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Plasma Television
  1. S

    Panasonic TX-P50GT50B 3 blink stand-by light failure

    After 8 years my trusty plasma has fallen over and won’t turn on displaying a 3 blink standby light failure. anyone know if is this repairable or is it time for a new TV? thanks mark
  2. MahaRaja

    Freesat on Pana GT60: Has Panasonic stopped it?

    Hi Folks, Just noticed last night that my Freesat does not work and it says 'no signal' just wondered if Panasonic has pull the plug. Has anyone has experienced it. I did check for loose connection cable at the back of the TV but it's not loose.
  3. B

    Pioneer PDP 428XD problem about Input3 despite of activated on menü

    Hi, i have problems on Pioneer PDP 428XD that i 've bought in the year of 2010 There is a problem about Input3 despite of activated on menü. i use TV receiver for Input1 with HDMI cable. i want to use xiaomi tv stick android media player with another HDMI cable for Input3. But no screen, always...
  4. pascal77uk

    Panasonic VT Scrolling bar

    Hi guys, I recently purchased A preowned P50VT65 for a spare room which has been calibrated. It’s been fantastic for the last month but just ran the scrolling bar which I do once a week. On start up you could see a couple of horizontal lines we have been watching films over Christmas on and a...
  5. J

    Upgrade from Panasonic Plasma?

    So I currently have a Panasonic TH37PX60B which was bought many moons ago long before children etc came along. I'd love to upgrade the TV to 55" with decent smart functions and eARC connection (hoping to add a Sonos sound bar at some point). Unfortunately I'm only in the market for a sub £500...
  6. D

    For Sale PANASONIC TX-P58V10B 58" inch 1080p Plasma TV

    Panasonic TX-P58V10B 58" inch 1080p Plasma TV One of the best and still a fantastic picture. Selling due to accidental upgrade (I thought the TV had an issue but turned out to be a broken HDMI cable but had already snuck in a replacement TV purchase) Screen is 100% fully working with no...
  7. A

    New Kuro owner

    Hi All, Recently bought a 508XD and moved my 2011 Samsung 46" LCD to the bedroom. Pretty impressed with the quality tbh, can understand why you have to spend a lot of money to improve on it and for £100 collected locally I think it was a bargain. It's got me into the bug (which was previously...
  8. N

    For Sale Panasonic Plasma TX-P50ST60B 3D TV with accessories

    Selling my trusted Panasonic Plasma TX-P50ST60B. I bought this direct from Panasonic's ebay store June 2014 and it's worked perfectly ever since. My flat is a smoke and pet free environment. I have the original remote, pedestal stand and 2 pairs of 3D glasses. As you can see in the photo, bias...
  9. F

    one connect box

    what model one connect box do I buy for Samsung qe55q7camtxxu TV please
  10. ChrisOH1

    Question modifying a Kuro media box

    I'm wondering if anyone has modified their media box to improve the audio quality? Op amps or isolation perhaps
  11. xdoktor

    For Sale Pioneer KURO KRP-600A 60inch 1080p HD Plasma TV + KRP-M01 Media Tuner

    Hi, Included in this sale are: KRP 600P - 60" TV Panel Original Narrow Footprint Pioneer Stand (With Screw down lugs at rear.) KRP-M01 Media Box Original Pioneer Remote - The hi-end heavy one. EXTRA BONUS CABLES - USB/RS232 Cable & software link that allow modification and show usage hours...
  12. R

    Will the LG CX65 'do the job' for gaming - going from Plasma to OLED?

    Hi, Current TV: 8 year old Viera 55 GT/ST (forget which), plasma (I went through the green blob issues!) Current Usage: weekend all day viewing, weekday evening viewing Console: PS3, used sparingly during same time frames as above I'm keen on upgrading to some new tech and had purchased a PS5...
  13. M

    Change to LED or save for OLED?

    Just toying with the idea of change as seeing a lot of offers about and i'm curious. I currently use a Panasonic TX-37PX80BA plasma tv (720P image), she's old but still performs great. Apart from the TV tuner which have to re-set every other week it seems. But with blue ray playback even...
  14. Coolit83

    Big White/Transparent Verticle Lines come and go

    Hello everyone, I need some help with my TV. I only recently bought it and used it for a couple of hours, and clearly has an issue. I cannot return it, however I figured I can fix it. The TV itself is a Samsung pn60e550d1f Works perfectly when you turn it on, for about 30 minutes up to 1...
  15. B

    Panasonic plasma on the blink - new TV advice needed please

    Our Panasonic TX-P42S20B is on the blink... just in time for Christmas! 🎄 Yay!! 😒 So, having read and digested as much highly useful info on here regarding all the permutations... I'm feeling a little overwhelmed! Found the helpful requirement template written by @Dodgexander so my criteria...
  16. N

    Plasma Screen Marks

    Hi I have noticed a large area on my plasma screen which looks like a smear made up of little dots/blotches. These marks are however on the inside of the screen. It’s and old set, around 11 years old so I guess I will need to replace but I just wondered if anyone knew what the cause of the...
  17. Euromir73

    Question Old Panasonic 42" P TV-42PV500B - Service menu 2, how ?

    Hi all, Although I know its 15yrs old, I was given a free 42" Plasma and considering my lounge TV was still only 32" I thought why not. Having trouble with overscan on a games console, searched everywhere, couple of great topics here from 2004-6, didn't want to drag up such old topics of...
  18. S

    Question Need to replace my 15 year old Panasonic plasma, suggestions?

    So my Panasonic 42” plasma is 15 years old it still works fine but it only does 1080i and it’s starting to get a little screen burn. im after a sub 50” tv, watch a lot of sport mainly Eurosport and general tv along with the odd film, we current have sky q connected to the Panasonic and use...
  19. G

    Question Pioneer Kuro and 24 fps?

    My Pioneer Kuro 8th generation has a 72 hz mode, called drive mode 3. However, I watch my movies via a PS3 with 24 fps mode on. Are these two modes supposed to be combined, or is the 72 hz mode also a pulldown?
  20. T

    Soundbar Compatibility with Panasonic Plasma

    Hello, I have an older Panasonic TV. Can I use any soundbar with it? Will the soundbar have the same capabilities as with a newer TV? I have a lot of difficulty hearing dialog so this is the most important feature I hope a new soundbar can provide. Thanks for your help! John :-)
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