1. B

    4K Disc doesn't play on my Panasonic 4K Player

    Hi, I have a Panasonic UB400 4K UHD Player connected to my 4K TV. I have had this set up for around 2 years and never had an issue playing any 4K discs. A few days ago, I purchased a brand new 4K version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, from a local retailer. I put in the 4K disc for the first time...
  2. Spyro

    For Sale Sonos Zone Player S5 x 2 white

    Two Gen 1 S5 Zone players in original boxes. One is bundled with the ZoneBridge and I also have a white wall mount bracket for the bridge included as well. These have been in my loft for ages as I was planning on using them with a sub for tv duties after decorating, but got a sound bar instead...
  3. I

    Sony BR player bit depth

    I bought a usee sony BR player from fleabay, in its settings it has an option for colour depth that is: 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit or 14 bit. What is this for? It only plays ordinary BR or DVD discs which are 8 bits and switching to 14 bits does nothing.
  4. mtenga

    For Sale Player Clearout

    Getting rid of some unwanted players. All are in good working condition but no warranty. Delivery included. Jiffy bag delivery for smaller items. No Offers Thx Dune HD Provision 4K Solo - Box and accessories £250 Dune HD Real Vision 4K - Box is ripped but accessories included £115 Fire Cube...
  5. jimneycricket

    Media player that runs movies from a USB stick through HDMI to Projector/TV

    Hi guys , Any recommends on a Media player that can run AVI and MP4 movie files off a USB through HDMI into a Projector? Be great if it could take power from USB too but not sure thats possible I see many on AMazon but reviews seem mixed. Anyone here have one that they are happy with and has...
  6. LFC Jon

    A CD player or DAC with the warm sound of Vinyl

    I'm looking for CD player or DAC that has the warm sound you get from vinyl records. On a different thread the Rega Apolo player was recommended which after looking into the height needed as it is a top loader is one I'm considing, but is there anything else I could consider like a DAC and or...
  7. R

    Replacement CD player

    I have an old Marantz CD6004 which I am looking to upgrade and a max budget for a replacement of £1000, would I see a noticeable improvement for this budget. It’s currently hooked up to an Onyko NR676 AV Amp and Monitor audio BX6 speakers, or should I look to switch to a good integrated amp.
  8. J

    Playing regular dvd on Sony blu ray player

    When I play a dvd like old Dracula 1931 it has black bars on the side (this is normal I know) but if I turn the blu ray player OFF - when it comes back on, the aspect ratio has changed - no black bars and the picture is filling the entire screen. It doesn’t look stretched either! Why doesn’t it...
  9. B

    For Sale Game Boy Advance player

    I am selling a Game Boy Advance player that is basically a modified DS lite (the top half has been removed and the motherboard altered so that the system will boot). This is nice and cost effective way to play your GBA games with a backlit screen. You will need a DS lite charger (I can't find...
  10. H

    I Need 4K Blu Ray Player Recommendations

    Hey everyone, Hope you are all well. I am after some help. I have just ordered an LG C1 and am super excited. I am interested in getting a dedicated 4k player to go with it. I currently have a ps5 but I understand that does not support Dolby vision. So I thought it would be better to get a...
  11. Drongo


    I'm selling my Pioneer DV-575A SACD player which also plays both Region 1 and 2 DVDs. Box, Remote Control, and instruction manual are included. Also included is a bundle of Region 1 DVDs. This is the complete list of titles available - A BEAUTIFUL MIND ABOUT A BOY AS GOOD AS IT GETS...
  12. Drongo


    I'm selling a load of Region 1 DVDs, single titles, and box sets - in all there are over 50 films available! Don't worry if you can't play Region 1 titles on your existing player, I'm including a Pioneer player that is fully Region 1 and Region 2 compatible! This is the complete list of titles...
  13. museumsteve

    For Sale Panasonic UB450EB-K 4K Player

    Just upgraded so no longer needed. Bought new from Amazon Nov 2020. In excellent condition from dedicated room, non smoking and no pet household. No HDMI cable included £100 including post
  14. L

    Best small CD player?

    I'm looking to add a CD player to my system, however I'm very limited on space. so it would have to be something like these:
  15. S

    For Sale IBASSO DX160 Digital Audio Player (2020 version)

    Hi, I have for sale an Ibasso DX160 Digital Audio Player for sale. This is the 2020 version in a lovely blue colour and in mint condition and comes with all original accessories including sillicon case and screen protectors . This version includes the updated screen as well as support for all...
  16. topperdoggle

    Arcam Alpha 8 CD player door doesn't stay closed

    Plugged in the trusty Alpha 8 after sitting in a cupboard for years. Played three CDs successfully, but now when I insert a CD, the drawer closes fully then immediately opens (as if it thought there was a jam or something). Any clues what I need to fix here? Could it be the belt?
  17. pat clancy

    For Sale Sony Blu Ray player

    Model Sony BDP S5200, Has Amazon and YouTube only, Has Miracast built in
  18. S

    Used Denon DCD 1500AE or new Rotel RCD-1572/Marantz PM6007CD or cheaper CD player

    Hi guys, I'm new here and also with audio CD players. Was looking a streamer firstly for my vintage Yamaha CA-1010 for a while but after testing in my car a CD vs a streaming service from my phone - Spotify/Deezer/Tidal, I was hooked to go for a CD player instead, due to better quality from my...
  19. encaser

    Windows Media Player reverting to previous videos filename?

    Hi, I'm using WMP over Kodi to watch stuff on my TV. An odd thing occurred, where video files that were downloaded and then had there names changed are suddenly all displaying as what they originally were called? However, it's not just over Kodi that they are listed in a previous name, I just...
  20. Thunderpants

    Disabled Army Veteran Advice on Media Player

    Hi, as the title says I’m a disabled veteran and struggle with my mobility & mental health, I don’t tend to get out much and tend to stream movies and tv on a media box via a kodi app. I have just purchased a new q led and am looking for a media device/box that could dream 4k to my new tv...
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