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Plasma Television
  1. K

    TC-P42U1 TV and sound bar

    I purchased a sound bar for this TV. I plugged it in and attached a digital Coaxial cable from the tv to the sound bar. No sound. Is there a change I need to do in the sound menu to activate this sound bar? I cannot find a way to do this. Thank you
  2. winrow3745

    LG 32PG6000 32" plasma TV replacement?

    Hello all, After discussing some options for a replacement on the What Is The Best TV For You? forum for my LG 32" plasma, I'm considering replacing my broken plasma TV ( I managed to rub off the anti reflection coating from the screen after a yoghurt incident from when my daughter was a...
  3. J

    Non-uniform pink areas on a Panasonic ZT60 plasma

    Hello everyone, In an attempt to get rid of some persistent image retention, I ran a youtube video on my plasma TV for about 20 mins. The video has very small ractangles rapidly changing color from green to red to blue: As a result, I now see some non-uniform pink-colored areas (patches) on...
  4. winrow3745

    Replace 32PG6000 32" plasma TV with what?

    Hello All, I have a bit of a head scratcher for you all. I have owned this LG 32PG6000 32" inch plasma TV for about 10 and it's been great, but unfortunately due to an issue caused by my daughter (getting yoghurt on the screen) and me (rubbing off the anti reflection layer while trying to...
  5. scroeffie

    coming from a plasma

    hi iam looking to buy a new tv .been using a 11 year old panasonic viera 37 inch ,but now its time to upgrade i wont buy oled because of burn in ,i game allot and wach allot of movies tv shows ,no tv or sports i went to my local tv store <mediamarkt> iam not impressed was looking at this tv...
  6. J

    Question Upgrading from an old plasma tv? (UK)

    So I live with my parents and our main TV is a Panasonic th42px70ba which isn't even full HD. That said we have been happy with it for the most part but one of the HDMI ports is acting up a bit and we are potentially ready for an upgrade overall. We have an old Sky box which we are going to...
  7. D

    Question Th-42px700b issues

    Hi all An issue had recently manifested in my Panasonic Th-42px700b. I don't watch terrestrial dtv I use freesat via an HDMI input and Amazon prime via the 2nd HDMI input. It has been working fine for 2 yrs or so, until an issue started a couple of weeks ago. The issue is that the tv...
  8. crg925

    Question What is a Panasonic Viera TX-P55VT65B worth now.

    I have the above, and have thoroughly enjoyed owning it, It was professionally calibrated and has an ISF Day and an ISF Night. I have the original accessories, large remote, smart remote, screen Pen which has never been out the drawer! No original box though, it was too large to store...
  9. M

    Hitachi le55a6r9a blue light flashes

    my 55in tv the blue stand by light flashes 3 times then stops and does it again.I read where one or more of the bigger capasitors could be bad.My eyesight is not the best but can someone tell by the pics if the one big one is swollen or not
  10. A

    For Sale Samsung PS64F8500 Smart TV. Last of the great plasmas!

    I have finally decided to jump on the 4K band wagon or rather jump right over it to 8K. Had an impulse purchase and bought a Samsung Q900r. :D Alas this means my trusty 64" F8500 can not be fitted anywhere else in the house because of the size. Otherwise I would have kept it. The TV itself is...
  11. S

    Question Upgrading my Pioneer Plasma

    I'm currently looking to upgrade my Pioneer plasma PDP-436PE which I've had since 2005 (which is still going strong) and ideally looking for a 55" or "65 4k TV. I use the following on the current TV: Sky+HD - will upgrade to Sky Q in the future Amazon/Netflix - hopefully utilise the 4K content...
  12. A

    Can Plasma TV get damaged if left unplugged and stored for 1 year.

    I have a plasma TV which I would like to keep as a 2nd spare TV , and intend to pack it away in the spare room in the original box. However I am unsure if leaving the TV unused for 12 months might lead to some issues when I do decide to use it again. I would be very grateful to know of anyone on...
  13. Sessen Ryu

    Upgrading my 65" HD Plasma to UHD

    I've had a Panasonic TX-P65ST50B for about 5 years, I have 5.1 M&K speakers, Denon 4311 AVR (HD), and an Oppo 103. I would like to upgrade the screen to 4K, and am looking for a bit of direction. I don't care about viewing angle, or being able to see the picture in the daytime. Obviously I...
  14. W

    For Sale 50” Panasonic Plasma TX-P50GT50B

    Hi there. I am selling my 50” Panasonic Plasma TX-P50GT50B..... that has been used in a bedroom. It is in great condition with only minor blemishes on the stand, with no noticeable image retention or burn in On the screen. I have tried to capture with the scrolling white screen to best show...
  15. W

    Replacing a 42" Panny Plasma

    So, one of my Panasonic plasmas has finally died and it looks like it's time to replace the primary one and move that into the secondary room. Both are 42". I've been very happy with the picture and never really had any problems with motion while watching football. Also, the sound is good on...
  16. W

    Panasonic TX-P42G20B Blinking LED

    So, my Panny shutdown last night and won't come on again. The relay clicks twice when switched on, then once more quickly after. The red LED light at the bottom blinks four times, pauses, then 4 times again, and so on. I've taken the back off and it looks incredibly clean and dust-free...
  17. tommtomm

    pioneer pdp lx5090 red tint to blacks

    Hi, how can this problem be fixed? Thank you
  18. R

    Pioneer Error Message

    Hi folks I would be grateful if someone could help please. We have a Pioneer Kuro 42” Plasma PDP428XD and had a problem with the aerial a while ago which appears to have created a short. The TV still has a brilliant picture and whilst the error message does go by itself after about a minute or...
  19. M

    What were the common "faults" on plasmas?

    The plasma Vs LCD race passed me by, I was quite young then and by the time I really started taking notice in TV technology, plasma had died off. Some of the issues that all OLED's have is tinting and banding that appear to be inherent with the technology. What inherent technological flaws...
  20. P

    Panasonic Plasma TX-P50ST30B not switching on

    Hello there. I recently came into possession of the above plasma TV from my in laws that doesn't work. First things first it's bloody heavy. Ha. When power is applied to it and it's switched to the green power led just flashes continuously, after about 10 seconds it stays as solid green for...
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