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  1. speed1268

    For Sale Panasonic TH-42PX70B

    Hi, Up here I have a Panasonic plasma 42” comes with remote and power cable. Collection only as no box and is quite heavy. speed
  2. F

    Oled suck?

    Yes, wrgb-oleds suck. I have 2 tvs, one mint condition pioneer plasma and one panasonic oled. The oled disapoints in almost all aspects of picture quality. Ive found the following: Colors are dull and washed out on the oled when compared to the pioneer. Low light scenes has no deph and...
  3. Darkstar_surfer

    Question Do i still need a projector in my life

    My screen broke a couple of years ago and I've not used my pj since, JVC HD350. My issue was I could not find a suitable replacement, 82" electric. The bigger readily available sizes don't fit between my speakers, smaller seems pointless and moving it forward to drop in front of my speakers...
  4. guysmiley

    Is this solarization?

    This colour banding/solarization just started happning on my 20 year old Sony Bravia Plasma. Colours flicker when a frame is frozen and the banding is even more pronounced. What I've tried: different HDMI port different HDMI cable power cycle (seemed to make it worse) changing colour modes...
  5. LeonaDevon

    Panasonic TH42PX60B

    Good to see some Plasmas are still going, I was told these had a 15 year life, mine is much older than that and still going. Was purchased (by a friend) in 2005, had a warranty item fixed in 2006, I purchased it from him in 2010 for the princely sum of £200 and I'm still using it in 2023! I've...
  6. gayant

    Question LG 50PC35, it takes a long time to turn on and the image

    hello, thank you for being able to post, I have anLG 50PC35, it takes a long time to turn on and the image is blurry, it arrived without any sign other than think you can help yourself with explanations to find out if it is repairable or not cordially thank you
  7. Quassimodem

    looking at new tv

    So I’ve had my trusted 50” Panasonic TH50PZ80B plasma for many, many years and has always done me very well and still does me really well. But as I’ve recently got a Xbox series x and a JBL bar 800, I kinda need a new tv. Was looking at the 2023 65" S90C OLED 4K HDR Smart TV. Anyone have it...
  8. tvdavid

    Been given an old SAMSUNG PS-42c96HD but the buttons won't work

    Only the power button will go and the source none the other buttons work. I have tried 2 remotes also and it won't respond Does anyone know what could be wrong thanks.
  9. Noble372

    Do I buy a plasmas or a cheap 4K tv for the second room?

    Hey guys I am moving out and need a tv for the bedroom is it worth picking up the 43inch plasma for £60 it’s a pioneer PDP-436SXE from someone selling locally The tv has 1 hdmi port and shall use that with my chrome cast for the smart tv side. Or should I just spend £300 on a cheap 4K tv? I...

    Can you get screenburn with Qled and microLED?

    Just wondering if it's possible to get screen burn which is possible with OLED? That is what has put me off getting a OLED. I had it with a plasma many years ago and never want it again.
  11. S

    used LG C8 65, good to buy?

    Hello everyone! First post here, I'm a newbie :) writing from Italy, in love with plasma TV (i hold the last Panasonic 720p, 42"). But today I was given the chance to buy and used LG C8, 65", I think the 2018 one. Price £775. I'm waiting for the total hours usage from service menu, in the...
  12. W

    Panasonic th42pz85U 2 blinks

    My th-42pz85U shut off and I'm getting a 2 blink error. Fans start but then shut down. Specifies the power supply and/or the D board. I have replaced both and still 2 blinks. Anyone know of another fix or test? The tv has only been used for a year.. it was an extra in a box at our work. THANKS
  13. X3ELS

    Still a market for Panasonic Pro Plasmas?

    Hi all Is there still a market to sell a Panasonic 65VX300?
  14. bobdisk

    Panasonic TH-37PX60B, Is it on its way out?

    My TH-37PX60B has recently started showing a cyan "mush" on white/light content in the top left of the screen. Is it the plasma panel starting to fail? It is getting on , about 8 years old. Its never been any real trouble, always giving a picture most moderns would have a job to equal. Apart...
  15. tvdavid

    Using my Pioneer Kuro PDP-508XD VS Panasonic VIERA TX-P50G30B 50-inch HD Ready 600Hz Plasma TVs

    Which TV do you think is best? The Panasonic does have Freeview HD channels though hear are the 2 Panasonic ones going as well
  16. D

    Samsung 51in Plasma need X Main board

    I have a PN51D530A3F 51 INCH PLASMA TV HAS no picture and clicks on and off. So i took the back off and unplugged all boards turned on the tv and powersupply bd is ok Next I plugged in the Y board and still ok. Next I plugged in the X main board and power supply shuts off. I unplug and the tv...
  17. Spursman

    LG Plasma Problem

    Hi All, I have an LG plasma which has been fantastic for a number of years. Within the last 6-8 months its developed a problem. When i turn it on, after a couple of minutes it will turn off. I then have to turn it back on again. It can do this up to 3 times. At times, i will turn it back on...
  18. O

    What to replace Panasonic Plasma

    Hi all, my uncle has his 42” plasma on around 10rs per day, still a great picture and he’s very happy with it. My argument to him has been that it must be costing a fortune to run with the energy prices like they are. Am I right in thinking an LG C2 is the only set to really consider? I think he...
  19. Roddw1

    Panasonic Plasma TX-P60ZT65

    Panasonic Plasma TX-P65VT65B - Price advice anyone?? Hi all - appreciate some advice re the above. Looking to sell my grogeous TX-P65 which has served us flawlessly since new - reason being less than any disatisfaction with the picture which amazingly holds its own, even to this day, but more...
  20. C

    Vertical lines of fizzing pixels on plasma

    Morning all I have two major issue with my 7/8 year old plasma. I realise that common sense is probably to scrap it and go OLED, but I am concerned about waste (and I can’t really justify £1000-ish for the type of programmes I watch). The first problem; I describe this as a line of ‘fizzing’...
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