the player it will start getting dropouts, but only after its been playing for...
  3. Stuart Wright

    Monkey playing pong with its mind - Neuralink

    This is pretty amazing
  4. VastGirth

    Actors playing a different ethnicity

    Hank Azaria has essentially apologised to all of India for his portrayal of Apu. It seems it is becoming the accepted standard that white actors cannot play non white roles. Is this right?
  5. C

    Flicker issue when playing UHD content through ultra hd player

    Hi all First time posting on the forum, I am having an issue I am hoping a wiser person than I can help with! The issue: Playing content via the UHD player is causing flicker issue on the right hand half of the screen (left hand side is perfectly fine and it’s directly from the centre to...
  6. N

    STR-DN1080 Issue with playing 4K UHD Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos

    Here is my setup: Receiver: Sony STR-DN1080 (w/latest updates) Input: Roku Ultra 4800R (2020 version, w/latest updates) Output (V): LG OLED 65 CX [AUA] (2020 version, w/latest updates) Connections: All devices are hardwired ethernet connections (Cat6a)... Testing concludes speed of (at...
  7. Aj33

    LG Disney plus app - missing info and not playing

    Hi all, just went to play something on the Disney plus app on an LG C8, never had a problem before. However this time it loads up, the front page/screen looks fine. when you go into a program the buttons and menus are all missing. The symbols are there but no word and nothing plays. Same with...
  8. Prism

    1:1 Ripping and playback of Blu-ray discs

    I currently have my Blu-ray collection backed up in MKV form, which I can stream via Plex, although I really want to move away from this. I'm looking to make 1:1 copies of my discs, which will be able to be played back through a streamer with full menu support and special features. Could an...
  9. M

    Amp Powering Off When Playing PS4

    Hello all, I've had this issue since I bought my Marantz NR1510 amp where it switches off when playing my PS4. It usually happens in the first few minutes of play where the screen can sometimes flicker or the TV displays a 'no signal' message. If I do nothing, the amp switches off, but I've...
  10. kynrek

    Jittery scrolling when credits scroll while playing blu-rays

    I have a benQ 1080p projector and a 100” screen playing Blu-rays on a PS3 [email protected] I noticed the when credits scroll at the end of movies (like moana) they seem jittery (kinds of jumpy scrolling up the screen rather than smooth). I was wondering if this is normal or if I should look at finding...
  11. T

    Sony UBP-X700 Bluray player - Playing MP3 Music from USB HDD

    Is it possible to set up Playlists so that I can play my favourite tracks. Would appreciate any advice / step by step guidance. Thank you.
  12. T

    Harman Kardon HS200 - Not Playing Disc

    Hi guys, i have a problem with a harman kardon hs200 not playing discs. I replaced all the capacitors on the secondary of the power supply, replaced the laser and replaced the loader ic, but the problem did not go away. Could you help me? Thanks P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english, but i'm...
  13. G

    YouTube not playing

    Anyone else have this problem on xh9505 YouTube loads and preview screen but when you press play it just shows still image ?
  14. L

    Playing Dolby Atmos through 2 sources

    Hi all. We have an LG Nanocell TV with an LG soundbar and an Apple TV 4K and Sky Q. We want to be able to listen to available Dolby Atmos content through both devices but we can’t figure out how to do that. At the moment we are getting all sound through the soundbar for both but only an Atmos...
  15. F

    Question Sonos Play One issues playing FLAC

    Hi I have a 2 year old Play 1 that has been steaming MP3 copies of CD's from my PC as well as Autorip files from Amazon account and internet radio all via an Ethernet cable to my Virgin Hub. I have now got an Arcam AVR so have been replacing my stored music with Flac files instead of MP3 to...
  16. G

    Help needed with playing Region A Blu-Rays

    Hello, I hope someone out there can help. I’m in the UK, so my Xbox One, PS4 and my DVD player (Sony BDP6500) are all set to Region 2. I’ve just purchased a BluRay box-set from America (region A or 1) and they won’t play on either console or on the Sony. What’s the easiest way of changing...
  17. scottvf

    Playing ps4 games on ps5

    Anybody know if I play a ps4 game on my ps5 that has a ps5 version out, will it get the frame rate benefits of being played on a ps5? (don't care about 4k since I only have a 1080p TV). I perfer the ps4 controllers and when I tried to play a ps5 game it won't start saying it doesn't support the...
  18. J

    Can I equalise the sound when playing CD’s via UHD blu-ray player?

    I’d be very grateful for any thoughts or suggestions on this matter. I‘m generally very pleased with the sound I get from my AV setup, but since upgrading my blu-ray player, I’m not happy with the sound I get when playing cd’s using this player. Is there any way of equalising the sound coming...
  19. G

    Playing 7.1 on a Pioneer sc-lx83

    Apologies if this is a daft question afloat in a sea of knowledge. I have a Pioneer Sc-lx83 which I have enjoyed for several years. I recently invested in some new front speakers for my existing 5.1 set up which gives me the opportunity to repurpose the old fronts to the side in a 7.1 set up. I...
  20. B

    Yamaha HTR 4072 no sound on BT headphones only when playing trough hdmi

    Hi, After couple of months roaming around here i finally got enough info and got myself HTR-4072 which checked all the boxes for me, and everything was flawless until i hit a wall and just can't wrap my head around this problem. The AVR connects with my Soundcore LifeQ30 bt headphones i can...
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