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Plasma Television
  1. PlayerOne

    OLED Replacement for VT65 Plasma

    My Panasonic 65VT65 is developing an increasingly annoying audible buzz when displaying quiet and bright scenes, (but my wife claims she can't hear it... lol). So am considering a new 4K OLED, however... I only watch Blu Rays (1080p) and non-4K Streams from Netflix and Amazon Prime and...
  2. xares

    Two Pioneer PDP-LX5090H do not work DVB-T and DVB-S/S2.

    Hi. I have two Pioneer PDP-LX5090H and both have the same problem. The satellite and DVB-T don't work, it's like they have no signal, so I can only use them as a monitor. The DVB-T used to fail from time to time, until it stopped working completely. I find it weird that they both have the same...
  3. Lanius1984

    For Sale (SOLD)Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 Plasma TV in Excellent Condition

    After a few years of hesitation, I've finally made the jump to OLED, so I'm saying goodbye to my beloved Plasma. This is the PDP-LX5090, which does not have built-in speakers. The panel is working perfectly, with a beautiful picture. This TV still looks better than the cheap modern LCD TV's I...
  4. J

    For Sale Panasonic TX-60ZT65 60" 1080p

    I have my Panasonic TX-60ZT65 60" 1080p Plasma for sale, COLLECTION ONLY. Edit : I forgot to mention this is ISF CALIBRATED I've had it since new and only recently upgraded with a Panasonic OLED. One small mark on the bottom right of the screen, can't be seen in use. No box but comes with...
  5. M

    For Sale Samsung 3d Plasma 51 inch PS51D8000

    Samsung plasma, will come with original desktop stand (not the one in the picture), 2 pairs of 3d glasses, and remote. Happy to get more pics, of what is included, I am just checking if any interest first. The TV is working fine, and I have had it for around 10 years. The power board was...
  6. P

    For Sale Panasonic TX P55VT65 Plasma

    The above is for sale, can demonstrate.It is in perfect condition no screen marks or burns approx 8 years old The time has come to upgrade to 4K as I now have about 30 4K discs Comes with 2 3D glasses and 2 remote controls Price £200
  7. WeaponX

    OLED TV Recommendations (£1200 budget) - Upgrading from old Plasma

    Hi all, Finally upgrading from my 12 year old Samsung B550 Plasma due to backlight issues. The backlight flickers and eventually shuts of unless set to max setting. If it weren't for the backlight issues, I'd still be happy with this old tv! I'm looking at upgrading to an OLED, and have a £1K...
  8. D

    Finally time to replace the old Panny plasma...

    Hi all... firstly I'm not entirely new here but has been years since I posted and trying to get my old account details has proved too much of a challenge for this old technophobe, so here we are... So after years of saying 'just a few more months' of my beloved old TH50PZ80, I'm finally ready...
  9. M

    HDMI failure > fix or replace?

    Greetings expert people. I've got an old LG 50PK590 plasma TV that has just decided to stop accepting any HDMI signal.... USB and Coaxial inputs work along with the PC input but nothing HDMI 🤔. The TV knows there's something connected but it just says no signal. I've changed HDMI ports...
  10. T

    For Sale Pioneer PURE VISION PDP-507XD 50" 1080p Plasma for spares or repair

    Pioneer PURE VISION PDP-507XD 50" 1080p HD Plasma Television for spares or repair. Regrettably this stopped working this morning and it keeps switching to standby. This is most probably a very simple and easy fix for someone with the knowledge but that I’m not technically minded to do it or...
  11. B

    For Sale Pioneer PDP-RO6FE 43" Plasma TV. Comes with heavy duty wall bracket

    43' Pioneer Plasma TV with multimedia box and remote Comes with bracket that allows for a full 180 degree swivel Perfect working order
  12. R

    For Sale Panasonic VT50 plasma

    Have a Panasonic VT50 plasma for sale, with box, stand and two remotes, ones a replacement from eBay. Comes also with four 3d glasses as well, It's pick up only, I don't drive so unfortunately cant meet you half way. Will post pictures later today Any questions please ask
  13. akroblade954

    For Sale Panasonic TH42PE50 Classic Plasma

    Panasonic 42 inch plasma TV TH42PE50 42". Original Panasonic Plasma 42” TV. Not a single dead pixel despite the age and still an amazing picture as was a very expensive high end Plasma TV when new (12 plus years ago??). There is a kind of shadow that can be seen in the bottom left corner when...
  14. A

    Plasma, LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, Nanocell

    Hi there, I am looking for a new TV and was hoping someone could help demystify the wide range of screen technologies that are currently available. I find myself drawn to plasma due to the fact that the display outputs its own light rather than being backlit- great for deep blacks or so I'm...
  15. kosch

    For Sale TX-P50VT30B with 3D glasses. Mint condition.

    Hi All Selling my fathers TX-P50VT30B (This used to be mine back in the day) I originally bought it from John Lewis. Comes with the original controller and from what I remember 6 or 8 pairs of the active 3D glasses. Its been kept in a smoke and pet free environment all its life and well looked...
  16. lscolman

    For Sale Panasonic TH-58PF20ER 58” Plasma TV with Lumagen Radiance XS-3D video scaler

    An excellent condition plasma 58” TV that comes professionally calibrated to ensure accurate colour and grayscale with the included Lumagen video scaler. Absolutely superb for sport and fast moving video.
  17. clinteatswood

    why no 8k plasma?

    it was kicking in 2012 panny set... so why didn't it stay viable , seeing it must be easier to produce a 8k plasma set than a oled at that size (else it wouldn't have been shown), without failed production. is plasma dead and buried? , or will it return like obi wan in the future , like a crt...
  18. Alexwells

    Pioneer PDPLX5090, sound but no video from SCART inputs

    Seasons greetings everyone, i've just joined AV Forums precisely to ask about the LX5090 that i recently came into possession of. My dad brought it home from a house he was working at, he managed to get it for 20 quid. After looking it up online i came to realise that it's got quite a cult...
  19. SteveAWOL

    Time to upgrade from Panasonic ST60 plasma?

    I’ve currently got a 42” Panasonic plasma in the corner of north facing lounge which has served our family well for half a decade but watching movies in HDR courtesy of the snazzy new LASER projections at my local Luxe Odeon has given me a dose of upgraditis! From what I gather a 48” OLED seems...
  20. SplMonk

    Pioneer PDP-507XD Power button

    I have a Pioneer PDP-507XD (14 years old I know) sadly today the power button has stopped working well it works but won’t stay on. If you press it and hold it in the TV will turn on and if you wedge it in with some paper it will stay on but it’s clear the power button has had it. It seems...
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