1. B

    For Sale Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan 20GB £26.00 off

    Promo code for use on Got it as a free bonus for ordering a qualifying product but have no need for it. Open to offers
  2. C

    Advice on open plan cinema room set up

    Hi All, I've been racking my brains for a whilst as to what equipment to buy for a small cinema area I'm planning on having at the back of a games room. I then stumbled on this forum a few days ago and have spent the last couple of evenings reading countless threads and picking up lots of...
  3. H

    Old chestnut - CX vs A8 55" OLED - mainly streaming but plan to own long-term

    I've viewed the HDTV reviews on YouTube, I've read text reviews and threads on here...done hours of research... ...and I'm no further forwards, as some people's major gripes and deal-breakers are non-issues for others. I've eliminated the Philips due to lack of eARC (minimum requirement for...
  4. O

    Projector & screen ideas for open plan room

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of a advice/ideas around potentially adding a projector/screen after a recent refurb of my living space - see below pics of the current TV area & kitchen area behind. Budget is fairly flexible but given the limitations I think spending more than £5K would probably...
  5. BorkenArrow

    Switzerland will sidestep G7 corporation tax plan.

    Global minimum CT tax is a good idea but doomed to failure....
  6. J

    Workout Plan Opinions

    Hi All, New here but I'm hoping to gather some advice and tips on the workout plan I conjured up below. It's something I've already been doing for a few months and I am seeing progress, but I'm keen to hear any thoughts on it based on my goals and current stance. I'm currently 25, no health...
  7. A

    Advice needed for open plan kitchen/dining/living roon

    Hi All, I am about to start on building an open plan kitchen/dining/living room. The architect plans are below. The kitchen that I've drawn in the black rectangle won't change (my wife has had the last say in this!). Which leaves the space where I've drawn the questions marks as the only...
  8. T

    Plan B, Klipsch Cinema 800

    Hi All I previously sought advice on the 3.1 system I intended to set up. With my TV mounted diagonally in the corner of my living room it seemed the best option. I hadn't read up on high end soundbar/subwoofer options. I purchased a pair of mint condition Monitor Audio 270s 2nd hand as they...
  9. N

    Sectioning off open plan

    Hello, unfortunately I dont know the technical term but I am curious to know what the consensus is on these temporary screens that are used to section off an open plan space. Our new house is going to be open plan kitchen/dining/living room but I have seen clips of say remote controlled screens...
  10. Bingoman

    Wealthy business man plan £300 million bid for Homebase

    According to Sky News Hugh Osmond one of britain's wealthiest Business men is assembling a £300 million pound bid to buy Homebase from Hilco who brought the Company for a nominal sum in 2018. Hugh Osmond created Punch Taverns in 1997 and took Pizza Express Public too, not sure if he did but...
  11. InitialPineapple

    Atmos setup for open plan living room

    We are going through the process of renovating our home, with the designated 'home theatre' being in the living room, which is where we spend most of our time. Being on open plan kitchen/dining/living area, it's a bit challenging when it comes to the placement of some speakers, as we need to...
  12. LeftyXXIII

    Bargain Expired Adobe 3 Month Photography Plan - £5.39 - Stackable!

    I was looking for an alternative to the current Amazon offer of the 12-month for £89.99 when I stumbled across Gamivo (via this HUKD thread), who have the 3-month plan for £4.77 (before the service fee) and it turns out that it is stackable, making the 12-month a little over £21 for me. Be sure...
  13. H

    Question How to set up ceiling speakers in an open plan space

    Q1. I already have 4 ceiling speakers in my open plan area but I am planning to move two of them to behind the sofa to achieve a complete surround sound experience. My question is what to do with the kitchen speakers? Should I connect to another amp and have as a dedicated zone for music and...
  14. Kdosda Hegen

    I plan to watch the whole IMDB top 250, which of these movies which have left have you seen and think are worst/best?

    Hello, so I noticed I've watched almost the whole IMDB top 250 list and there are only less than 30 movies left for me to watch. Here's everything's that's left: 66. Witness for the Prosecution (1957) 82. Capernaum (2018) 83. High and Low (1963) 116. Incendies (2010) 118. The Apartment...
  15. D

    Tidal Premium Plan $0.0 $59.94 GET IT FREE for 6 months, UK.

    [Giveaway: Tidal Premium Plan Voucher Code 6-Months Free
  16. Robbie Razzler

    Discrete MK atmos 5.2.4 Family/Home cinema room extension open plan build

    Post saved for final photos
  17. S

    Sub to pair with Gallo's - open plan living space

    Hi Sorry to add further into the open list of questions on this very helpful forum. After renovating and extended our house I've planned a discrete 7.1 setup into the open plan living space we've built. I have x4 Gallo Micro SE for the rears and intend to use the ADiva SE for the LCR. My...
  18. ehead

    Plan to recess TV - how much space is needed to maintain good sound ?

    Hi, we are having a new fireplace and with it comes the opportunity to recess the TV in a false wall above the fire, I know I need some space around the TV for ventilation but I am more worried about the sound not working well. TV is Panasonic ZT60 plasma Any experience and advice welcome...
  19. K

    Trying to plan a theater, general advice needed

    I'm trying to plan a theater room, I have no experience with this so any advice is appreciated. I currently have a Denon AVR S750H, I'm thinking about getting the Epson Home Cinema 2250 projector. Would you guys recommend a different projector? I don't really want to spend more than what the...
  20. D

    Question Why is prepaid cheaper than a normal plan?

    I've been on verizon prepaid plan for a year, i pay $30 a month for 5GB of data that is not shared soon to be $25 a month when verizon loyalty plan kicks in. I have two lines on the prepaid service costing me $60.50 a month with 10GB of data. I've been looking to buy the new 12 pro max and the...
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